It’s a Wrap #2

It’s a Wrap!  #2

A Greater Wrap is in the Works

Before UFO Twitter leaves the Añjali story behind, it should be noted how the narrative changed from the great Contact in the Desert Tunnel Experience™ to how the higher beings are going to wrap things up in 2027.   


It’s a wrap for añjali


I know that Añjali has shifted the blame to the sun. “The Sun, our conscious star, naturally produces this cyclical change”  Her stories often change, however, and she previously stated that the ‘end the experiment with humans’ faction had the majority vote in the Galactic Council: “The remaining three members on the council are outnumbered, and humanity’s days are numbered in this era.” If we didn’t transcend it could be too late. She is rivaling  Ed (the Killshot) Dames for coming up with ways that the world will end. 

At one point Añjali stated that the beings had communicated with others.  Is she the only one who was told such momentous news?

I can understand it if nature got tired of what humans are doing to the planet and decided we needed to go the way of the dinosaurs.  We do not need help from the sun or the Council end up there.  We can get there on our own – the appropriate response is not to transcend to a new density but to change this one.

Añjali goes beyond that.  Presumably her followers will transcend and leave the rest of us to incarnate on the planet Orion.  Although I am not entirely sure what that means, it’s not hard to imagine an end result on the earth for those who follow her –  Heaven’s Gate has many similar themes, including the warning about a recycled earth.  I hope it does not come down to that but the higher beings are unpredictable.

Breaking News!!

According to a reliable source, Captain Aura Raines of the Clarian Fleet received information that the Galactic Council was trapped in a tunnel and could not attend a meeting in the nearby Mojave desert.

It’s a wrap - aura contemplates rescuing the council


Under the rules of the Exeter Interstellar Treaty Conference the Clarians were obligated to attempt a rescue. No further information is available at this time.

Añjali states that the beings have given us until 2027 to transcend. Yet these are the same ones that assured her things were on track for the great reveal in the tunnel: “The beings would not lead me back there only to fail.”  That did not work out so well. It appears that they don’t know more than anyone else. If the higher beings are not providing accurate information she needs to find a better source.  

All of this means that she has several things in common with Ed Dames – most notably she has not provided any evidence and has been consistently wrong, requiring her to change the story. This year again has proven that the more you are wrong, the more people will pay attention to you. At bottom, Añjali wants people to listen to her.

Although she has given us entertaining moments, she ignored advice about not setting dates. Dates have been the downfall of those who predict the apocalypse or other disasters. Unless the situation gets better than this, it’s time to think about other things. 

If you feel sad about missing the Tunnel Experience™ you can always find a reason to go to Yucaipa.  The arch seeks to revitalize the area and there are several good hiking trails. But if you go there, either physically or virtually, there is no reason to try to contact Wayne or fly drones over the town’s trails.  That story has played itself out.

Perhaps the higher beings are tricksters who are part of a game to see who is the next hide and seek champion. There is no better place to hide than a tunnel. The oddsmakers are predicting that Lavvy – Añjali’s friend from the higher realm – might win this year.

It’s a wrap - yucaipa
Lavvy Plays The Game

Ultimately Añjali had no information on the important things, such as the aliens love for antiques and chocolate. When will Captain Mark Richards make a comeback?


A few months after this was written, it was apparent that researchers identified the wrong Wayne — eventually Bryan came forward to identify himself and confirm there was no tunnel on his desert property.  No wonder the Clarian expedition only discovered buried treasure around Yucaipa. Ryan Gordon needs to investigate.

The question then becomes if the tunnel is not in Yucaipa, and if Anjali’s friend Lavvy is not in Bryan’s tunnel, which tunnel has he been using? Why can’t the expedition go forward? The game of hide and seek is still on, although Giant Rock continues to seem like as good of a place as any to present scientific proof of alien existence.

The observation that the higher beings are tricksters seems more relevant than ever. They seem to be fooling Añjali. It’s a wrap – but this story always seems to be unwrapping itself.

4/22 update

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