The adventures of mark richards- trump in space

Billionaires in Space

Are billionaires the future of space exploration?  While I considered that, for some reason, a 2020 interview with Jo Ann Richards came up that featured an image of Trump in space.  Although that was hard to imagine even in a fantasy, it brought to mind another president, Barack Obama, who was said to be a participant in the Not-So-Secret Space Program before he ran for office. Because the program is said to be secret, virtually anyone can claim that they or someone else was a member — just ask Captain Mark Richards, I have as much evidence to show that I am a SSP Captain as he does.

Obama of course has never claimed to have been to space.  Rather, former write-in presidential candidate, Andrew Basagio, stated that first met Barack on Mars. Basagio alleged that participants had been trained by the infamous Ed Dames, who taught them how to avoid Martian humanoids and predators. They used a “jump room” in El Segundo California, but it was very dangerous and tens thousands did not return.

Basagio stated that his trips to Mars took place from 1981 to 1983. During one of them, he was sitting on a wall beneath an arching roof that covered one of the jump room facilities as he watched Obama walk back from across the Martian terrain. When Obama saw Basagio he stated “Now we’re here!”  

The Obama White House denied the report.  Of course they denied it. The story was a bit of a let down.  Even a young Obama would have said something more interesting than exclaiming that they were there.  He would have at least said that the planet was red or wondered about the Martians.

The adventures of mark richards- trump and billionaires in spaceConsidering the current state of conspiracies, the story now seems rather quaint. A more modern right wing version might have Obama fighting on the side of the Dracos (the bad aliens) or using the secret space program to abduct children from pizza parlors and take them off world. [Pro tip: Kerry Cassidy take note.]

Although Trump does not seem the type, I almost expect someone to think that he is secretly going into space to defeat the Democrats and any number of evil forces. Why shouldn’t there be a Space Q conspiracy theory placing Donald at the center of the efforts? 

If Trump knew that Obama had been to Mars, he would have either canceled the program, or appointed Ivanka to oversee it while Donald Jr. figured out a way to profit.  The Trump brand would have expanded on Mars.  Any other result would not have interested him.

Where does that leave the billionaires?  Someone should soon figure out that Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson’s flights are a cover — billionaires battling aliens. It is probably a better reason than simply wanting astronaut wings.  

A short flight did not give them much opportunity to come across aliens, but perhaps it was a start of something far more encompassing or a diversion to distract people from the real action that is taking place up there — a false flag! [Another pro tip: Kerry Cassidy take note.]

If the space program is advanced as some claim, then their money is misspent. They should instead have beaten Trump to buy the rights to hotels on Mars and Venus — as long as we make peace with the local inhabitants and predators.  If Biden goes to Mars we will know what he is doing there.

I also wonder every time I hear the phrase “Secret Space Program.” After all that has been said about Gary McKinnon and Solar Warden . . . books by Dolan, Salla, and a host of others . . . John Lear . . . interviews with Kerry or George Noory . . .  all the self-identified whistleblowers including our own Captain Mark Richards — it clearly is no longer a secret. Those who use the term to identify themselves seem to want to increase their importance of being privy to secrets and adventures rather than offering something new. I was calling it the Formerly Secret Space Program but now the Not-So-Secret Space Program seems to work better.  Other suggestions are welcome.



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