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Kerry cassidy watch - blog. Spacecapn. ComAlthough the Project Camelot show featured Sean David Morton, America’s favorite fraudster®️, Kerry began by ad-libbing until his arrival. That often yields nuggets.

Kerry returned after being in England for her Awake and Aware conference and traveling to Corfu for a vacation. Even there, however she was attacked by a Draco led coven, but remained safe because of her “super activated kundalini.”  It was not for lack of trying on their part, but Kerry just laughed at them. They are very active now with black magic, vampires, and satanism.

California is under an emergency status from the “horrendous Governor.” Yet, as people have heightened awareness, the dark forces will be beaten.

As an investigative journalist she must investigate the dark side. She mainly reveals the dark side to expose it for what it is.

She angered the dark magicians in England as she discussed the white hats and Trump during her trip. The Illuminati may have given orders for people to accuse her of working for the NSA.

August 8

Sean is truly terrified.  And it is not simply because if you type “Illuminati” backwards you will be taken to the NSA.[1] It’s true! Itanimulli. But like a lot of things related to Sean it is not that original or mysterious. Someone registered the domain and directed it to the NSA.

Crop circle - kerrywatch - spacecapn blog
Arcturian Crop Circle

A crop circle on July 24 showed the Arcturian symbol. Years ago, he had been told the circles would change and become glyphs that were intended as messages.

The Arcturians are 10th dimensional beings. The Pleiadians wanted to walk away from earth — many of the Peledians are jerks. But the Arcturians realized the importance of the earth, which is near the heart chakra of the system, and stepped in to defend us.

The point of evolution is to come a time when the veil will lift. On December 31, 2012, the veil lifted and people began to wake up. Around the same time, a 13th zodiac constellation emerged and there was new alignment with the Pleiades. The Mayan calendar ended and we moved into a 13 year period, the Night of the Jaguars. As the veils came off, we entered a time of death and an exodus.  It’s the final times.  It’s the ending point of every cycle.

Sean had predicted the war in Ukraine. On August 8, Pluto runs over the United States.  Putin is aware of the planetary influences and attacked the Ukraine on February 22. The money sent by other counties was either stolen or used to profit Pelosi and others. The Ukraine is controlled by actual Nazis. Sean predicts that President Zelensky will be assassinated by the U.S. but that Russia will be blamed.

The timeline that Malachi predicted appears to have shifted. He prophesied that the Moon Pope would only rule a short time — this came true when Pope John was poisoned. The Sun Pope would follow and live a long time. But Francis really does not fit, suggesting that the timeline has shifted.  

When the timeline shifts, psychic people like Sean and Kerry remember the true timeline and resist the mind control. 

In any event, Francis will be killed or resign on August 8.

If the Malachi timeline is restored, the next pope will be the glorious olive branch who will bring peace or a peace plan. The final pope will be Peter of Rome, who acts like a bookend on the church to close things out.

But timelines can shift. The Fatima prophecy had Islamic forces sacking Rome.  Kerry believes that different timelines have been triggered by a rise in consciousness  

Elections present an illusion of choice. When the last elections were fixed, it destroyed that illusion. Civil War has started. People are rebelling against the illusion. States now have had to call out the National Guard to protect themselves from the feds and the communist morons in power now face an invasion of immigrants. The mask mandates have been exposed and defeated  

Fraudster sean david morton on kerrywatch - spacecapn blog
Photo: UFO Watchdog

On August 8, the Lion’s Gate will open. People will have to stop messing with sheep and will have to become the Lions.

It is a time when leaders will die. Pluto is passing through Capricorn.The Pope. The Queen. Biden. Boris Johnson had to step down. Macron came within a hair of losing in France.

Mass immigration and recession will trigger economic collapse but the people will fight back. It is the beginning of a new revolution. Kerry wants to bring it on. Sean regrets that his heath and cancer treatment will not let him join.

The Democrats are facing massive losses and the next presidential election will be cancelled. It is the beginning of the end. It will start in Texas, which retains its right as a republic to secede.  

