Inclusion - the spacecapn blogAn excellent interview with Adam Gorightly covers a number of topics from his book, Saucers, Spooks, and Kooks: UFO Disinformation in the Age of Aquarius, that bear upon this site.

Neither Mark Richards or Kerry Cassidy is mentioned, though. I had to wonder if felt left out. Here was a book that featured many of the major players and discusses the Dulce story that brought Mark much of his initial attention, yet his contribution to the mythos surrounding that was ignored. What more could they do to warrant inclusion?

There may have been good reason for skipping over Mark’s version of the Dulce story, which is said to have been written for the Joint Chiefs.  Part of the problem might be that Mark had to rewrite the story in his report to place himself at the center of the events, territory that Phil Schneider had already claimed.

Schneider took the original story given to Paul Bennewitz and said that he was drawn into the firefight with aliens due to his role as a geological engineer at the base.  He did not mention a Delta Force raid led by Mark and Ellis Richards. By the time Mark wrote his story it had already been revealed and was even further removed from the central characters.  It was at least a third generation telling.

Then, there is that murder . . . It’s not easy for Mark to find relevance while serving a life sentence. People have to seek him out and the path often goes through Kerry Cassidy. His narrative was dismissed by the time that he spoke about the reptilians love of antiques and other matters that Kerry drew out of him.

As to Cassidy, she is at best an acquired taste who adds little substance in understanding the subjects presented by Gorightly. Although she has a following with Project Camelot and her conferences, she remains on the fringe and is not the main event for most people looking at ufology. She may be more popular with QAnon than anywhere else.

Their absence is understandable. Still, it’s similar in a way to what many of us felt about certain government files. I never wanted to check them too carefully because if I did not get a mention I would be left wondering what more could I have done? I would have felt left out.  Perhaps it’s the same for them.

I am also reminded what a Native American said to me when we discussed a UFO “whistleblower” coming to town to speak on native secrets.  He hysterical sighed and said that there are so many of them.  It is true.  There are enough kooks to go around.

Gorightly’s book is excellent and entertaining.  Don’t let the absence of Kerry and Mark discourage you.  It is recommended.

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