Revealed truth and revealed error

Revealed Truth and Revealed Error


Revealed truth
Meister Eckart

When an unexpected thought came to the mystic Meister Eckhart (to whom God hid nothing) in a sermon, he called it a “revealed truth.”  That might have been appropriate for him but for the rest of us there are some things better left unsaid.  Revealed truth also has its corollary of revealed error.

Many years ago, in another lifetime, an astrologer told me I would say things just to test the reaction. She nailed that one. It’s hard not to do it when Kerry Cassidy or Sean Morton provides the laugh track. It is easy just to say something equally ridiculous. Still, you should be careful not to believe that it is true and only do it around someone with the same sense of humor.

Jo Ann Richards had that problem when she would casually say during an interview that Mark was a member of the Republican National Committee or talk about all the advanced degrees he had collected. I got the feeling that she would even astonish herself at some of the things she advanced as fact. She was off script, even by Mark Richards standards. To be fair, however, most people are closer to running at the mouth than espousing a revealed truth.

Perhaps it is easier to have a revealed truth when speaking about God. I won’t argue with Añjali when when she makes pronouncements about her spiritual beliefs. I will argue with her when she’s says she met aliens in a nonexistent tunnel. That is where standards of evidence comes in, and how much credence should be given matters of spirit or messages from higher beings.  

If you can’t substantiate what can be known, how seriously should any of it be taken?  In that respect, revealed error can be as important as revealed truth.

I recently went on a rant inspired by my own positive Covid isolation and ruminated on the relationship between tricksters and the sutras. I don’t think my wife believed any of it was a revealed truth and it’s hard to remember what part of the dharma was being espoused. Even writing this blog entry might be an example of a presumptuous post, albeit one that does not claim any special understanding. It comes down to considering the source.



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Weighing the frequencies - spacecapn blog

Weighing the Frequencies

Weighing the frequencies - spacecapn blog

Although there is nothing more that needs to be said about Añjali’s tunnels and failed expedition, one of her tweets was noteworthy:

“The standard of credibility is set so high for those who come forward, it’s unattainable/nonmaintainable. It’s dehumanizing.” 

As Jack Brewer often writes, everything begins and ends with standards of evidence. Indeed, there is no other basis to distinguish between delusion and reality.  

In law, the standards of evidence provide a basis to measure claims. A criminal conviction must be established with evidence that proves an act beyond a reasonable doubt. A preponderance of the evidence is necessary for civil verdicts. Facts may be established through clear and convincing evidence, substantial evidence, or credible evidence. At minimum, at least “some evidence” is needed – there must be a rational basis for one’s assertion.  

Scientific evidence is generally taken to be anything tending to refute or confirm a hypothesis. Evidence establishes what one is justified in believing or what it is reasonable for one to believe. Consideration of evidence may be influenced by a person’s assumptions or beliefs, so confirmation is important before evidence is accepted.

The standards vary according to the type of proceeding, but the burden of proof always rests with the party advancing the fact at issue. It is not enough to say that something cannot be disproved. A basic threshold must be established. Credibility might depend on how much of a threshold can be met, but it is not dehumanizing. 

Mark Richards provides some lessons in the way that evidence is reviewed. He claims that he had been a captain in the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program. He grew up playing with chocolate loving alien raptors and fought in heroic space battles until eventually he was framed for murder. This site disputes that account but it is the factual matters that are at issue. Those facts can be analyzed and discussed.  We can debate whether Mark has provided any proof of his claims, but there is at least some common understanding of what that means.

In contrast, Añjali effectively states that if the standards of evidence are too difficult, she can dispense with them altogether. Facts are based on personal frequency rather than any objective measure.  Experience is fluid. If there is no tunnel, no missing time, and no corroboration, something could have happened ‘that could make it all true.”  When one reality does not work out change, the channel and switch realities.

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Claimed healer Sarah Adams echoes this by stating that ETs and UFOs are interdimensional beings and spiritual entities. “You need to be in higher frequencies to understand what is going on.”

