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After he was convicted for the Pendragon Plot murder, Mark Richards went on to claim that he was a Captain in the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program — having become friends with chocolate loving alien raptors who only want to go antiquing. All in the course of saving the world many times over and being interviewed by Cassidy. This blog looks beyond Mark to the world he represents.


Friendly raptors in spaceship
November 23, 2023

Raptor Friends and Other Aliens

Raptor Friends and Other Aliens. Notes from a podcast conducted with Jo Ann Fawcett, based on her beliefs about Mark Richards. Would you have tea with an alien Raptor?

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Juan o savin or wayne willott - the two juan theory
October 30, 2023

KerryWatch: If Trump is President

KerryWatch: If Trump is President and Juan O Savin is JFK Jr, then why aren’t the White Hats in control? Fortunately Kerry Cassidy is here to explain it. Although questions remain. . . .

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Spirit island, jasper national park. Alberta.
August 17, 2023

A Note About the SpaceCapn Blog

The blog is on hiatus for travel and will remain so for the next month or so. I am confident that our predictions in this article will remain accurate.

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Solomon berg and tge lotus crystal of mars
August 16, 2023

Solomon Berg and the Lotus Crystal

Solomon Berg returned to Project Camelot with an adventure tale worthy of an intergalactic Indiana Jones. Squatch was in danger. The Lotus Crystal was used to defeat Martian demons. An enemy was defeated. Yet Berg became a wanted man. On Oct. 3, Kerry reported his death.

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Squatch might have a hero
April 14, 2023

Do the Squatch Have Heroes?

Major Solomon Berg has stated that the Squatch has no heroes. Is this true? Bard, the AI chat, weighs in with another perspective. But does it have its own agenda? And what about David Bowie?

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Sean david morton crystal ball
March 26, 2023

KerryWatch: Sean Morton Wants You to Buy His Book

A KerryWatch feature – America’s Favorite Fraudster Sean Morton Wants You to Buy His Book while telling tales about Nazis, the Not-So-Secret Space Program and prophetic chaos.

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