Val Thor Returns

Val Thor Returns

And Has Joined With A Silvery Q

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Although it has been a long time since Val Thor was introduced as the Stranger at the Pentagon, he never has quite left. There are numerous books attributed to him that cover everything from biblical secrets, Venusian health, and Venusians science secrets. There is a nuts and bolts explanation of his ship and the story of a three day whirlwind romance — he had intended to marry and still offers discourses. Several books purport to teach about the wisdom and power of Venusian “Vril.”

One of the Val Thor books warns about the evil sweeping the world “under the guise of making America great again.” As will be seen, this thought should have taken more seriously.

Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot) has long been interested in Val and once asked Captain Mark Richards about him, who confirmed he had met members of the crew. In a recent Telegram post, Cassidy cited a 2021 book by Elena Danaan, We Will Never Let You Down, that was written by one who claims to know Val well. The book was written in cooperation with High Commander Ardaana from the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Perhaps that will reassure some about its authenticity.

Kerry cited Val to warn that crimes against children include “Earth, Mars, both of Mars’ Satellites, Ceres, Pluto & more (imagine if people knew it’s been this widespread?!).”   I had originally intended to write about how this fear has grown to include Pizzagate and other conspiracies, but Danaan goes beyond this topic to center her story upon Val Han and Thor.

In her introduction to Danaan’s book, Laura Eisenhower summarized the basic myth. Val had been sent to earth by the Council of Five and the Great Council of the Federation. He offered assistance against the Orion Grays (the Nebu). He spent some time with Ike and at the Pentagon, but the Nebu had signed agreements with the military behind the back of the president.

Danaan had been abducted by grays from Zeta Reticuli at the age of nine, but rescued by Thor Han, a Peledian who commands a cloaked ship in our solar system. The Grays had placed an implant near her brain that could not be removed, but the Federation was able to attune it to the higher frequencies so that she can communicate with them.

To use it, a person must manifest an intention to connect with someone else’s who is using the device — like psychic telephone. It is trans-dimensional so that it cannot be detected by earthly technology. That of course makes it hard to verify the conversation since Danaan seems to be the the sole person on earth who can hear the Federation’s transmissions.

Danaan has gone on to use a number of methods to communicate and interact with other beings, from telepathy to light ships. But communication with whom? She describes a galactic federation, the “Oraa Nataru Shari,” which was created to maintain peace justice, and balance. Not all, apparently, subscribe to these ideas and on earth the Federation must warn “Terrans about the subversion of their societies by invasive species” and expose corrupt institutions.

The Andromedan Council believed that there would be catastrophic consequences if they did not intervene. Ultimately, though, it is up to us to align with the “White Hats.”

A handy guide that to Craft that might be seen: ”anything huge and rectangular is Reptilian, and anything triangular is either Grey (huge black silent triangles with sharp angles) or Earth US military (smaller, silvery metallic, rounded angles and engine sound)  . . . if it’s triangular or rectangular, in the doubt, run.”

Danaan describes the Jupiter Ashtar Command Facility and other such things — like the contactee Buck Nelson she drew pictures so you know it’s real. But it was Val Thor who attracted our attention so we should not get too distracted with the travelogue.

Talking with val
Elena Daanan with Val

Thor Han took her to meet Val Thor and his brother Donn. Val (he does not like the earthly name “Valiant”) was smaller than Han but yet taller than Danaan, with short dark brown hair. He was very handsome, with sweet hazel eyes and fair skin, and he was smiling, amused at her confusion over meeting him.

Val spoke about humanity on earth uniting in peace within a global Federation of nations, having access to free energy and food available for everyone. The problem here, though, is that the access to technological development was stopped by off-world invaders who put profit above all and planned a totalitarian occupation.

Despite the setback, justice is in the making. There is a new timeline that appears to be stable. Indeed, there are now people are asking for disclosure about what is happening underground in the military bases, the hybridization programs, and the slave trafficking of children. Val assured Danaan that people will be shown the truth, in time.

The people of Terra don’t need to know right now about deep horrific facts that would create tremendous distress and lead to greater chaos. Now more than ever, people need to keep their vibration as high as possible, to step out of reach of the Deep State’s mind-control strategies.

