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 In The Event Of War  

Kerry cassidy watch - blog. Spacecapn. ComIts been a busy week for KerryWatchers with Sean Morton’s prediction of the death of the pope grabbing our attention.  But Kerry contributed an essay speculating on different scenarios in the event of war.  It gets complicated because there are Biden imposters, multiple presidents, multiple Juans, and Kerry’s own take on it all.

If Sean is right, a Draco invasion might render such things moot. But in the meantime, what is a simple person to do?

For an article with the subheading “What I Know,” it is typical that Kerry began by presenting “unvented” speculation that Pelosi went to Taiwan at the invitation of a certain high level Chinese operative who works with a top Chinese General named “Shu” and the offer of a substantial sum of money with the objective to trigger war.”  The offer was supposedly. As it stands, the trip was praised by more Republicans than Democrats and triggered war maneuvers and economic sanctions by the Chinese against Taiwan. “General Shu” is silent.

Taiwan protests pelosi - spacecapn blog
Taiwan Protest

Kerry argued that both sides need war, citing a “key Project Camelot whistleblower, Captain Mark Richards.”  “China needs war to stimulate their economy and eliminate 500 million of their population (covid didn’t work well enough).”  

She goes on to dig deep into her the Grand Delusion to explain why both parties want war:

“At the moment the Dems who are taken over by the CCP and dark side Illuminati/Soros/Rothschild/off planet Draco/Rep/AI agenda… allowed the CCP to successfully invade our country by way of stealing the election in 2020 with the help of MI6, the Vatican and the CCP and various other players and installing their puppet/clone Biden (who has died) and is also played by doubles and some say Jim Carrey.”

War and no - in the event of war - kerry cassidy reaches new depthsThis statement might set a record for the number of conspiracies packed into a paragraph. Yet, if the Chinese were already part of a grand alliance with all these factions, why would General Shu need to offer Pelosi a large sum of money to trigger a war?  And should we worry if all the fake Bidens appear at the same time due to a scheduling error?

“The Republicans need war to bring back Trump and reveal that he was chosen by the military as Commander-in-Chief back in March of 2021 (as the rightful President and to overturn the stolen election). When the DNI/Radcliffe and the Generals finally came to the conclusion that the election had been stolen by foreign invaders they had to act to protect the security of the United States. They did so by recognizing Trump was the legitimate winner of the 2020 election and in a ceremony conducted on March 11th swore Trump in as Commander-in-Chief.”

As even Sean Morton wondered, if Trump is sworn in as Commander-In-Chief, then running again for president raises a number of constitutional problems. It gets complicated.  

“At that point [the military] decided NOT to tell the people.  Trump and his team had known about the plans of the CCP/Vatican/and various players including MI6/Germany/Italy and others ever since Trump won in 2016 when the Navy put together a team to hack back the election being stolen at that time by Hillary and her cohorts.”

Instead of having a single president, “we have in essence had 2 Presidents for the past year and a half.”  Trump has been running a Government in Exile to ensure a continuity in Government. Accordingly, “It is said that any time the Biden administration sends someone overseas to talk to other governments Trump sends . . . members of his shadow government to reverse anything” that needs to be done. This would get complicated very quickly, particularly in foreign relations.  


“They don’t want civil war but don’t bother to educate the people about the dual presidency…something all the foreign leaders must know well.WHY IS DUMBING DOWN AMERICANS supposed to prevent civil war?”


Kerry states that the military’s purpose is to prevent civil war. “With the installation of the CCP backed Biden regime, the U.S. would be a sitting duck for complete boots on the ground takeover by China once we are weakened by fighting from within.”  She does not stop to wonder that if no one is talking about the “dual presidency,” perhaps it is because it does not exist. The dumbing down begins with those who think Jim Carrey is playing the role of Biden. 

That leaves the issue of who runs in the next election in place of the pretend Biden. Kerry maintains that “Kamala won’t work because the Republicans have a legal case that will reveal she was not born in this country making her ineligible to be President.” At least before the midterms, that would leave Pelosi, who “‘a mind controlled tool of the Deep State and CCP.”


