The 2023 Marky Awards

The 2023 Marky Awards


The 2023 marky awards
Mark (center) and the Award Committee (Naga, Titiana, Atimpaasa)

At the year’s end it is customary to look back on the many highlights that have captured the interest of this blog, regardless of whether it has been a featured article. The coveted Marky Awards honors those who represent the kind of inspiration that Captain Mark Richards offered.

Congratulations to the winners, as well as thanks to those who were nominated. The Markies bring a lot of things to mind. Out of all the years that we have awarded them and observed matters related to the blog, this is one of them.




The Reliable Weekly News Award

The Weekly World News offered stories about the Return of Nibiru , important information about how to tell if you are Descended from Aliens, and other cutting edge articles. Still, it seems fair to choose a different source since the Weekly World undoubtedly deserves to be honored for their lifetime achievement.

Aliens ending the world has long been a popular theme, but with Añjali’s friends still a few years away from their 2027 target date, a time traveler from 2671 revealed on Tic Toc that “8,000 people will soon be chosen to be the saviors of humanity.”

The champion helps secure the weekly world news award on the spacecapn blogEno Alaric stated that the end was as hostile aliens were about to invade us. The good news, however, was that the Champion would rescue the best among us and take them to another habitable planet so that our species would survive.

It was supposed to happen on March 21 — evidently Alaric ignored my past warnings against setting dates. There are, of course many explanations for the fact that we are still here. The Galactic Federation might have interceded to give us until 2027. The Champion may have defeated the hostile forces with the help of Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program. The 8000 might be on their way to another planet and we just don’t recognize that our fate is sealed.  Or there was simply a bump in the space-time continuum.

Maybe the Weekly World News will have more information.


Robotic Overlords are Here Award

This is self explanatory.  The picture reveals all as either a present or future event

Spacecapn marky award winner

The Space Opera Award

The Space Opera is particularly important to this site since our own Captain Mark Richards may have first constructed his opera as a way to muse about galactic adventures and love affairs.

This year’s award isL ron awarded the spacecapn marky award for his space opera given to L. Ron Hubbard for his creativity in creating the ongoing Scientology space opera. It might have been a posthumous award but we were reminded that Hubbard was not really dead, but continuing to do his research elsewhere until he returns. Perhaps he is delayed because he is engrossed in a good book. Should Ron actually return he would be a shoo-in for the Comeback award.

In any event, thanks to South Park and other publicity, many are familiar with Xenu. Xenu was your typical galactic overlord who brought billions to earth (AKA Teegeeack) in upgraded DC-8 planes. He stacked them around volcanos and killed them with hydrogen bombs — their disembodied spirits (Thetans) continue to cause trouble until they are exorcised in the highest levels of Scientology.

Spacecapn marky award - space opera with xenu

Less familiar is Hubbard’s revelations of the history of the Solar System (Space Station 33). Tony Ortega writes:

The place is apparently crowded with incoming waves of galactic travelers. The Fourth Invader Force has been here for millennia, but more recently a Fifth Invader Force has moved in, and there have been clashes between the two, with the Fourth Invader Force based on Mars and the Fifth Invader Force banished to Venus. (We think.) Meanwhile, the Earth is used as a prison planet, with installations in places like the Pyrenees and the Mountains of the Moon.

The space opera tales continue to be taught today. The Chairman of the Board, David Miscavige, deserves to share in this award for the way he has maintained the opera house even as the numbers of Scientologists fall, but we also remember Shelly and continue to ask where (or how) she is.


Comeback of the Year Award

This is a difficult category since defining a comeback is very subjective. Some people never seem to go away yet fade from view. Others seem to disappear yet retain dedicated following.

The spacecapn marky award alien mummy
Adobe Stock

This year’s winner achieved prominence by organizing the 2015 Be Witness event (co-starring Carey, Schmidt, and Dolan) to reveal the Roswell Slides. The next year, he promoted a creature that turned out to be a skinned monkey along with a Demon Fairy made from a bat with sticks and epoxy. In 2017 he appeared on Gaia TV to proclaim that a mummy found in Peru was a three fingered alien.

Jaime Maussan, of course, is the winner. He returned to the type of event that made him famous by announcing evidence of non-human bodies to the Mexican Congress. Maussan did not reveal exactly how he obtained the mummies, and Peru is investigating the matter, but they were similar to what he previously showed. He again alleged that they were non-human, with one that had large lumps inside the abdomen suggesting eggs from gestation.

Other described Maussan’s presentation as a “pseudoscientific event.” Julieta Fierro from Mexico’s National Autonomous University’s (UNAM) Institute of Astronomy told Reuters that samples were related to brain and skin tissues from different mummies who died at different times. The results “do not show anything mysterious that could indicate life compounds that do not exist on Earth.”

