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Odds Ends . . .

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Terry the Censor has realized that the simulation is complete. Despite this insight, it’s not possible to underestimate what Kerry Cassidy has contributed to the dissolution of the matrix. She might not have won the award, but that would only be due to her lifetime achievement.

Kerry started with false flags that included an alien invasion and an operation to cover covid tracks. She went on to explain that “on March 7, 2022 (or 15th) our military apparently acted and swore in President TRUMP as COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF.” Apparently the military is waiting to announce this until public opinion makes it possible for them to act.

Kerry, of course, describes a coup d’état and the end of democracy. Coups have often not turned out well, from Suharto killing millions in Indonesia to Pinochet overthrowing democracy in Chile. If the January 6th calls to hang Pence are any indication, Kerry’s vision leads to war crimes.

It is not just a routine false flag that is a issue:

Alien AI and group of alien beings do involve Grey ETs, Reptilians and Draco among others such as spider beings and so on who have an agenda involving Luciferian/Satanism and their real advance team or boots on the ground are known as THE GLOBALISTS & THE CCP.

This might not have been enough absurdity to start our path to oblivion, but Kerry went on to write a cautionary note:

Regarding the Slavic people.  I believe the labs were not simply intent on killing them.  There is reason to believe Slavic people like the Irish may have special genes that REPEL conventional viruses.  Keep in mind they are always interested not so much in killing people with gene therapy/viruses but in reengineering the genome to BUILD A SUPERSOLDIER ARMY… 

The cumulative effect of all of this might mean that Añjali is right about the coming end in 2027.  Perhaps, as Terry suggests, the level has advanced to the point that the simulation is complete. The only thing left to do is to get our affairs in order until the earth wraps things up. 

Firesign theater explains it.

Fortunately we have something that explains it all. Thanks to a post by Curt Collins, we are reminded that Everything You Know Is Wrong. That includes predictions, conspiracy, and what you learned from messages from higher beings!

In 1974, the Firesign Theater produced an album that challenged all that we knew. It turned aliens and the new age upside down. It still does. Captain Mark Richards, Añjali, Kerry Cassidy, Carlos Castenada, Blindfrog Ranch — nothing really changes so it’s all here in one form or the other, the different names do not disguise the content.


“In case of an alien encounter while in an aircraft, 1) Crawl under your seat & look away, 2) avoid eye contact, and 3) In the absence of eyes, avoid ALL contact.” – The Firesign Theater


Perhaps the Theater influenced Mark. He may have listened to this as a college student (not as a officer), sitting around his room in the family house until its secrets were revealed and Pendragon became real.


“If you were never a special person, you are a special person now.”  The Firesign Theater.


Many people had experiences listening to the Theater before experiencers became popular. Who didn’t turn on the record player and listen late at night, with friends, in a house set in an orange grove in mystical Ojai? Who didn’t have the Firesign Theater change the nature of the universe for them? Perhaps I have said too much. Listen to this and Part Two or purchase a copy through the above link. The wikipedia article might explain some of it should you begin to question your understanding but explanations are not the point.

Around the time that the Theater released this album, it was popular to say “Question Authority.” Don’t stop with conventional authority.  Question your experience or other forms of authority. If not, you could end up thinking you are a space captain or that you visited higher beings in a nonexistent tunnel. Don’t let that happen to you.

Odds, ends . . .  Oddness is better than ending in 2027. If you go with oddness keep it balanced with an objective dose of reality.


“If you want to better understand #UFO phenomena, start w/a deep dive into the source of #consciousness & literal vibrational frequency. Talk to experiencers. Explore the woo. Meditate; seek quiet connectedness. You may be surprised what you learn, the dots that suddenly connect.” – Añjali 

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