Banksy - spacecapn blog
Image: Banksy

After the midterms, a Republican could take over who would appoint Trump as Vice- President and then resign.  

“If the U.S. is forced to go to war with China to protect the major  semiconductor/chip maker TAIWAN…. Then the above is fully in play and all bets are off as to the suspending of the midterms and Trump will still, in theory, need to be revealed as Commander in Chief along with the gov-in-exile.  However, in a less smooth transition not involving the succession outlined above with regard to the Midterms resulting in a Republican Speaker of the House. In which case a certain amount of unrest and even civil war could erupt within the U.S.”

Should the military declare Trump to be president, that might be an understatement. It’s called a military coup. Instead of a president we would end up with a figure closer to one Trump’s role models.  


“THOSE WHO STILL FOLLOW BIDEN AND HIS GROUP ARE TRAITORS… given that in SOME CASES they have NO IDEA… Of course there are some who know full well and they are COMMUNISTS.. ALIGNED WITH THE CCP..NWO Schwab puppets


Kerry relies on what others have advanced, but the theories she advances are not a matter of reason. It is not possible to argue whether the military has already recognized Trump as commander-in-chief or whether JFK Jr. would be appointed as his vice-president. The fantasies are not even that well constructed, but at this level Q is a matter of religion. Still, I wonder if Kerry really knows what a communist is, and are we back to the red scares — which could be argued has been one of the most consistently used methods of political control.

There is one simple test, however, of the “two presidents” delusion. Trump recently declared, “I’m always being persecuted. If I agreed to stay silent … the persecution of Donald Trump would stop immediately.”  He has not been silent about his resentment in losing the election or his advancement of baseless claims. Given his ego, it’s impossible to believe that he could be silent if he was the actual commander of the United States forces. Trump could hardly turn down the opportunity to boast that he had been sworn into office. Yet, he remains a complainer rather than a commander. That alone should put the issue to rest.



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Updated: 8/8/22

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Crop circle - kerrywatch - spacecapn blog

Americas Favorite Fraudster ®️ Returns

KerryWatch Because Your Time is Important

Kerry cassidy watch - blog. Spacecapn. ComAlthough the Project Camelot show featured Sean David Morton, America’s favorite fraudster®️, Kerry began by ad-libbing until his arrival. That often yields nuggets.

Kerry returned after being in England for her Awake and Aware conference and traveling to Corfu for a vacation. Even there, however she was attacked by a Draco led coven, but remained safe because of her “super activated kundalini.”  It was not for lack of trying on their part, but Kerry just laughed at them. They are very active now with black magic, vampires, and satanism.

California is under an emergency status from the “horrendous Governor.” Yet, as people have heightened awareness, the dark forces will be beaten.

As an investigative journalist she must investigate the dark side. She mainly reveals the dark side to expose it for what it is.

She angered the dark magicians in England as she discussed the white hats and Trump during her trip. The Illuminati may have given orders for people to accuse her of working for the NSA.

August 8

Sean is truly terrified.  And it is not simply because if you type “Illuminati” backwards you will be taken to the NSA.[1] It’s true! Itanimulli. But like a lot of things related to Sean it is not that original or mysterious. Someone registered the domain and directed it the NSA.

Crop circle - kerrywatch - spacecapn blog
Arcturian Crop Circle

A crop circle on July 24 showed the Arcturian symbol. Years ago, he had been told the circles would change and become glyphs that were intended as messages.

The Arcturians are 10th dimensional beings. The Pleiadians wanted to walk away from earth — many of the Peledians are jerks. But the Arcturians realized the importance of the earth, which is near the heart chakra of the system, and stepped in to defend us.

The point of evolution is to come a time when the veil will lift. On December 31, 2012, the veil lifted and people began to wake up. Around the same time, a 13th zodiac constellation emerged and there was new alignment with the Pleiades. The Mayan calendar ended and we moved into a 13 year period, the Night of the Jaguars. As the veils came off, we entered a time of death and an exodus.  It’s the final times.  It’s the ending point of every cycle.

