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The world of Captain Mark Richards, Kerry Cassidy, and friends.

After the Pendragon Plot murder, Mark Richards went on to claim that he was a Captain in the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program —  having become friends with chocolate loving alien raptors who only want to go antiquing. All in the course of saving the world many times over.

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Supreme technocrat on mars
September 7, 2022

Mars Is More Than You Expect

David Bowie may be the Supreme Technocrat but the Mars Relocation Project still can use help attracting a clientele. We offer travel posters to encourage celebrities to spend their next life on the red planet. Mars is better than you expect!

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Squatch going home - the ambassador returns.
September 3, 2022

Solomon Berg Returns

Solomon Berg returns to Project Camelot to discuss Squatch, Mars, aliens, and AI. A stunning revelation about the Supreme Technocrat leaves Kerry speechless! A KerryWatch review.

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Dennis riordan - spacecapn blog
August 15, 2022

Dennis Riordan

We note the passing of Dennis Riordan. A brilliant defense attorney who once represented Mark Richards (before he became a captain).

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Banksy - spacecapn blog
August 8, 2022

KerryWatch: In The Event of War

KerryWatch looks at the Grand Delusion: the military swore Trump in as President and JFK Jr. is the next in line. Kerry Cassidy continues to fall for Q and blames communists. But which Juan Savin is it? Things get complicated.

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Crop circle - kerrywatch - spacecapn blog
August 5, 2022

KerryWatch: Sean David Morton

Sean Morton, America’s favorite fraudster returns with an Arcturian crop circle and predictions that are sure to fail. The pope will be killed, the Draco will invade. The Lions Gate is opening and our underground bases are being attacked. Kerry Cassidy adlibs about dark magicians!

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Who? What? Why? - spacecapn blog
July 31, 2022

The Questions That Remain

Surely you have been wondering. We may not have answers, but we have the questions. The same ones that have been asked since the dawn of the Saucer age, and our own questions about the questions. All this and more is explained through the lens of UFO comics.

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Kerrywatch - the squatch have no heroes
July 22, 2022

From Mars to Squatch: KerryWatch

Kerry Watch returns to form with Major Solomon Berg talking about Squatch and his life on Mars as a member of the Black Kraken. The one thing that you need to know is that there are no heroes to the Squatch. Think about it.

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Aboard the hornet - the spacecapn blog
July 2, 2022

Aboard the Hornet

The USS Hornet has a legendary history but it is the ghosts that brought us to the ship. Our true experiences on a tour that left us dealing with things that have no explanation. The history was interesting but the ghosts were active the night we were there.

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