A Note for the Normies

A Brief Note For the Normies


Kerry cassidy watch - blog. Spacecapn. ComKerry Cassidy (Project Camelot) was expected to do something in the wake of the election and Trump’s announcement of his candidacy. She had such high hopes for Trump before the event — anticipating that it would “turn out to be one of the most important days in the history of our Country.” She was left to fall back on the old standby that the storm yet to come:

The “announcement was for the normies because they didn’t know if he was going to run again. Trump took the temperature of the country and decided to continue with the plan and bring the people to the precipice . . . it will be a storm of all storms. The military has always left the decision up to Trump.”  Her faith remains unabated and she remains “content with the crumbs distributed by journalists and spokesman like Juan O Savin and SGanon.”

A note for the normies discusses another kerry cassidy fantasy and unreliable sources

Kerry quotes SG Anon to report that “Trump activated 1 million National Guard and Federalized them. . . They have been conducting operations both within and outside the borders of the United States as ordered by Trump.”

It is amazing that everyone else seems to have missed this. I looked out the window and no one was taking to the streets or watching the tanks roll in. The National Guard is quiet so perhaps someone should tell them.

A breaking story on the Project Camelot Portal brought earth shattering news. “The Marines have been activated and tasked with beginning the apprehension of traitors in the military. Individuals will be detained military justice administered. This is KEY. We have 2 militaries. One loyal to the CCP/Biden Fake gov and the other loyal to Trump and the Constitution and the Republic.”

This speaks for itself. In a way it is nostalgic, taking us back to the days when Juan Savin, Simon Parkes and others were talking about sealed thousands of sealed indictments that were going to change the political landscape forever. It was a favorite Q fantasy, but it is surprising to see how much people still believe that the arrests are coming in one form or the other. It must be hard to give up that particular hope.

It also shows how little being wrong seems to count.

Yet Kerry cannot stop there. She goes on to claim that the Biden family, Queen Elizabeth, and the Pope are all pedophiles. Pence, however, bears the brunt of it. 

“I knew he was a Pedo the first time I ever saw him come out as Trump’s running mate.How is it that Trump and his team allowed that man to be Vice President?This is the question people are going to want to know.

When did they know? Is someone on that level not VETTED? Did the Trump team really lack remote viewers and psychics to be able to vet the people around Trump? How could they stand to be in the same room with Pence? How could anyone?”

I admit that I have no desire to be in the same room as Mike Pence, albeit for different reasons. Maybe the election results further unhinged those who believed that the great storm had come. Ultimately, though, nonsense is nonsense . . .  A note to Kerry: check your usually unreliable sources.  How many times are people allowed to be wrong before they lose credibility?

With Solomon Berg and Sean Morton behind pay walls — and Captain Mark Richards keeping his silence — KerryWatch does not have that much left to offer. Unless the quality from Kerry improves, the reader can imagine what she says. Kerry will continue along these lines. Juan will be wrong again.  There will be new reports recycling the old ones about things that never happened.

This demonstrates what happens when it stops being fun. Where is Berg and Richards when you need them? Kerry, return to the roots that made you famous. 


KerryWatch:  Occasionally paying attention to Kerry Cassidy so you don’t have to.

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