Sean had predicted the war in Ukraine. On August 8, Pluto runs over the United States.  Putin is aware of the planetary influences and attacked the Ukraine on February 22. The money sent by other counties was either stolen or used to profit Pelosi and others. The Ukraine is controlled by actual Nazis. Sean predicts that President Zelensky will be assassinated by the U.S. but that Russia will be blamed.

The timeline that Malachi predicted appears to have shifted. He prophesied that the Moon Pope would only rule a short time — this came true when Pope John was poisoned. The Sun Pope would follow and live a long time. But Francis really does not fit, suggesting that the timeline has shifted.  

When the timeline shifts, psychic people like Sean and Kerry remember the true timeline and resist the mind control. 

In any event, Francis will be killed or resign on August 8.

If the Malachi timeline is restored, the next pope will be the glorious olive branch who will bring peace or a peace plan. The final pope will be Peter of Rome, who acts like a bookend on the church to close things out.

But timelines can shift. The Fatima prophecy had Islamic forces sacking Rome.  Kerry believes that different timelines have been triggered by a rise in consciousness  

Elections present an illusion of choice. When the last elections were fixed, it destroyed that illusion. Civil War has started. People are rebelling against the illusion. States now have had to call out the National Guard to protect themselves from the feds and the communist morons in power now face an invasion of immigrants. The mask mandates have been exposed and defeated  

Fraudster sean david morton on kerrywatch - spacecapn blog
Photo: UFO Watchdog

On August 8, the Lion’s Gate will open. People will have to stop messing with sheep and will have to become the Lions.

It is a time when leaders will die. Pluto is passing through Capricorn.The Pope. The Queen. Biden. Boris Johnson had to step down. Macron came within a hair of losing in France.

Mass immigration and recession will trigger economic collapse but the people will fight back. It is the beginning of a new revolution. Kerry wants to bring it on. Sean regrets that his heath and cancer treatment will not let him join.

The Democrats are facing massive losses and the next presidential election will be cancelled. It is the beginning of the end. It will start in Texas, which retains its right as a republic to secede.  

It is the death of kings with major economic realignments. To deal with inflation and the debt, the feds will pound at bitcoins to drive the price down. They will take over that system  

Covid was a ruse that did not quite work, but Big Pharm will be a large part of the realignment. Although Kerry and others talk about White Hats and Black Hats it is more complicated than that.

65 million years ago there was an interdimensional war. It involved Marduk (a planet that was allegedly destroyed), Earth, and Mars. One of the Reptellian species left the solar system, another group retreated into the earth and lived underground.

Captain mark richards - the spacecapn blog - añjali and spawning seasonThe Draco now are returning. They took over the Orion systems. Saurians who live in the earth are joining them as the Reptilians unite.  The Dulce battle was a prelude.  

Our underground bases are being attacked and we have regularly blown up bases to keep the Saurians out of the hyperloop. The explosions are moisten for natural earthquakes.They will arrive in force in 2024 or 2024, which is one reason why elections will be canceled.

The Chinese will also invade and attempt to forcefully take women, since their population has larger numbers of men.

The Pleiadians also want to reduce the earth’s population to 500 million, which they believe is the optimum number of humans — a number used in the recently destroyed Georgia Guidestone.

The opening of the Lion’s Gate on August 8 is the fulcrum, with the death of kings and the Pope.  

There have been multiple shifts in timelines. Some of this has to do with the Nazi Bell, which was a star drive. The Philadelphia Experiment also created a huge pulse that shot holes in time and began a 20 year cycle of events.

The next increment in the cycle will be coming year.  The planetary biorhythms will be at their low point, which leads to war.

The Arcturians and those working to protect the earth are using their technology.  The black hats had wanted to shift the poles, but the protectors fixed the issue.  The next black hat plan had been to release a plague. That did not succeed in the way that they hoped.

The political aspect is now being fought.  Putin is an enemy of the New World Order. He told Trump about the ET races and warned him to disclose the situation.

Some regard humans as useless eaters, but we will revolt. Even now, with the recent crop circle, the Arcturians have warned the underground Saurians to stay away, setting a  marker.  The Saurian underground bases are under England so it is no wonder that crop circles are there.