Val assured her that the war would be one with both weapons and unconditional love. Both are necessary. “We will never let you down.”

More About Val

Val came to earth with a crew of seven, which eventually became twelve. One of the crew became his wife. They now have four children on Venus, which is called Naara. He now rarely spends much time on earth, outside of short missions with his brother.

He was born there among the Naari, and eventually was commissioned by the Council of Five and the Galactic Federation of Worlds to go to earth. He offered the opportunity to bring humanity into the Federation. He spent three years trying up convince the American government to achieve that goal:

I offered useful knowledge, as an ambassador of the Federation, to help set up a secret fight-back program . . . consisting of technological help to build their defense, and to take the long path toward their liberation from enslavement by the Ciakahrr and Nebu alliances.

I met at the time with President Dwight Eisenhower, who was a very nice man well aware of what was going on, but who wasn’t free to act as he wished.

Ike had a mixed soul, “not from Terra,” but he was a prisoner in his own house.  Eisenhower regretted Val’s departure but understood the reasons for it. The most he could do was to leave a farewell message that warned about the Military Industrial Complex.

At the time Val traveled and met with numerous people.  After he left the Pentagon he moved to Russia, “to seek hearts more open to listening and understanding.”  At first, Khrushchev refused to sign with the Nebu or with anyone else. He didn’t want his power to be shared. The Russians were extremely respectful and courteous; Val was never tricked or harmed. Unfortunately, none of his words reached their heart.

He provided information about the different galactic races so that the countries could know about their allies and their enemies. It was eventually leaked as the KGB Book of Alien Races

Meanwhile, the American government offered the Nebu deep underground facilities to conduct experiments and imprison those who had been captured. In exchange, the visitors were to provide useful technology to enhance war devices. Slowly, they put in place mind-control centers and dug a huge web of undergrounds tunnels connecting with the main military bases. The American government, tied up by fear and threats, couldn’t oppose these efforts.

Val’s message was encourage people to consider the themselves as equals. “If they ask for assistance with their heart, it will be answered.” A senator and a president had decided to request assistance from the Galactic Federation but they were both assassinated. Now, times have changed. Three leaders have requested help, “now is the moment when we do clean up.

Frank Stranges

Frank wrote many books about Val. “I stopped seeing him, because he was too enthusiastic.”

“I liked Frank; he was amusing. I brought him on board my ship, and this incident he wrote it in his book, but I was sad to read that what he retained from his experience in my ship were the small practical details. Also, our encounters were narrated by him through the eyes of his religion, same as everything I said.”

On Venus

We are told that Venusians live in biodomes, in half-buried cities. According to Val, the Venusians gain energy from a shield of acid clouds reflecting the sunlight, which helps power their cities and devices. It protects them by hiding the surface. Many of  their cities are extended underground. Only 10% of the structures are visible on the top.

Venus surface - venera probe
Venus Surface: Venera Probe

Val stated that in the past, Venus had water and continents. A great war in the solar star system occurred, and the atmosphere was partly ripped off. The Venusians moved underground.

This of course leaves many questions. It is not simply that the atmosphere has been “ripped.” The carbon dioxide atmosphere produces temperatures over 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The gas creates surface pressure around 90 times that of earth, which has crushed probes after a short time. Going largely underground would not be the solution. It is far more likely that Venusians would have reached towards the clouds to find life sustaining levels of pressure, gravity, radiation, and temperature.

If there was a war throughout the solar system, it was far more ancient than Val let on. Venus has been hellish for at least 700 million years. Mark Richards solved this problem contending that Venus was a nice planet in other dimensions but Danaan does not make this distinction.


Mars is said to have been invaded many times, and many times destroyed. There are three resident species, who have been living on Mars long enough that they are considered indigenous:  reptiloids, insectoids and a worm-like creature.

Val regrets that the Martian government is separating itself from the help of the Federation. They are utterly vulnerable to being subverted.  Val did not mention whether David Bowie could turn this around, as a previous guest of Kerry explained.

“The pacifist Reptilian species, most advanced of them all, are actually those leading the Martian resistance” having been armed and trained by the Galactic Federation. It is an interesting definition of a pacifist so perhaps the Galactic Federation could have learned from Kirk and Spock. The Prime Directive seems to be lost. Certainly other reptilians that we hear about from Kerry’s interviews with Mark Richards and others are not pacifists and it is unclear what their role might be.

