Spawning Season in Orion

According to the beings there’s a planet in the constellation of Orion that’s currently inhabited by ‘humans’ with extremely similar biotechnological avatars as ours. They say: those who wish to remain in a 3rd density sensory experience will unwittingly respawn there.”

Añjali,  Feb. 21, 2022


Captain Mark Richards has warned that the Raptors and the Draco are fighting a war in the Orion sector. The Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program is of course allied with the Raptors and have the Draco on the run. Galactic peace might at last be at hand unless something sneaky happens and the Draco invade earth. The question is, do we want to unwittingly spawn there when the world as we know it ends in 2027?

Reliable sources state that the Draco Alliance depends on the spawning humans tourist industry. They have released a new travel poster welcoming those of us who are committed to the third density.


Captain mark richards - the spacecapn blog - spawning season in orion - anjali
Enjoy Third Density Spawning


The poster from the Orion Relocation Service features Orion, spawning eggs, and a friendly Draco representative.  Don’t worry about space battles.  What could go wrong with our biotechnological avatars if Añjali has confused the higher beings with the Draco relocation plans?

My advice:  keep your wits handy when it’s time to respawn.

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