Parallel worlds and a different mark

A Different Mark

A Story of Two Marks With Two Remarkable Experiences.  Only One Is Real.

Parallel worlds and a different mark

This is the story of Mark Richards. Not our Mark. A different Mark, with some remarkable parallels, but his experience has the benefit of being real. His story is one that might make our Mark envious.  

The “other” Mark Richards served in naval intelligence and participated in the evacuation of Saigon. Our Mark tells a tale of being in the evacuation but it is the difference between reality and stolen valor.

After the other Mark left the service, he graduated from college. It took the time that would be expected for him to graduate. It was around the time that our Mark was being charged with murder, but our the latter claims to have earned multiple degrees by then.

The other Mark was adventuring through Southeast Asia with more spirit than money. He met a woman whose then husband coordinated security for embassies in Burma. Her husband did not appreciate Richards, but that alone might might have made our Mark envious.

The other Mark continued to Pakistan. He passed through Peshawar, where Ellis Richards was stationed as a procurement officer in 1960.

In Afghanistan, the other Mark had a number of adventures that included meeting a legendary warrior and having a sensual experience with a French doctor (who apparently gave a wonderful hair wash). Substitute Vesta for Afghanistan, the Afghan warrior for Prince Nagadraconis, add an even more sensual relationship with a Pleiadian, and throw in a few cat people — it could be Vesta Report from our Mark. One difference is the former is real and the latter would have won the war with the help of Naga.

Read the full story by here by Matthew Gault.   

Mark Richards still takes beautiful photographs and even documented his own cancer treatmentHe lives in Marin County, where our Mark once dreamed of establishing the Pendragon kingdom.

His courage is apparent in ways that our Mark will never have.


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Stolen valor - without service a blank dd-241 form

Stolen Valor


Stolen valor - without service a blank dd-241 form
No Form and No Service

Those of us who have researched the Mark Richards claims run into a problem: the military personnel archives cannot find any evidence that Mark was in the military.  Actually, there are two problems since the timeline of his claims make it virtually impossible for him to have served.

In any event, in writing the timeline, I was reminded that we have gotten varying responses from his wife, Jo Ann Richards. 


  1. Everyone else can find his records.
  2. The records were lost in the fire at the archives.
  3. Records were removed because of his secret classifications.  
  4. Jo Ann Richards has copies of various documents to prove his claims but for one of several reasons she cannot release them. “I have family evidence he was in the military.”
  5. Nobody has asked to see them.
  6. A forged record is enough to establish his claims.
  7. Mark has been informed that it’s against regulations for his DD214 to be shown in public”
  8. Mark can’t show his records because he’s afraid of identity theft
  9. Jo Ann can’t get Mark’s DD214 without Mark’s permission
  10. She cannot release any records due to a planned documentary taking a critical look at the story.

I have not seen a claim that the dog ate up the records but perhaps that is coming.

As noted on the introduction to the main site, claiming secrecy is a favorite method that should raise suspicions.  This post from Quora  provided an all too familiar story about someone who tried to use many of the methods listed above.  It is lengthy but entertaining.


True story. I once defended a civil lawsuit for a retailer where the customer claimed his Agent Orange exposure was aggravated by falling styrofoam coolers.

• • • •

During his deposition, he told a fantastic story about his service and injuries which included special forces, punji stick accident, and Agent Orange exposure while “serving in the bush. I had requested a copy of his DD 214 and was told it was lost and that his records had been lost in a ST Louis records fire. But, as indicated, local VA doctors had dutifully written down his history of Agent Orange exposure.

In preparing for trial, I was really bothered by his birthday, which would have made him 18 in March of 1973. I was also bothered by the fact he claimed he graduated high school, which precluded early service at 17. I also found a marajuana possession conviction in early 1973, which to me suggested he could not have shipped out till late 1973, which made his claims of service in the bush even more fantastic.