Particularly as the interview progressed Sean and Kerry began to discuss other matters.  Sean believes that climate change is a hoax and global warming is a cyclic phenomenon, also known as summer. The eco-fascists won’t let dams be built that could provide sufficient water. The Democrats may turn to Duane Johnson, the Rock, to run for president if the elections go forward.

Sean disagreed strongly with Kerry on Juan Savin and JFK Jr. He pointed out that Trump could not run again if he was our current president, as Kerry maintains. It may be the only point where I could agree with Sean — although on second thought I might also agree that Pleiadians and their contactees are jerks.

If the Pope dies or resigns on August 8, I might buy all the books in the Sands of Time series, but otherwise I will take some comfort in Sean’s proven record of being a failed prophet, a misguided and wrong “constitutional scholar,” a self proclaimed “paper terrorist,” a convicted felon, and an SEC violator with a large judgment against him. None of this prevents him from having a pass to Disneyland, where he stated on Project Camelot that he uses Tom Sawyer’s Island to write his books. (See Pull Me Under and our own coverage of Morton.)[2] Please note that Sean is often a hard person to summarize as he talks fast and strays from his main points. I have attempted to be accurate but made no attempt to recount all that was discussed, particularly with an  August 8 deadline.  Sean will be starting a new round of … Continue reading


As the Lion’s Gate passes, Sean’s record of failed prophecies and unadulterated ravings remains in tact. It is hoped that those who followed the story did not bet on whether the pope would resign or die.



Occasionally paying attention to Kerry Cassidy so you don’t have to.


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Who? What? Why? - spacecapn blog

The Questions That Remain

Who? What? Why? - the questions that remain - spacecapn blogToday we see UAPs in the the sky and discuss Tic Tacs and other objects. We have listened to Captain Mark Richards and other whistleblowers tell their stories about the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program. Pundits appear on television and act as experts.  We have been given answers and promised expeditions to prove the truth.  But the answers remain elusive . . . 

Through it all, it is the questions that remain. The days of the flying saucers started with the basics . Who? Why? What? Yet, it is not so much that there were — and are — questions. It’s how they were asked.

From the the days of the classic saucers to the emerging narratives it was apparent that there were ways of asking that made any answers irrelevant. The saucer comics showed not only what was being asked, but how some people were asking. I am only surprised that the panels did not simply say “WTF?”




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Kerrywatch - the squatch have no heroes

From Mars to Squatch

A KerryWatch Review 


Kerry cassidy watch - blog. Spacecapn. ComKerry Cassidy took a break from the usual material on Juan Savin, JFK Jr, conspiracies involving vaccinations or QAnon fantasies. Instead, Project Camelot presented Major Solomon Berg. The story describes how Berg spent a year on Mars and “explains about how the Yetis/Squatch beings are caught in the middle of the BATTLE BETWEEN THE PLEIADIANS AND DRACOS FOR CONTROL OF EARTH.”

From the start, it should be noted that Berg looks even less like a major than Captain Mark Richards looks like a captain. Despite this, Kerry assures us that he was part of an above top secret project called Black Kraken. “He is a doctor of Anthropology recruited into the military who spent a year on Mars and eventually was brought on board to handle a captured Sasquatch aka Yeti and established telepathic communication with it and the over-mind of the species.” He is now more of an outlaw than a soldier but uses the title as part of his identification.

Squatching on mars: kerrywatch
Major Solomon Berg

Berg was last posted with the Marines but the Black Kraken was more than a military assignment. In his senior year of high school he was recruited by Owl to help expand the boundaries of knowledge and existence. In 2006 and 2008, he was involved in two incidents with the Iranian and Afghanistan stargates. At that time he learned about the grays and knew that they were mercenaries — which raised a question about for whom they were working. 

In 2010, he was assigned to Mars after Owl contacted him again. Berg knew about Randy Cramer, who had been on Mars earlier than him.

