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In The Event Of War  

Kerry cassidy watch - blog. Spacecapn. ComIts been a busy week for KerryWatchers with Sean Morton’s prediction of the death of the pope grabbing our attention.  But Kerry contributed an essay speculating on different scenarios in the event of war.  It gets complicated because there are Biden imposters, multiple presidents, multiple Juans, and Kerry’s own take on it all.

If Sean is right, a Draco invasion might render such things moot. But in the meantime, what is a simple person to do?

For an article with the subheading “What I Know,” it is typical that Kerry began by presenting “unvented” speculation that Pelosi went to Taiwan at the invitation of a certain high level Chinese operative who works with a top Chinese General named “Shu” and the offer of a substantial sum of money with the objective to trigger war.”  The offer was supposedly. As it stands, the trip was praised by more Republicans than Democrats and triggered war maneuvers and economic sanctions by the Chinese against Taiwan. “General Shu” is silent.

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Taiwan Protest

Kerry argued that both sides need war, citing a “key Project Camelot whistleblower, Captain Mark Richards.”  “China needs war to stimulate their economy and eliminate 500 million of their population (covid didn’t work well enough).”

She goes on to dig deep into her the Grand Delusion to explain why both parties want war:

“At the moment the Dems who are taken over by the CCP and dark side Illuminati/Soros/Rothschild/off planet Draco/Rep/AI agenda… allowed the CCP to successfully invade our country by way of stealing the election in 2020 with the help of MI6, the Vatican and the CCP and various other players and installing their puppet/clone Biden (who has died) and is also played by doubles and some say Jim Carrey.”

War and no - in the event of war - kerry cassidy reaches new depthsThis statement might set a record for the number of conspiracies packed into a paragraph. Yet, if the Chinese were already part of a grand alliance with all these factions, why would General Shu need to offer Pelosi a large sum of money to trigger a war?  And should we worry if all the fake Bidens appear at the same time due to a scheduling error?

“The Republicans need war to bring back Trump and reveal that he was chosen by the military as Commander-in-Chief back in March of 2021 (as the rightful President and to overturn the stolen election). When the DNI/Radcliffe and the Generals finally came to the conclusion that the election had been stolen by foreign invaders they had to act to protect the security of the United States. They did so by recognizing Trump was the legitimate winner of the 2020 election and in a ceremony conducted on March 11th swore Trump in as Commander-in-Chief.”

As even Sean Morton wondered, if Trump is sworn in as Commander-In-Chief, then running again for president raises a number of constitutional problems. It gets complicated.

“At that point [the military] decided NOT to tell the people.  Trump and his team had known about the plans of the CCP/Vatican/and various players including MI6/Germany/Italy and others ever since Trump won in 2016 when the Navy put together a team to hack back the election being stolen at that time by Hillary and her cohorts.”

Instead of having a single president, “we have in essence had 2 Presidents for the past year and a half.”  Trump has been running a Government in Exile to ensure a continuity in Government. Accordingly, “It is said that any time the Biden administration sends someone overseas to talk to other governments Trump sends . . . members of his shadow government to reverse anything” that needs to be done. This would get complicated very quickly, particularly in foreign relations.

“They don’t want civil war but don’t bother to educate the people about the dual presidency…something all the foreign leaders must know well.WHY IS DUMBING DOWN AMERICANS supposed to prevent civil war?”

Kerry states that the military’s purpose is to prevent civil war. “With the installation of the CCP backed Biden regime, the U.S. would be a sitting duck for complete boots on the ground takeover by China once we are weakened by fighting from within.”  She does not stop to wonder that if no one is talking about the “dual presidency,” perhaps it is because it does not exist. The dumbing down begins with those who think Jim Carrey is playing the role of Biden. 

That leaves the issue of who runs in the next election in place of the pretend Biden. Kerry maintains that “Kamala won’t work because the Republicans have a legal case that will reveal she was not born in this country making her ineligible to be President.” At least before the midterms, that would leave Pelosi, who “‘a mind controlled tool of the Deep State and CCP.”


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Image: Banksy

After the midterms, a Republican could take over who would appoint Trump as Vice- President and then resign.

“If the U.S. is forced to go to war with China to protect the major  semiconductor/chip maker TAIWAN…. Then the above is fully in play and all bets are off as to the suspending of the midterms and Trump will still, in theory, need to be revealed as Commander in Chief along with the gov-in-exile.  However, in a less smooth transition not involving the succession outlined above with regard to the Midterms resulting in a Republican Speaker of the House. In which case a certain amount of unrest and even civil war could erupt within the U.S.”

Should the military declare Trump to be president, that might be an understatement. It’s called a military coup. Instead of a president we would end up with a figure closer to one Trump’s role models.

“THOSE WHO STILL FOLLOW BIDEN AND HIS GROUP ARE TRAITORS… given that in SOME CASES they have NO IDEA… Of course there are some who know full well and they are COMMUNISTS.. ALIGNED WITH THE CCP..NWO Schwab puppets


Kerry relies on what others have advanced, but the theories she offers are not a matter of reason. It is not possible to argue whether the military has already recognized Trump as commander-in-chief or whether JFK Jr. would be appointed as his vice-president. The fantasies are not even that well constructed, but at this level Q is a matter of religion. Still, I wonder if Kerry really knows what a communist is — red scares been one of the most consistently used methods of political control. When was the last time communists had power in this country?

There is one simple test, however, of the “two presidents” delusion. Trump recently declared, “I’m always being persecuted. If I agreed to stay silent … the persecution of Donald Trump would stop immediately.”  He has not been silent about his resentment in losing the election or his advancement of baseless claims. Given his ego, it’s impossible to believe that he could be silent if he was the actual commander of the United States forces. Trump could hardly turn down the opportunity to boast that he had been sworn into office. He has increasingly espoused Q, but has not gone as far as this. He remains a complainer rather than a commander. That alone should put the issue to rest.

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Updated: 8/8/22

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