A Different Mark

A Different Mark

A Story of Two Marks With Two Remarkable Experiences. Only One Is Real.

Parallel worlds and a different mark

This is the story of Mark Richards. Not our Mark. A different Mark, with some remarkable parallels, but his experience has the benefit of being real. His story is one that might make our Mark envious.  

The “other” Mark Richards served in naval intelligence and participated in the evacuation of Saigon. Our Mark tells a tale of being in the evacuation but it is the difference between reality and stolen valor.

After the other Mark left the service, he graduated from college. It took the time that would be expected for him to graduate. It was around the time that our Mark was being charged with murder, but our the latter claims to have earned multiple degrees by then.

The other Mark was adventuring through Southeast Asia with more spirit than money. He met a woman whose then husband coordinated security for embassies in Burma. Her husband did not appreciate Richards, but that alone might might have made our Mark envious.

The other Mark continued to Pakistan. He passed through Peshawar, where Ellis Richards was stationed as a procurement officer in 1960.

In Afghanistan, the other Mark had a number of adventures that included meeting a legendary warrior and having a sensual experience with a French doctor (who apparently gave a wonderful hair wash). Substitute Vesta for Afghanistan, the Afghan warrior for Prince Nagadraconis, add an even more sensual relationship with a Pleiadian, and throw in a few cat people — it could be Vesta Report from our Mark. One difference is the former is real and the latter would have won the war with the help of Naga.

Read the full story by here by Matthew Gault.   

Mark Richards still takes beautiful photographs and even documented his own cancer treatmentHe lives in Marin County, where our Mark once dreamed of establishing the Pendragon kingdom.

His courage is apparent in ways that our Mark will never have.


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