Maussan continued to claim that the remains were a new species that lacked lungs or ribs. Without further evidence it seems more likely that the remains were again reassembled, but at least it confirmed he was in comeback form.


The Disclosure Is Coming Next Year Award

Disclosure — or even the day after disclosure — is a popular theme with pundits proclaiming every year that it is at hand. This year was no exception with legislative hearings, including David Grusch’s claims of a crash recovery program, attracting much attention. The problem, of course, is that no one would believe even if everything was fully disclosed since any information would likely be just a coverup for the real truth. Disclosure will always be an elusive goal.

Another good looking reptilian
Another good looking Reptilian

This award was hotly contested since it is given to those who disclose information without offering any actual evidence. Steven Greer made his push for a second Marky with an event at the National Press Club. Grusch was a strong nominee after he testified in Congress. Jeremy Corbell is a perennial contender and the Chief emerged as a dark horse candidate when he revealed an alien agenda and stated that almost every national figure had been arrested and replaced.

In the end, however, Danny Sheehan was the unanimous choice after he ran a very creative campaign thst featured crashed saucers, alien bodies, a death bed confession, and an oddly attractive reptilian. The alien put him straight into Mark Richards’s territory. When he stated that a death bed confession would be admissible in court, it put him over the top. What more can be added to that?


The Roadside Attraction Award

Ryanhenge, a winner in the spacecapn blog marky awardRoadside Attractions teach a lot about who we are as a people. There are plaques that commemorate in the Aztec NM crash, the alien who died in Aurora TX, the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill, and countless of other places of interest to this blog. The most popular might be the Roswell museum. This year we honor Ryanhenge that we visited in 2023.

Ryanhenge is on a reclamation site between Las Vegas and Alamo, not too far from the ET highway. It features aliens, a gigantic sundial, and the Stonehenge like design that gives it the name. It is truly a must see for any traveler.


The Legal Schmeagle Award

Long time favorite and a past Marky winner, Anjali, made a bid for this award with renewed statements about suing  critic Charlie Wiser. Perhaps if she had filed suit before the end of the year things would have turned out better for her.  

Brunson playing to the court
Brunson Playing to the Court

For consistent effort throughout the year, the Bronson Brothers received this year’s Schmeagle award. I was first alerted to the Brunsons through Kerry Cassidy. It was a wild ride as the brothers filed identical suits to overturn the last presidential election and remove hundreds of Congresspeople.

The Brunsons were part of a trumpet playing quartet from Utah and were hailed by many — including those who inflated claims that the case had been “accepted” by the Supreme Court to believe they would soon win. Even after the cases had been rejected, commentators such as reporter Lara Logan (Rest of the Story) continued to ignore their many defeats and helped make the Brothers famous. The internet refused to let the case go and social media advanced claims that the Court had decided the case in secret or that Justice Thomas would soon make things right. Even Raland Brunson got an encore when he filed suit against three justices who he believed had ruled against him. In short it became a textbook study in how basic education is needed and critical thinking should be taught.


The Golden Marky Award

The coveted golden marky award for the best of the best in the spirit of captain mark richardsThe highest award is given to those who best honor the traditions of Captain Mark Richards. Nominees included Jo Ann Fawcett, Mark’s former wife who continues to advance his claims, and Danny Sheehan who made a bid to be the first double winner when he revealed that reptilians are oddly attractive. However, for sheer consistency since his 2022 debut and the sweeping nature of the revelations, the ultimate honor goes it [insert drumroll here] . . . . Major Solomon Berg.

For the second year in a row, Berg was simply phenomenal. After being discovered by Kerry Cassidy on Project Camelot he electrified the world. He revealed the Sqatch have no heroes and gave David Bowie his due as the Supreme Technocrat of Mars. His third interview, which qualified him for this year’s award, delved into the secret of the Lotus Crystal of Mars.

Solomon berg and tge lotus crystal of marsIn light of Berg’s accomplishments there was no need to give a separate award for stories about the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program. It’s hard to believe that a major motion picture has not yet been made out of his various adventures. Perhaps Knowledge Fight could use their connections to make it so.

There had never been a back to back winner before, but sadly, this award has to be given in memoriam. The forces of evil destroyed the Black Kraken and hunted Berg down. Fortunately, he was a fictional character so it did not hurt too much. I trust that his able assistants, Daniel Jordan and Celine, will accept the award in his place.

In order to honor Major Berg, we are proud to present the acceptance speech given by Chat GPT on behalf of Solomon. For those who missed the Berg series, this site summarized the Cassidy interviews. May he long be remembered.

There are no heroes to the squatch - spacecapn blog

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