Juan Savin

Juan Savin

The predictions of Juan O Savin continue to get wilder so that some on the right think he is an agent of some kind. I just think he has found a way to make a living and is running with it.

Juan o savin is wrong - spacecapnJuan has been wrong about virtually anything of importance. Despite his assurances, Hillary was not arrested, Trump lost, and he was not reinstated by April 1. Yet, credibility does not seem to be a factor for many of his followers who accept anything as long as it confirms what they want to believe

.For myself, I feel safe in my own predictions that Trump will not be reinstated and Juan will not emerge as the real JFK, Jr.

What happens when it all comes crashing down? As has been pointed out in reference to Mike Lindell (the pillow guy), probably nothing: “Nobody can argue with what you feel to be true.”

When feelings — or even apparent sincerity — are used to justify belief, rational understanding is pushed aside. Kerry Cassidy embraces Mark Richards because her  psychic discernment  tells her that it is true. The same might be true with Juan O Savin

Kerry has not been dissuaded by past failures and will move on to the next conspiracy. When prophecy fails, the failure itself is used to justify the belief. It can all be blamed on some other thing and memories are short. 

Kerry, Juan and others like them create a culture of fear. We are to fear liberals, vaccines, and democracy itself with fear. Fear is what divides us. At some point, though, perhaps we will be strong enough not to be afraid.  People might ask for something else.

Project Camelot’s blog offers what may be the best response.  In discussing Kerry’s interview with Nino Rodriguez, this comment is worthy of something that Anastasia might have written (see the link section in Further ). 

Just listening to your talk with Rodriguez on JFK Jr!! I want to add a couple more things that John Jr referred too!! He said that his friend Donald had a child with Diana!! In fact theres two children Baron and Sarah!! They are both now with Diana in England in a secure location!! He also said that there would be a Celebration Day in our country and England when everyone who has been hidden would come out to celebrate!! He named some people!! Michael Jackson Princess Diana  Elvis Presley  John Denver Marilyn Monroe and his mother!! And Rush Limbaugh who really is the lead singer of the famous Doors in disguise!!  By the way he also added that his father was alive up to the beginning of this year as well as Robert!! His father was given a medal of some kind from President Trump and he showed a picture of this !! Robert just passed away recently!! He made reference to it!! Something else I wanted to add to your investigation into Juan!! JohnJr showed a picture of himself with this very interesting tatoo on the side of his arm!! It has a significant meaning to it!! Just thought you might like to know what he conveyed!! 

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