The space program used nuclear powered fusion pulse drive ships to go to Mars — essentially using nuclear bombs similar to the alleged Orion ships. It must have been an old ship that had not transitioned to the Richards Anti-Matter Drive. It was a missed opportunity, though, since including the RAM drive would have indicated deep knowledge of Kerry’s interviews.

He spent a year there, where he primarily studied Martian archeology with his research assistant Daniel Jordan. Berg was stationed at underground base near Cydonia, which is identified with the face of Mars. It was the site of an ancient battle and he helped comb the area for artifacts. Mars has a number of climates including areas where it is possible to breathe and Berg was able to explore the area.

The Martian nationals had cone to the planet around the same time that the earth was ruled by Atlantis. Mars was a cosmopolitan world that included human beings. Among the species was one similar to a fish who lived on a gas giant. They were controlled by a benevolent AI. Kerry pointed out that the Draco are also said to be controlled by an AI, but both agreed that the Draco are hardly benevolent.

Berg found one artifact that he was able to smuggle home — an ancient stone pipe that had been used by a teenaged conscript to inhale psychoactive drugs. They used remote viewers and analyzed the substance in the pipe. Jordan smoked it as well.  

On Mars, Berg encountered Trogs, an insectoid species who lived underground. There was also reptilians who were almost like cast off Dracos.

There were two interstellar factions: the Guardian alliance of the Pleiadian Emprire and the Luciferian alliance of the Dracos. These were pitted against each other after a prominent human faction emerged, led by a half human and Anunnaki hybrid. Other beings who claimed to be native Martians grew resentful, which led to war. Berg emphasized that the dividing line between the two was not necessarily black and white.  

Both have their own agendas. The Pleiadians might be light workers but they are still expansionist.The Draco are centered around domination.  It is important to realize that an entire species cannot be judged on the basis of a government.

After returning home, he worked out of Temple University in human-animal communication. This research caught the attention of Colonel Lionel Sperlinghetti, who in 2017 had captured a Squatch in the Northwest.[1] Would it be giving away too much to note that we can find no reference to the colonel? Perhaps it is an assumed name like ‘“Owl.”                                       … Continue reading

There are no heroes to the squatch - spacecapn blog


The Squatch settled on Earth on earth. They are more intelligent than humans and are related to both the humans and the Pleiadians. They are named for the noise made by the creatures when they are young. They use titles instead of names and before earning their titles they are just called “Squatch.” One of the older Squatches is the Wizard of Washington who is over 1300 years old.

Berg himself is a sensitive who has developed telepathic communication with mammals who have a Corpus Callosum brain structure, which connects the two brain hemispheres. Berg had started the research with his cat and other mammals but soon learned there were hard limits. Placental mammals alone could be used. No communication could be established with giraffes.  

The overmind is a collective consciousness that the Squatch uses to communicate.  It cannot be used against ones will. Berg used this to establish communication with the Squatch. Other researchers dismissed this and called him “Dr. Doolittle.”

The Squatch who was captured is 300 years old, the equivalent of a person in the early 20s. The military wanted to use it for propaganda. Both of the interstellar factions wanted to use this. The government had been infiltrated by Dracos and Squatch needed to be taken elsewhere. In 2018, Black Kragen went rogue. The Squatch is now in hiding upon his own request, under protective guard in Israel outside of Tel Aviv, where the Annunaki are in control.

The Sqatches are refugees from both the Pleiadians and the Draco. There are no heroes to them and both factions have wanted to use them. Nevertheless, Berg was able to form a connection. Squatch may have been comfortable with him because of a shared cultural history of the diaspora — they are refugees who now wander. He also used humor to gain trust by wearing a gorilla mask. 

Spacecapn blog - squatch tending the orchard
Squatch at Work Tending an Old Orchard

As a result of being refugees, there are few female Squatches on earth. The males are nomadic. Some may work odd jobs or barter. Some can pass for human if they shave their bodies and file their teeth. Over the years, they collected various craft and use cloaking devices to keep them secret.

Berg’s initial communication took on a deeper, emotional level. He came to identify the Squatch as a missing link, connecting between our past and future, between the earth and the stars. 

