Kerry Cassidy Wonders

Kerry Cassidy Wonders

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– Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot, August 11, 2021

That is a big “if.”  I might rephrase it for her. “If my delusions feel like they they should be true, how much longer will I be stuck in reality?”

It reminds me of all the ancient astronaut and paranormal shows that begin with “if it is true” and then get progressively speculative by adding, “then could it also be true” — which gives a show freedom to advance almost anything without regard to plausibility or consistency. The viewer is led on a wild exercise but it is all based on a house of cards  

Kerry cassidy wonders why predictions failIt is a sure fire mistake to add dates to the various predictions about the Trump restoration. Q posted that Hillary would be arrested in the fall of 2017. The Awake and Aware presenter Simon Parkes wrote in January that Trump supporters “should expect something anytime from tomorrow, Sunday forwards.” Juan Savin stated that Podesta would be arrested in December 2020, Hillary would follow, and Trump would be back by April 1, 2021. Mike Lindell, the Pillow Guy, picked August 13 for the restoration day.  

Some believed that John Kennedy Jr. would become Trumps’s running mate in 2020.  Others predicted that Mark Richards would be released while Trump was president.  

The dates and predictions come and go, and continue to shift, but those who believe seem to follow along. 

It does not matter that there is no constitutional means for Trump to be restored to power — the need to ignore the Constitution may be the intent of all the so-called constitutional patriots. If Kerry understands that, the question she is asking might be a call to another insurrection.

Given the many predictions, however, it is understandable that people are beginning to wonder about when Trump will return. Bill Ryan (Project Avalon) wrote earlier this year that he had not expected that it would take so long. While I do not understand why anyone would give the Big Lie or Grand Delusion even that much credence, certainly others must be thinking the same thing. 

Claims of inside knowledge and setting dates are a risky business. For over 2000 years people have been unsuccessfully setting dates for the Second Coming and no one seems to have learned. We are now being told that something will happen soon to change Trump’s status — other than whether he is going to jail — but the dates continue to shift as prediction after prediction fails.

QAnon and its related groups are united by their ability to be consistently wrong. To paraphrase Bob Dylan’s Blowing in the Wind, how many times can someone get it wrong before their credibility is questioned?

As I have posted, the failed predictions will probably not dissuade anyone, but does Kerry’s post express at least some bewilderment? Perhaps she is simply getting impatient.

The real question is often not whether a mistake is made, but whether people will learn. Using recent history as a guide, Kerry will not. Juan O Savin is sure to make another prediction that will give her reason to believe.  

Still, premises matter and a factual basis alleviates any number of issues and disappointment. So as a favor to Kerry Cassidy, this handy guide should help — she should feel free to print it for easy reference.


Mark Richards is not a Captain. Juan O Savin does not have insider knowledge. Trump is not president. Lindell’s “facts” were a made up fantasy.  

When used as a mantra, this guide should reduce any impatience when nothing happens.*

A Public Service message from, updated 8/14.

* Use as directed in conjunction with a dose of Mea Culpa. Not intended as a medical cure or for psychological treatment. Consult a physician in case of emergency. Be sure to talk to a doctor about whether Q is right for you.

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