• • • •

He testifies on direct about his service and like any BS artist with an audience spins a fantastic tale. He said he was in active combat, won a Purple Heart and other awards he couldn’t disclose because they were secret. But his big mistake was claiming he fought house to house trying to retake Hue after the Tet offensive, a time when he would have been 13.

My first question on cross whether he was still in active service in Vietnam on June 17, 1973 and could he tell us what he was doing. (When I googled his name, it reminded me he graduated in 73, not 72, which is why his birthday alone made his story suspect.)

He actually said he was over there during that time but his specific mission and location were classified because his borders of operation were murky. I then asked him if he knew why that specific date was important historically. He said that when he was out in the bush, the days flowed together and he couldn’t possibly know what happened decades earlier. I told him that he personally had good reason to remember this date and he should think hard. He said he still didn’t know what he was doing.

I then approached with the 1973 Holidaysburg High School yearbook showing he was a senior and his transcript showing he graduated on June 17, 1973 (Pre internet days) It was the most single awesome impeachment I ever made. I then asked him his birthday and whether he knew when the battle of Hue took place. At this point he became indignant and said he did have records that could show he was in Vietnam when he said he was, but was instructed to never disclose his actual dates or locations because they were classified so they were told to disclose involvement in missions that were known like Hue. He was so sincere, I was almost nervous about what records he was going to bring.

• • • •

I had confirmed with a local veterans group that he had not earned the Vietnam Service Era medal, which was required by their group to be recognized as a Vietnam Vet. The head of the group was annoyed by the St Louis story which he’d heard a lot but he confirmed that the records confirming Vietnam Era Service had not been lost or destroyed in a fire.

I finished my cross on other areas, and the plaintiff’s Attorney did not question him at all about his service, probably because he was worried ethically about eliciting further false testimony.

• • • •

The jury comes back and the plaintiff proceeds to question himself. He explains that he was part of a secret special forces group that was actually operating in Korea in the early 70 s and that his memory was chemically scrubbed to protect them and the government from what they were doing because they were operating way outside the Geneva Convention. Suffice it to say, it was crazy and completely fantastical. Rather than make it look like I was picking on a crazy guy, I asked him no questions about his Korea story.

Jury returned with a defense verdict after 40 minutes including their lunch.

• • • •


If I were on the jury, I too would have held out for lunch.

My advice (other than to stick with the truth) is to not repeat the mistakes made by the client or Mark Richards — don’t quote records from when you would have been a teenager who was too young to serve and don’t rely on claims that all records are classified. A mission might be classified but the fact of service is not. Stolen valor destroys credibility and once lost it is difficult to regain.

But it gives some entertainment value.


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Weighing the frequencies - spacecapn blog

Weighing the Frequencies

Weighing the frequencies - spacecapn blog

Although there is nothing more that needs to be said about Añjali’s tunnels and failed expedition, one of her tweets was noteworthy:

“The standard of credibility is set so high for those who come forward, it’s unattainable/nonmaintainable. It’s dehumanizing.” 

As Jack Brewer often writes, everything begins and ends with standards of evidence. Indeed, there is no other basis to distinguish between delusion and reality.  

In law, the standards of evidence provide a basis to measure claims. A criminal conviction must be established with evidence that proves an act beyond a reasonable doubt. A preponderance of the evidence is necessary for civil verdicts. Facts may be established through clear and convincing evidence, substantial evidence, or credible evidence. At minimum, at least “some evidence” is needed – there must be a rational basis for one’s assertion.  

Scientific evidence is generally taken to be anything tending to refute or confirm a hypothesis. Evidence establishes what one is justified in believing or what it is reasonable for one to believe. Consideration of evidence may be influenced by a person’s assumptions or beliefs, so confirmation is important before evidence is accepted.

The standards vary according to the type of proceeding, but the burden of proof always rests with the party advancing the fact at issue. It is not enough to say that something cannot be disproved. A basic threshold must be established. Credibility might depend on how much of a threshold can be met, but it is not dehumanizing. 

