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The SpaceCapn Blog, posts beginning in 2011 — including Captain Mark Richards, Kerry Cassidy, Añjali, disclosure, and the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program.

Kerry’s moral question - spacecapn blog

Hopium and Other Delusions: KerryWatch Update

Kerry Cassidy has moral questions. Since Trump is President, the part of Biden is played by actors, including Jim Carey, and her side was all victorious . . . Why does no one seem to know and the problems are not being addressed? Who is morally responsible?
Weighing the frequencies - spacecapn blog

Weighing The Frequencies

If the standards of evidence are too high, you can always claim that the only way to understand is to raise your personal frequency. Añjali and Sarah Adams sho how it is done.
Firesign theater explains it.

Odds Ends . . . And More Oddness

Is the simulation complete? We may have reached the point of absurdity where nothing more needs to be added. Fortunately the Firesign Theater covered it all many ago ago and exposed the absurdity for what it is. More absurdly and a lot more fun. Everything you know is wrong!
Añjali: the real story - spacecapn blog

Añjali: The Real Story Is Told

Añjali came out of nowhere and announced an expedition to the Mojave that would enter a tunnel and bring back conclusive proof of higher alien beings who heralded the destruction of the earth. It would have been quite the undertaking. The land owners explain it did not happen because there is no tunnel. That’s always a problem.
Spawning season in orion - the spacecapn blog

Spawning Season in Orion

“According to the beings there’s a planet in the constellation of Orion that’s currently inhabited by ‘humans’ with extremely similar biotechnological avatars as ours. They say: those who wish to remain in a 3rd density sensory experience will unwittingly respawn there.” - Añjali. Spawning is always fun but watch out for the Dracos.
Scary kerry - the space capn blog

Scary Kerry and the Present Crisis

War engulfs the world, but apparently it is a false flag. Kerry Cassidy explains that Trump and Putin work together and Juan Savin calls invasion “a brilliant move.” There is little room for discussion if Scary Kerry is to be believed. But Juan is not JFK Jt and war is never a game.