Mars Is More Than You Expect

Mars Is More Than You Expect

— A Public Service Message from KerryWatch 

Recently we learned from Solomon Berg (as featured by Kerry Cassidy on Project Camelot) that David Bowie is the Supreme Technocrat on Mars.  Mars, though, is not all fun, games, and music.

Water can be a scarce. There are nomadic Martians that might do you harm unless you agree to share water. The Martian politics have not been the same since the Great War between humans and reptoids destroyed civilization. Trogs and big lizards might want to eat you. Your gravity bill must be paid on time and you have to get used to the dust. 

They apparently like celebrities, however, and offer perks to those who are willing to download their consciousness and clone themselves after death. You never know who you will meet at the Bazaar, which has the best bargains in the quadrant. And if you like archeology, ruins, reptiles, and romantic walks at sunset there is no better place to go.

The problem is convincing eligible people of that. The pictures of the planet hardly look inviting. Some have their heart set on reincarnating on Orion and spawning there. Others simply want to relax and not make any decisions about a future life. This blog, however, is always willing to help worthy projects. We therefore offer these travel posters to promote the Great Migration to the red planet.

Mars is more than you expect - spacecapn blog

Mars: just a planet away- spacecapn blog


Mars your next life story - spacecapn blog

Mars a good place to be cloned- spacecapn blog

Mars is more than you expect - your next life’s recreation destination

If you are a celebrity, why would you choose any other place? And if you don’t like it you can catch a ride to other worlds, ask the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program to give you a berth on one of their ships going back to earth, or see if Elon Musk will take you. It’s practically risk free, as long as you don’t get into a fight while there and you watch out for the Trogs.

Visit the Captain Mark Richards Mars Relocation Planning Center®️ today to reserve your prime real estate! Tell them Kerry Cassidy and Eric Estrada sent you.

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