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The world of Captain Mark Richards and friends – including Kerry Cassidy, Añjali, and the not-so-secret Secret Space Program. Notes and news with a little bewilderment.


Mark Richards became known for his claims of being a Captain in the Secret Space Force, having become friends with chocolate loving alien raptors. This blog does not endorse these claims and is not affiliated with the “Captain.” The use of the title is for identification only and does not legitimize stolen valor. 


“Documenting Captain Mark Richards. True crime with an alien twist.”



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War and no
August 8, 2022

KerryWatch: In The Event of War

 In The Event Of War   Its been a busy week for KerryWatchers with Sean Morton’s prediction of the death of the pope grabbing our attention.  But Kerry contributed an essay speculating on different scenarios in the event of war.  It gets complicated because there are Biden imposters, multiple presidents, multiple Juans, and Kerry’s own take on it all. If Sean is right, a Draco invasion might render such things moot. But in the meantime, what is a simple person
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Crop circle - kerrywatch - spacecapn blog
August 5, 2022

KerryWatch: Sean David Morton

Americas Favorite Fraudster ®️ Returns KerryWatch Because Your Time is Important Although the Project Camelot show featured Sean David Morton, America’s favorite fraudster®️, Kerry began by ad-libbing until his arrival. That often yields nuggets. Kerry returned after being in England for her Awake and Aware conference and traveling to Corfu for a vacation. Even there, however she was attacked by a Draco led coven, but remained safe because of her “super activated kundalini.”  It was not for lack of trying
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Who? What? Why? - spacecapn blog
July 31, 2022

The Questions That Remain

The Questions That Remain Today we see UAPs in the the sky and discuss Tic Tacs and other objects. We have listened to Captain Mark Richards and other whistleblowers tell their stories about the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program. Pundits appear on television and act as experts.  We have been given answers and promised expeditions to prove the truth.  But the answers remain elusive . . .  Through it all, it is the questions that remain. The days of the flying saucers
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Kerrywatch - the squatch have no heroes
July 22, 2022

From Mars to Squatch: KerryWatch

From Mars to Squatch A KerryWatch Review    Kerry Cassidy took a break from the usual material on Juan Savin, JFK Jr, conspiracies involving vaccinations or QAnon fantasies. Instead, Project Camelot presented Major Solomon Berg. The story describes how Berg spent a year on Mars and “explains about how the Yetis/Squatch beings are caught in the middle of the BATTLE BETWEEN THE PLEIADIANS AND DRACOS FOR CONTROL OF EARTH.” From the start, it should be noted that Berg looks even
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Aboard the hornet - the spacecapn blog
July 2, 2022

Aboard the Hornet

Aboard the Hornet   The USS Hornet in Alameda, California, has a storied history – from its service as an aircraft carrier during battle, then picking up the Apollo astronauts after the first moon trip, to its current role as a museum.    It also is said to be one of the most haunted sites that can be easily visited. We went on the ghost tour. We were expecting a standard experience with stories of hauntings and the ship’s history. We
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Lavvy in anjali’s tunnel. Wombo dream art about mark richards
June 29, 2022

No Comment

No comment and no expedition.  Añjali evolves.   Or when you realize the Higher Beings® were just joking about an Expedition to the Mojave.™                
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Parallel worlds and a different mark
June 16, 2022

A Different Mark

A Different Mark A Story of Two Marks With Two Remarkable Experiences.  Only One Is Real. This is the story of Mark Richards. Not our Mark. A different Mark, with some remarkable parallels, but his experience has the benefit of being real. His story is one that might make our Mark envious.   The “other” Mark Richards served in naval intelligence and participated in the evacuation of Saigon. Our Mark tells a tale of being in the evacuation but it is the
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Stolen valor - without service a blank dd-241 form
June 12, 2022

Stolen Valor – Advice

Stolen Valor   No Form and No Service Those of us who have researched the Mark Richards claims run into a problem: the military personnel archives cannot find any evidence that Mark was in the military.  Actually, there are two problems since the timeline of his claims make it virtually impossible for him to have served. In any event, in writing the timeline, I was reminded that we have gotten varying responses from his wife, Jo Ann Richards.    Everyone else
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