Silvery QAnon

When Val met Ike, the Military Industrial Complex only wanted to enhance their war capabilities. They had reached a threshold, however, and the Federation did not want to transform this planet into a ferocious battlefield. “It became too dangerous, so the Federation called me back.”

“Who ever claims to be an ambassador of our Federation is untrue; the real emissaries are keeping their identities secret for safety reasons.

Val urged people to “Stand up and be still in the storm.” However, the message of Danaan’s Val becomes mixed with other things.  Even Trump has used the QAnon references to a coming storm, so this language might be familiar.

Danaan soon entered the word of conspiracy, “The events of January 6, 2021 happened in a disturbing way. . . Infiltration from the dark side took over peaceful protests and the Capitol in Washington DC was stormed by chaos, during the procedure of re-counting the votes for the rigged and stolen presidential election.”

It is not that peaceful protest was the goal, it was to stop the electoral count and keep Trump from being dethroned. By calling the procedure a recounting of votes — with which the electoral talley was never empowered to do — Danaan miscasts what was happening that day.  But by repeating the grand delusion of a rigged and stolen election, she speaks in a language that is familiar to Q, Kerry Cassidy, and Donald Trump.

According to Danaan, ”On that day, I knew something I couldn’t tell anyone: the Galactic Federation had two fleets in stationary position over the American capitol, ready to answer in the eventuality of an attack from the dark side. They were protecting the President’s life (‘Mr. T’), who was holding a rally that day on that same spot. They knew about threats and potential attacks and fortunately, their only presence sufficed to prevent a worse outcome.”

It was not Trump whose life was at risk. He safely returned to the White House and was under Secret Service protection. It was a closer call with Pence, Pelosi, and others who were branded as traitors.

Some have called the mixture of conspiracy culture, right wing politics, and the New Age as “Pastel QAnon” — perhaps the mixture of these factors with UFOs and Venusians can be called Silvery QAnon — I use the term with my own internal reference to Neil Young’s After The Goldrush where he dreamed he saw the silver spaceships, but apologies to Neil.

In this respect Danaan does not spend much time with this conspiracy, she just accepts it as a given. Certainly many in the UFO culture have embraced Q, and others have found common ground among a conspiracy that offers the promise of hidden knowledge. Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot may be the prime examples. But the more the delusion is presented as an underlying fact, the more insidious it becomes. Danaan repackages it in a way that it becomes an accepted part of the narrative.

The Fate of the Cabal

Venusian spacecraft - wombo dream ai art

Apparently, things were busy elsewhere. The moon was retaken from the hands of the Nebu by the Earth Alliance and the Galactic Federation. “Harsh combats went on for weeks and explosions were witnessed from earth.” Where was Mark Richards when we needed him?

Thor Han was occupied with delivering weapons to the Martian resistance. The earth space force (“The Guardians”) worked together with the Federation.  But there is good news. As reported here, “The heads of the Terran Cabal have fallen and most of them have fled to Mars. They’re cornered. Their armies are now running in confusion.”

“Since the Federation retook the moon, the perimeter of Terra is now secured and they are able to destroy the infrastructures of the Dark Alliance in orbit.” CEO’s from notable corporations worldwide resigned and fled to the Martian colonies. Mars will be liberated in the coming months or years. I wonder how this has affected the bases on Mars run by the Secret Space Program that others believe exists.

The promise is clear. “You getting out of this goo and putting you back on your feet, that you can fare through the stars unbound and free.”

Bilateral treaties — the Artemis Accords — have been negotiated between spacefaring people and the United States. They were signed on October 13, 2020, and joined by several countries. “The Accords make possible the pursuit of joint economic and scientific activities in space along with a multinational military alliance that will protect these activities through safety zones.”

It is mentioned that the space flights by billionaires were covers for Branson and Bezos to attend the Jupiter meetings. I predicted that such claims would be made. I have little faith in the economics of the rich or a multinational military alliance.

Make of this what you will. As I have written, there always have been a number of Vals with competing messages. I would love to interview the Val who Frank Stranges wrote about so again extend my invitation to him. The Val of Elena Danaan is far different.

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