Future Interviews with Captain Mark Richards

The Future Interviews


The future interviews with captain mark richards

Captain Mark Richards of the secret space command rose to fame largely through his interviews with Kerry Cassidy that were eagerly awaited by many. It has been awhile since we have heard from Mark and even his wife, Jo Ann Richards, has not provided any updates on her blog. In his absence, we have volunteered to fill in for Mark. This information is unverified intel from the usual secret sources.[1] We have no actual knowledge of what Mark might be thinking so this article is unbridled speculation that is well within the norms set by UFOTwitter.

Undoubtedly Mark would speak about AI, the vaccine, and other topics that are close to Kerry Cassidy. Based on our discernment we believe that he would also provide information on the following:

  • The Orion War between the Raptors and Draco (Interview 9) continues. The Raptors are our allies. Draco wears the black hats. Since we have not been invaded by Draco, it appears the war has gone well. However, Añjali tells us that the earth will end in 2027 and humans who are not prepared to transcend to the next density will reincarnate on the planet Orion. It is therefore important to resolve the conflict as soon as possible. A peace conference will be held near Alpha Centauri.The Dracos are trying to improve their image since they are expecting an influx to their Orion headquarters.


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  • The chocolate shortage threatens to upend relations with at least 35 different species.  We know that Raptors and other aliens will kill for chocolate. (Interviews 1, 7.) The ramifications of this is enormous for interplanetary relations since no other planet can grow cocoa. The next war will be about chocolate. Mark has been asked to coordinate earth’s defense, which prison authorities will allow as long as he is back before roll call.
  • Trump is controlled by aliens and his wife operates as a direct link to alien races. (Interview 8). His primary contact is with the Grays. He never got along with the Raptors because they were smarter than him. Mark is surprised that Kerry considers Donald and Melania to be her two favorite people. (Project Camelot website.) Mark has not yet met with Juan O Savin to warn him about Trump’s controllers.
  • Mark does not believe that Juan is JFK Jr or that Kennedy will appear in Texas. According to Mark’s sources, Kennedy was assigned to go off planet where he serves as an ambassador to the Virgo sector. He cannot return to earth under the terms of the Phoenix Interstellar Treaty conference protocols.
  • The war in Afghanistan was about controlling inter-dimensional portals. The United States agreed to withdraw after secret talks with the Taliban in the basement of the Vatican resulted in a new agreement. (See Third Interview) The portals were turned over to International Security (IS), which Mark’s father ran until his death.  IS is now located in a California desert tunnel, but Mark cannot say more than that due to secrecy limitations.
  • Mark has no idea what Simon Parkes is talking about.
  • Britain remains under the influence of a Luciferian group and as long as the present Black Dragon Queen rules this is unlikely to change. (Interview Five.) Brexit entrenched the Queen’s reign but Scotland and Ireland have been resisting, allying with the Red Dragon. The world darts championship is likely to contain many coded messages about this.
  • Mark does not agree with Kerry Cassidy’s QAnon beliefs. There are enough galactic and reptilian conspiracies without adding any more of our own. Raptors enjoy gossip but have no time for this kind of conspiracy.

Scheduling the next interview with Kerry is problematic because prison visitors must present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. (CDCR Covid Update, 7-27-21.) Cassidy of course refuses both these measures because she believes that the vaccine is a bioweapon that uses AI and Tesla tech to change our DNA. She thinks that the tests are a massive assault on our bodies. (See Project Camelot Portal.)

Kerry’s position is clear: “I WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO AN AI … REGARDLESS OF WHO IT SUPPOSEDLY SERVES!  I reserve the right to question all who would try to shape my world.” (Portal, Stand and Deliver, 11-19-2021.)  

A future interview is unlikely unless Covid restrictions change. Until one is conducted this site will continue to monitor the situation as a public service.

(01/22 update)



1 We have no actual knowledge of what Mark might be thinking so this article is unbridled speculation that is well within the norms set by UFOTwitter.

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