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The SpaceCapn Blog, posts beginning in 2011 — including Captain Mark Richards, Kerry Cassidy, Añjali, disclosure, and the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program.

Sean morton - america’s prophet and a year in review

Another Year

It was time for the traditional year in review. There were a number of stories from the rise and fall of Añjali to the defeat of the Cabal. Find out who won the coveted Captain Mark Richards award.
Nagadraconis - wombo art about mark richards

Wombo Art About Mark Richards

AI generated Wombo Art may be another way to advance the interests of the AI but it also might reveal things that would otherwise be hidden.
Randy cramer and a fake alien invasion

Randy Cramer and the Fake Invasion

Randy Cramer claims to have served in the Secret Space Command, only to return to his home just a few seconds after he left. Kerry Cassidy remembered that three years ago Cramer had stated that there would be a fake alien invasion around this time. Consider the source with both.
The future interviews with captain mark richards

Future Interviews with Captain Mark Richards

Captain* Mark Richards rose to fame largely through the efforts of Kerry Cassidy, who interviewed him from prison and spoke of what she had learned. She called Richards “a National Treasure,” but Covid cut off the interviews. To fill the gap, we used our discernment to offer summaries of new interviews with him.
It’s a wrap - yucaipa

It’s a Wrap #2

Anjali’s narrative changed from the great Contact in the Desert Tunnel Experience™ to how the higher beings are going to wrap things up in 2027. Then the expedition was canceled. It appeared that the higher beings did not know more than anyone else and Añjali needed to find a better source.
The trap of disclosure - end ufo secrecy

The Trap of Disclosure

Disclosure is a popular subject but it’s really a trap. It’s clear that any disclosure would not be accepted unless it comported with what people believe. Even if an alien appeared at a press conference people would be arguing about whether it was a false flag. Ultimately the UFO pundits and the related industry need disclosure to fail.