Sexy Saucer People

Sexy Saucer People

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Before David Huggins painted art about love and saucers, losing his virginity to aliens . . . before Captain Mark Richards wrote about his love for a Pleiadian . . . before stories of abductions and alien breeding programs became common . . . There was an exposè about Those Sexy Saucer People by Jan Hudson (1967).

For many years the book was legendary, available only as an expensive rare book – suitable for purchase as a special birthday present. Since it has been reprinted it is time to take a look at its revelations.  

Captain aura rhanes from clarion

Some of the stories are fairly well known. Captain Aura Raines of Clarion was described by Truman Bethurum as being ”tops in shapeliness and beauty.”  Captain Rhanes visited him several times and was named as a respondent in Truman’s divorce proceedings. Ultimately, though, Aura left him with a seeming life-long ache in his heart.  

Is it any wonder? Clarionites are good Christians and for their acclaimed Captain to be involved in a scandalous affair or divorce just would not have been proper.  Even Aura Raines from Clarian had to assure people that she had nothing to do with the other Aura’s affairs.

It should be noted that others encountered the mysterious Captain Rhanes. Bessie Smith called Aura “The Lady of the Stars” and was taken to Clarion. Smith saw dark rings around the earth that were the result of our planet’s sinful ways – which supports the theory that Truman misunderstood Aura and got his hopes too high.

Far more lurid was the story of Cordelia Donovan.  She was held captive in a saucer and repeatedly raped. She wrote a book about it that was to be called Saucers from Phobos or The Virgin and the Spaceman. This book summarizes it in perhaps far too much detail. I could find no other reference to Donovan’s book so either she did not complete the book, she could not find a publisher, or it was suppressed.  It would be interesting to learn more about what happened to it. Imagine opening something in your grandmother’s attic and finding out about the beings from Phobos.

Emma woods - glimpses of magonia -Perhaps the book was too far ahead of it’s time and people were not prepared to think unkindly about space aliens.  Abduction stories have come a long way – not necessarily for the best. In particular, David Jacobs has probed the saucer people through hypnosis – a notoriously unreliable method for uncovering history or truth. The Emma Woods story is a warning about why hypnosis should not be trusted but Jacobs would have fit right into this book.

Jack Brewer (The Greys Have Been Framed) covered Woods and Jacobs:

In one such session, Jacobs admittedly led and shaped Woods’ statements about an alleged abduction in which she was sexually assaulted and used as what he termed the facilitator of sperm collection. In another hypnosis session he suggested she start wearing a chastity belt, the type of which he could select for her because they have them at a sex shop he frequented, he explained, and it would put a “kink” in the plans of hybrids allegedly committing ongoing sexual assaults (Yes, he literally said that). He additionally suggested to Woods during hypnosis sessions, according to the recordings, that she mail him her underpants – and to not think about it afterward. Is it just me, or is it difficult to fit such behavior into the context of strict scientific and ethical research methodology.

Jacobs shaped the narrative to discover what he wanted to find, which is a common problem as hypnosis reflects the researcher more than the experience itself. It seems that there is more to fear from researchers deciding to hypnotize people than from aliens. In light of this, it does not take Jan Hudson to blur the line between sexy saucer stories and exploitation. It has been absorbed into ufology.

There are those who continue use to use stories of alien sex. During one conference a researcher told the audience to be careful of the mantis beings, who appear to be particularly notorious. The researcher warned people to make sure their daughters stayed away from the mantises. Recent UFO events might have been different if Añjali had heeded this advice, although we do not imply any sexual component to her story.  

David huggins - abduction
Painting by David Huggins

David Huggins may be the prime example of how more current sexy stories have gone beyond what Those Sexy Saucer People envisioned. He began uncovering memories in 1987 and drew a series of graphic paintings documenting sexual encounters. He states that he first experienced aliens at the age of 8, but did not begin a sexual relationship with a being named Crescent until he was a teen.  He maintained that relationship throughout his life and fathered several hybrid children. Many of the paintings are explicit. In light of his experiences, perhaps there should be a new category of close encounters.

Those Sexy Saucer People, however, is about more than sex. It includes several contactee stories so those who bought the book solely for its cover may be disappointed. There are, however, other nuggets to find apart from those sexy saucer people.  

Buck nnelsom as featured in those sexy saucer peopleBuck Nelson is among some of my favorite contactees that are included.  He was a farmer from the Ozarks who seemed most comfortable in overalls. His book described his trip through the solar system and his contact with an alien named Bucky. You knew he had been to Venus because he drew pictures of the architecture there.  He is a fascinating part the history of saucer contactees, but one might not expect to find him in a book about sexy saucer peopke.

Hudson also suggests that Richard Nixon lost the election against Kennedy because enough Martians and Venusians came out to vote that they turned the election. Perhaps Val Thor had enough of Nixon when they met and decided to support the Democrats. Where were they when we needed help in recent years, even as some of ufology merged with Q and Trump? Just remember that I didn’t start the rumor that Val was responsible for stealing the last election.

Invaders are winning-It is a book that features a wide cast of characters and experiences. It recounts the contactee narrative, including biblical stories, the airship that crashed in Aurora,Texas, and the alien beings who crashed in Aztec, New Mexico.

It describes how some spoke about universal vibrations.  And it explains that the beautiful blonde Supreme Leader of Solcon, Dora-Ray, was able to impart knowledge using a “hypno-robot-subliminal teacher” – perhaps today this is similar to how Anjali’s higher beings download information. It was a time when the space beings wanted to save humanity from nuclear war and fluoridation of the water. And as Ms. Donovan’s story attests, darker stories were emerging.

Othhon - a sexy saucer person or not
Orthon – Sexy or Not?

From a historical perspective it interesting to note that stories that did not make it into the book. Roswell was an almost forgotten blip on the screen and Hudson did not think to include it. Adamski was perhaps too much of a mainstream hoax and was not that sexy, depending on how one views Orthon.

If the book is right, the invaders were winning on an overwhelming number of fronts. Hudson does not mention how the Not-So-Secret Secret Space could prevent this from happening, but the real invasion front may be those who have taken ufology and elevated the stories without regard to the standards of evidence.

Those who continue to credit Jacobs may have succumbed to the invaders. As a MUFON meeting a few years since ago I overheard an informal conversation where someone almost proudly announced that that he had been hypnotized and discovered that he was an abductee, showing the effects of an invasion in ways that the conversation did not intend.

The invasion continues when people credit those like Añjali who announce the end of humanity as we know it without any evidence that their experiences are real, in the face of evidence to the contrary. 

That may be the most important invasion.

Take the book for what it is and do not expect more than a somewhat sensational paperback that in some ways was ahead of its time and equally far behind.

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