Some scientists have written that “resonance — another word for synchronized vibrations — is at the heart of not only human consciousness but of physical reality.”  Even if that premise is accepted, and physical reality is complex in ways we have yet to fully discover, it does not negate the importance of evidentiary standards

Without standards of evidence there is no way to determine what is being understood or experienced. One problem with relying on frequencies as an ultimate standard is that discussion – the possibility of a shared experience – is precluded. If you cannot see the tunnel, spaceship, or alien it is your fault. Your frequency is too low.  You are stuck in “nonevolved theory.”

Sarah says, “You guys can’t speak to interdimensional ETs because your frequency is too low. You want contact . . .  do the work and stop crying about it. Contact happens when one elevates their energy field.” But never fear. There is a solution

There’s ancient secrets and techniques that have been hidden from humanity in attempts to keep them asleep and from understanding their past incarnations as ETs and their lives on other planets along with keeping them from accessing their divine powers which allow them to astral project and realm walk along with connecting to ETs and spirits

I’m offering a multidimensionality course teaching the same secrets and techniques I use to speak to ETs and Spirits.

It apparently does not matter if you have a practice that is valid for you, whether it be zen meditation or prayer. Frequencies are frequencies. 

Sara adams - aliens are real
Sara Adams. An Upcoming Book Making Factual Claims

If experience alone is the standard, then what is a measure of truth?  I once worked with adolescents who had suffered psychotic or schizophrenic breaks. They were definitely experiencers, but what they experienced is far different than that advanced in UFO culture.

To Adams, Añjali is unbalanced. To another Añjali may be speaking for the higher beings. Any assertion is equally valid if the only standard is yourself or if something resonates with your frequency.

“It’s hilarious to me that people think ufos have toilets or rivets. Aliens absorb energy as food this why they have no digestive system. Their ships are made of condensed energy which creates solid matter.” – Sarah Adams

It is interesting to note that with both Añjali and Sarah Adams, higher frequencies seems to lead directly to using the threat of lawsuits to respond to critics or those who have somehow wronged them. If that doesn’t work, blocking someone on social media might be the next best thing.

When I wrote that courts are not a way to gain emotional or spiritual satisfaction, Sarah replied,  “The 3d life is to be balanced with the spiritual life not to be ignored. Yes you know I take showers and do 3D stuff too.”  There might be a difference between showers and lawsuits. Courts are not a way proclaim that you have a spiritual vision or “goddess energy.”[1] I have no problem with 3D thinking. I like the way that Adams sometimes quotes people like Eugene Debs, the socialist organizer and war resister.


In any event, frequency seems like it can be used as a defensive mechanism or a weapon depending on the mood.  Adhering to evidentiary standards does not negate personal experience, but is the only thing that gives experience a context.   



1 I have no problem with 3D thinking. I like the way that Adams sometimes quotes people like Eugene Debs, the socialist organizer and war resister.


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Añjali: the real story - spacecapn blog

Añjali:  The Real Story is Told

Or how not to organize an expedition to the Mojave


Añjali: the real story - spacecapn blog

Charlie Wiser’s Three-Dollar Kit has done a remarkable job of chronicling the rise and fall of Añjali Schultz, who had once promised to lead an expedition into the Mojave Desert to meet aliens and bring back definitive proof. When the expedition did not work out, she apparently had no choice but to threaten to sue Wiser, only to have new developments further unmask the entire charade.  

At first, Añjali announced an expedition to the tunnel that was to be the ultimate disclosure event. She warned that the majority of the alien council voted against humanity, so time was of the essence. She allegedly set out to form a team and started a Twitter poll to determine who should accompany them as community representatives. The poll included the late Stanton Friedman, but prominent skeptics were not invited to be part of it.[1] In the interest of disclosure, even non-prominent skeptics such as this blog were not invited — even though we had experience in the desert and always enjoy the Mojave. 

Unfortunately there was a complication. The aliens were in a tunnel owned by Wayne and Trisha, who refused permission for the expedition.

This blog solved the problem by suggesting that the aliens meet at the nearby Giant Rock, which is part of the Mojave that is very familiar with interplanetary visitors. I offered to rent the Integraton for the day to give them more privacy. Añjali “liked” the idea but the aliens refused to budge. Apparently they settled in for the long haul.