The Sasquatch has tried to assist beings on other planets but they have been burned before. Other races have have treated them bad because they are different than Pleiadians and Dracos. They are cautious with humans. Ideally the Squatch wants a homeland.

This Interview speaks for itself — a return to form for Kerry — but it may be similar to the performance art that would explain the Mark Richards interviews. The assistant’s name, Daniel Jordan, appears to be a play upon Dan and Jordan from Knowledge Fight. Still, there are some major differences with other offerings.  Rather than the space battles of Mark Richards or the political intrigue that dominates much of Kerry’s thought, the world that Squash inhabits is much more nuanced. Again, there are no heroes, which is something that neither Richards or Cassidy have ever learned.

Berg himself presents an interesting contrast to Cassidy. He mentioned that he has always been an advocate for progressive causes and justice. How far will this fly in terms of a lasting relationship when Kerry embraces Trump and QAnon? A second interview is planned and given her mention of Captain Mark Richards there may be hopes for a future interview with him.



KerryWatch:  Occasionally paying attention to Kerry Cassidy so you don’t have to.



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Aboard the hornet - the spacecapn blog

Aboard the Hornet


Aboard the hornet - the spacecapn blog

The USS Hornet in Alameda, California, has a storied history – from its service as an aircraft carrier during battle, then picking up the Apollo astronauts after the first moon trip, to its current role as a museum.   

It also is said to be one of the most haunted sites that can be easily visited. We went on the ghost tour. We were expecting a standard experience with stories of hauntings and the ship’s history. We got something different.

Our tour was led by two veteran sailors who served during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, and in the waters near Korea after the Pueblo was taken. One of them has worked as a docent on the Hornet for over 20 years. They knew the ship inside and out and had several strange experiences. Both the “history and mystery” were fascinating and I returned with new respect for those who actually served. The main stars, though, were the spirits.

We were led to various areas of the ship, where we sat and talked — but the guides also addressed the spirits and encouraged the tour group to do the same. We were told later that things were particularly active — even more so than with the other groups that night — perhaps we were lucky.

In response to questions, either mag lights or the K-II electrical frequency meter often reacted. One of the guides asked if it was the same spirit that had touched someone on another tour — immediately a light went on, with no one standing near it. The same thing happened when a second related question was asked.

When we visited the infirmary my wife learned that Mr. White had been young when he passed, but was content. She felt a particular chill in the burn unit, but even thinking about massive burns gives me the chills. On a lighter side, the spirits seem to have appreciated some of the jokes our guides told.

We put a flashlight on the shelves or tables when we came into a room to talk. One of guides asked the spirits to turn it off because things were a bit too bright. It turned off (after a couple of requests). When he thanked them, the light flashed. No one was within several feet of it and I was looking at it the whole time.

In the secret high security radio room, one of the guides tapped out some code. We asked if there was any who had once sent messages there. One of the frequency meters made a pitched noise that sounded like Morse code, again with no one nearby. I wish I had a recorded it. We were told that was very unusual and it was certainly the only time we heard it on the tour.

I am not certain what to make of the evening. An old friend used to tell amazing stories that defied my belief system. I enjoyed listening to them, I had no reason to doubt that I was being told what he experienced, but I did not have any need to believe or disbelieve him. They were in a separate category. I feel the same way about the ghost tour and don’t feel any need to construct an explanation from either a skeptical or paranormal perspective.

It might be possible to program certain effects into the lighting or meters but I did not see evidence of that, and don’t know how a simple mag light could be that responsive. In the end, I told one of the guides that we had enjoyed the tour. He said that is what it was about.

We plan to return, with the understanding that each tour is different and they make no guarantees that anything will happen. Sometimes things are active, other times they are not. The shortest explanation is that onboard the USS Hornet, anything or nothing might happen. It’s a good place to suspend beliefs.

I think our guides could make the tour interesting even if they just talked about their experiences on aircraft carriers, on patrol in combat, or told corny jokes. The tale about the one time the ship brought beer aboard, and why it was limited to the one time, was worth the admission.

During the tour we asked if either Ellis Richards was there or if the spirits knew him. The answer was “No.”

The Tour Aboard the Hornet