Mark Richards provides some lessons in the way that evidence is reviewed. He claims that he had been a captain in the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program. He grew up playing with chocolate loving alien raptors and fought in heroic space battles until eventually he was framed for murder. This site disputes that account but it is the factual matters that are at issue. Those facts can be analyzed and discussed.  We can debate whether Mark has provided any proof of his claims, but there is at least some common understanding of what that means.

In contrast, Añjali effectively states that if the standards of evidence are too difficult, she can dispense with them altogether. Facts are based on personal frequency rather than any objective measure.  Experience is fluid. If there is no tunnel, no missing time, and no corroboration, something could have happened ‘that could make it all true.”  When one reality does not work out change, the channel and switch realities.

Añjali quote - weighing the evidence- spacecapn blog
Claimed healer Sarah Adams echoes this by stating that ETs and UFOs are interdimensional beings and spiritual entities. “You need to be in higher frequencies to understand what is going on.”

Some scientists have written that “resonance — another word for synchronized vibrations — is at the heart of not only human consciousness but of physical reality.”  Even if that premise is accepted, and physical reality is complex in ways we have yet to fully discover, it does not negate the importance of evidentiary standards

Without standards of evidence there is no way to determine what is being understood or experienced. One problem with relying on frequencies as an ultimate standard is that discussion – the possibility of a shared experience – is precluded. If you cannot see the tunnel, spaceship, or alien it is your fault. Your frequency is too low.  You are stuck in “nonevolved theory.”

Sarah says, “You guys can’t speak to interdimensional ETs because your frequency is too low. You want contact . . .  do the work and stop crying about it. Contact happens when one elevates their energy field.” But never fear. There is a solution

There’s ancient secrets and techniques that have been hidden from humanity in attempts to keep them asleep and from understanding their past incarnations as ETs and their lives on other planets along with keeping them from accessing their divine powers which allow them to astral project and realm walk along with connecting to ETs and spirits

I’m offering a multidimensionality course teaching the same secrets and techniques I use to speak to ETs and Spirits.

It apparently does not matter if you have a practice that is valid for you, whether it be zen meditation or prayer. Frequencies are frequencies. 

Sara adams - aliens are real
Sara Adams. An Upcoming Book Making Factual Claims

If experience alone is the standard, then what is a measure of truth?  I once worked with adolescents who had suffered psychotic or schizophrenic breaks. They were definitely experiencers, but what they experienced is far different than that advanced in UFO culture.

To Adams, Añjali is unbalanced. To another Añjali may be speaking for the higher beings. Any assertion is equally valid if the only standard is yourself or if something resonates with your frequency.

“It’s hilarious to me that people think ufos have toilets or rivets. Aliens absorb energy as food this why they have no digestive system. Their ships are made of condensed energy which creates solid matter.” – Sarah Adams

It is interesting to note that with both Añjali and Sarah Adams, higher frequencies seems to lead directly to using the threat of lawsuits to respond to critics or those who have somehow wronged them. If that doesn’t work, blocking someone on social media might be the next best thing.

When I wrote that courts are not a way to gain emotional or spiritual satisfaction, Sarah replied,  “The 3d life is to be balanced with the spiritual life not to be ignored. Yes you know I take showers and do 3D stuff too.”  There might be a difference between showers and lawsuits. Courts are not a way proclaim that you have a spiritual vision or “goddess energy.”[1] I have no problem with 3D thinking. I like the way that Adams sometimes quotes people like Eugene Debs, the socialist organizer and war resister.


In any event, frequency seems like it can be used as a defensive mechanism or a weapon depending on the mood.  Adhering to evidentiary standards does not negate personal experience, but is the only thing that gives experience a context.   



1 I have no problem with 3D thinking. I like the way that Adams sometimes quotes people like Eugene Debs, the socialist organizer and war resister.