Añjali blamed critics who had disturbed Wayne and Trisha. She settled on Charlie Wiser and gave her notice of an impending suit.  Charlie had been respectful towards Wayne so the threats made little sense. Apparently, however, it was clear that the most momentous event in history was being thwarted by an Australian mother. 

The threatened lawsuit was just a distraction. As I advised Añjali through a Twitter post, courts do not exist to bring emotional satisfaction and she had no case. The only thing it would accomplish would be to make her liable for attorney fees. The threat reminded me of spam calls I sometimes get warning me of lawsuits or the IRS.[2] As this was coming down, Sarah Adams – a new age healer – threatened Steve Cambrian with a lawsuit, warning that “you will be legally served soon enough.” It seems that low frequency legal actions are the preferred way to proceed when facing critics.




It is a relief that Wayne and Trisha finally spoke up. I don’t have to worry about them anymore.  — Añjali, Feb. 28 (Twitter)


Anjali’s biggest mistake, however, was including Wayne and Trisha as two of her potential plaintiffs. They contacted Wiser and told the full story.  Apparently they had met Añjali in a coffee shop. Wayne told her that UFOs had been seen around the area, but there was no mention of a tunnel and the subject was dropped.   

Wayne and Trish invited Añjali to come by their house, along with another couple. They took a powerful cannabis oil that can hit people hard. An ambulance showed up around 5 pm, before dark, because Anjali’s daughter called for a welfare check.  A friend picked up Añjali the next day.  Nothing more was spoken about UFOs and Añjali picked up her car the next day.  

They ignored Añjali and did not want any further contact.  They finally spoke to her after the press conference and told her that nothing had happened.  There were no aliens.  A supposed portal was just a door.  There was no missing time to have allowed her to meet the beings.  There was no tunnel.

Añjali continued to assert that she had an alien experience in a tunnel.  She warned Wayne that she had no idea who she was. They just wanted to be free of her.  Wiser asks people to respect Wayne and Trish’s privacy and not to contact them.

At this point, the story might normally end. Certainly peoples suspicions were confirmed that drugs played a role in the experience.  Charlie Wiser (along with Wayne and Trisha) did an excellent job. The nonevent is clear.

Still, will it be that easy?  At this point the only thing that can give Añjali credibility is a press conference with the higher beings who allegedly guide her.  If they told her that there was a tunnel or that she should lead an expedition, they either do not know more than anyone else, they or tricksters, or it is just the figment of her imagination.


[If the expedition did not happen] I would probably find a retreat somewhere with some shaman or some wise spiritual leader who could help me get my head back on straight from such a terrible disappointment, and not just a disappointment but a shatter of my ability to trust my own experience.  -Añjali, Sept. 2021


The failure of prophecy rarely deters a prophet.  Añjali has always used prophetic terms, warning people that they must transcend — those who do not do so will end up on a planet near Orion. She quickly abandoned the expedition and pivoted to announcing that the earth itself would end humanity in 2027. She took on a role of a new role issuing new age platitudes — either she would be meditating to transcend when the end came or claim credit when the earth is somehow saved.

Añjali elevates experience over reality. She maintains she is the only one who knows what happened, though Wayne and Trisha were there.  Anybody can experience something. The question is whether an experience constitutes evidence of something real. In this case, Anjali’s story is even more muddled because she had undergone hypnosis with Barbara Lamb, a process that distorts perception and is a notoriously unreliable method to discover truth.


“It starts and ends with standards of evidence.” — Jack Brewer, The UFO Trail


I suspect that she will continue to believe that she met aliens in a tunnel. It does not matter if the aliens never appear to us all and perhaps it’s better that way. Añjali is not the first to assume an earthly role after an encounter. Others have made transitions from alien contact claims to channeling messages from the space people.   

She may be able to claim that Wayne and Trish had their memories wiped clean, like something out of a movie. We know it can happen because we have seen Men in Black. Perhaps a small following would accept that, just as they accepted her promises about an expedition without demanding at least some evidence.  If so, as 2027 approaches, the lessons of Heaven’s Gate may have to be relearned.  Let’s hope it does not come to that.  