It is the death of kings with major economic realignments. To deal with inflation and the debt, the feds will pound at bitcoins to drive the price down. They will take over that system  

Covid was a ruse that did not quite work, but Big Pharm will be a large part of the realignment. Although Kerry and others talk about White Hats and Black Hats it is more complicated than that.

65 million years ago there was an interdimensional war. It involved Marduk (a planet that was allegedly destroyed), Earth, and Mars. One of the Reptellian species left the solar system, another group retreated into the earth and lived underground.

Captain mark richards - the spacecapn blog - añjali and spawning seasonThe Draco now are returning. They took over the Orion systems. Saurians who live in the earth are joining them as the Reptilians unite.  The Dulce battle was a prelude.  

Our underground bases are being attacked and we have regularly blown up bases to keep the Saurians out of the hyperloop. The explosions are moisten for natural earthquakes.They will arrive in force in 2024 or 2024, which is one reason why elections will be canceled.

The Chinese will also invade and attempt to forcefully take women, since their population has larger numbers of men.

The Pleiadians also want to reduce the earth’s population to 500 million, which they believe is the optimum number of humans — a number used in the recently destroyed Georgia Guidestone.

The opening of the Lion’s Gate on August 8 is the fulcrum, with the death of kings and the Pope.  

There have been multiple shifts in timelines. Some of this has to do with the Nazi Bell, which was a star drive. The Philadelphia Experiment also created a huge pulse that shot holes in time and began a 20 year cycle of events.

The next increment in the cycle will be coming year.  The planetary biorhythms will be at their low point, which leads to war.

The Arcturians and those working to protect the earth are using their technology.  The black hats had wanted to shift the poles, but the protectors fixed the issue.  The next black hat plan had been to release a plague. That did not succeed in the way that they hoped.

The political aspect is now being fought.  Putin is an enemy of the New World Order. He told Trump about the ET races and warned him to disclose the situation.

Some regard humans as useless eaters, but we will revolt. Even now, with the recent crop circle, the Arcturians have warned the underground Saurians to stay away, setting a  marker.  The Saurian underground bases are under England so it is no wonder that crop circles are there.

Particularly as the interview progressed Sean and Kerry began to discuss other matters.  Sean believes that climate change is a hoax and global warming is a cyclic phenomenon, also known as summer. The eco-fascists won’t let dams be built that could provide sufficient water. The Democrats may turn to Duane Johnson, the Rock, to run for president if the elections go forward.

Sean disagreed strongly with Kerry on Juan Savin and JFK Jr. He pointed out that Trump could not run again if he was our current president, as Kerry maintains. It may be the only point where I could agree with Sean — although on second thought I might also agree that Pleiadians and their contactees are jerks.

If the Pope dies or resigns on August 8, I might buy all the books in the Sands of Time series, but otherwise I will take some comfort in Sean’s proven record of being a failed prophet, a misguided and wrong “constitutional scholar,” a self proclaimed “paper terrorist,” a convicted felon, and an SEC violator with a large judgment against him. None of this prevents him from having a pass to Disneyland, where he stated on Project Camelot that he uses Tom Sawyer’s Island to write his books. (See Pull Me Under and our own coverage of Morton.)[2] Please note that Sean is often a hard person to summarize as he talks fast and strays from his main points. I have attempted to be accurate but made no attempt to recount all that was discussed, particularly with an  August 8 deadline.  Sean will be starting a new round of cancer … Continue reading


As the Lion’s Gate passes, Sean’s record of failed prophecies and unadulterated ravings remains in tact. It is hoped that those who followed the story did not bet on whether the pope would resign or die.

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1 It’s true! Itanimulli. But like a lot of things related to Sean it is not that original or mysterious. Someone registered the domain and directed it to the NSA.
2 Please note that Sean is often a hard person to summarize as he talks fast and strays from his main points. I have attempted to be accurate but made no attempt to recount all that was discussed, particularly with an  August 8 deadline.  Sean will be starting a new round of cancer treatment — although I consider him a fraudster I wish him the best.

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