Wayne Speaks, Añjali Doesn’t

Wayne (Bryan) appeared on Steve Cambrian’s Truthseekers to confirm what happened when Añjali spent a few hours at his home.  There were little surprises since he had already explained that there no aliens, no tunnels, and no missing time.  Still, the human story might be what makes this interview important.  Wayne told his story, but he remained sympathetic to Añjali.  

The next day, Añjali appeared on the show.  The interview did not last long.   She left the show when Cambrian pressed her on the reality of her experiences.  Undoubtedly he could have been more tactful or gentle in his approach. Añjali appears to believe in her experiences and that is not a divide that can be crossed very easily.  Her statements ultimately stand or fall on their own and at that point in the interview she did not need to be pressed.

There was one piece of new information: when Añjali took a high potency cannabis oil she also used Adderall and other medications.  I am not a doctor but some have stated that the combination could have led to hallucinations. That would have been interesting to pursue but the interview ended soon after.

The end result of the exchange was probably foreordained.  Ultimately, reality is a divide. If one maintains a belief that defies all available evidence, there is little that can be said. Dialogue requires at least some common framework.  

After the interview, Sarah Adams wrote, “You guys can’t speak to inter dimensional ETs because your frequency is too low. You want contact well do the work and stop crying about it. Contact happens when one elevates their energy field.”

Since I am apparently headed to the Orion neighborhood (according to @AnjaliOnGaia) I would have liked @StevenCambian to have asked about what I can expect. Can I hike and kayak there?  – SpaceCapn, Twitter.


That perhaps sums up the problems when experience is elevated above physical reality. If it requires an “elevated frequency” to know something, then what is the measure of truth that can distinguish between delusions, false spirits, or reality? Again, it effectively ends discussion. “You don’t know because you are not elevated” is not only presumptuous, it precludes a response.

In any event, this story was not defined by experience alone. Añjali did not simply announce a personal truth. She stated that she went into a tunnel and was determined to lead a scientific expedition to meet aliens — to provide proof to the world. That requires an actual tunnel.  It requires standards of evidence.  “Wayne” resolved that issue.  

The story was as fun as the claims of Adamski or Bethrum, but for now it is interesting only as a cautionary tale. A failed expedition should cause her to question the assumptions that led to her rise — but that would require questioning herself and her role as a messenger. Perhaps it will help people to question the next Añjali. In any event, there is nothing to warrant further attention unless something changes.  

Updated March 13, 2022



1 In the interest of disclosure, even non-prominent skeptics such as this blog were not invited — even though we had experience in the desert and always enjoy the Mojave.
2 As this was coming down, Sarah Adams – a new age healer – threatened Steve Cambrian with a lawsuit, warning that “you will be legally served soon enough.” It seems that low frequency legal actions are the preferred way to proceed when facing critics.



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Spawning season in orion - the spacecapn blog

Spawning Season in Orion

According to the beings there’s a planet in the constellation of Orion that’s currently inhabited by ‘humans’ with extremely similar biotechnological avatars as ours. They say: those who wish to remain in a 3rd density sensory experience will unwittingly respawn there.”

Añjali,  Feb. 21, 2022


We won’t argue whether describing a planet as being in the Orion constellation makes any kind of sense. Captain Mark Richards has warned that the Raptors and the Draco are fighting a war in the Orion sector. Perhaps that is close enough.

The Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program is of course allied with the Raptors and have the Draco on the run. Galactic peace might at last be at hand unless something sneaky happens and the Draco invade earth, as Sean Morton predicts. The question is, do we want to unwittingly spawn there when the world as we know it ends in 2027?

Reliable sources state that the Draco Alliance depends on the spawning humans tourist industry. They have released a new travel poster welcoming those of us who are committed to the third density.


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Enjoy Third Density Spawning


The poster from the Orion Relocation Service features Orion, spawning eggs, and a friendly Draco representative. Don’t worry about space battles. What could go wrong with our biotechnological avatars if Añjali has confused the higher beings with the Draco relocation plans?

My advice:  keep your wits handy when it’s time to respawn. There was a Twilight Zone episode where someone was saved in the afterlife from an illusory heaven because his dog was not welcome there. He kept walking down the road until he came to the real destination. Trust in the dogs more than self appointed authority and don’t spawn unwittingly in the first place you see.

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