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Scary kerry - the space capn blog

Scary Kerry and the Present Crisis

A KerryWatch Report

“If Trump is actually Commander-in-Chief, he won’t be sitting idle during this time. Are the troops on site to go into the underground bases and the tunnel system known to be inside Ukraine?  Now that troops from both sides are ‘in place’ what is their real operation?”  – Kerry Cassidy


Kerry cassidy watch - blog. Spacecapn. ComIn a time of crisis, with both “aliens” and war trending on social media, it was time it check in with Scary Kerry (AKA Sweary Kerry®) on the Project Camelot site to see how she unpacks it.   

“What I am getting is that this entire maneuver by US and Russia to create a “war game” and war scenario where Russia is seen as the “invader” is a ruse to cover the necessary actions these two super powers must take to deal with the ET race or races involved in both Ukraine and Crimea and handle the fall-out from their presence.”

Kerry believes that disclosure would reveal the threat posed by alien interventions through portals. These portals are now at issue. The Crimea contains nine pyramids and military vehicles disappear there, as if they were in the Bermuda Triangle. There is also a mountain in the Ukraine that is a center of dark magic and a reptilian command post. Supposedly, it is likely that Ukraine has called on Russia and the United States for help in dealing with this incursion.


Scary kerry - the space capn blog
In Happier Times

Captain Mark Richards, one of Kerry’s “top witnesses”, has stated that war was used as a cover operation for dealing with invading species during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Those battling aliens also used fires in Northern California as a cover. The possibility of war, then, is the typical Kerry Cassidy false flag operation.

“It’s called the secret space program and we have been working with the Russians on this even before Kennedy said lets go to space with the Russians

You still think the Russians are our enemy? What about the ETs?  Friends or enemies or both?  As above so below.

You think the aliens are smart enough to go inter dimensional and they don’t communicate with us???  They abduct millions worldwide and you think there’s nothing to worry about?

They make deals with all our governments over disclosure and you still think you can trust them?  How corrupt are our governments??? People are finding out… how corrupt are the ETs that make deals with them??

Grow up people…. If ET was your friend why aren’t they fighting on our side against the tyranny??”

Although Sweary Kerry became popular on the Knowledgea Fight podcast, she might be aptly called Scary Kerry. She is grounded in fear.  Yet if evil aliens have abducted millions and are in league with the new world order, why can’t they deal with Kerry? If the best that they can up with is an ineffective scalar attack, then perhaps we have little to worry about.

The days when aliens only wanted World Peace seem nostalgic. Even Añjali, who presents a new age image of love and light, brings fear that humans have either lost the vote in the alien Council or the earth will deal with us on its own in 2027.

Instead of the contactees, Cassidy returns to Reagan when he wondered if an alien threat would bring the world together. Indeed, if Putin is our friend and we fight the aliens together, then we do not have to worry about the geopolitical implications of the Ukraine or how the outcome of a war might affect either side. Political ramifications are simplified in the face of an alien invasion.

It may not be so simple even for those who take Kerry seriously. According to Captain Mark there are many alien alliances, with many interests at stake — the divisions seem familiar but do the aliens even matter? Prince Nagadraconis and the raptors might want to eat us, but they also seem to be satisfied with chocolate. And if the Draco are on the run, who is threatening who?  

Somehow, though, neither Kerry’s analysis nor Mark Richards scares me. There are more immediate events in the news every day. But it gets even more complicated because another article by Kerry seems to minimize alien involvement in favor of the standard cabal:

“Your mission should you decide to accept it… is to see beneath the Putin ‘troop withdrawal’, cyber attack on Ukraine and arrival of American troops (1000?) into what is really going on.”

. . . . 

“Putin is the friend of the Patriots in America under Trump because we have similar interests which are centered on keeping the globalists out of our countries and resisting their attempts to dominate us.”

. . . .

“And the business of the globalists is the Luciferan/Satanic pedo/blood/adrenochrome dependent regimes who want to rule over the world and the thorn in their plan is the Russia/U.S. under Trump and the Patriots alliance.”

Perhaps it is the alien Luciferians who are the troublemakers, with help from the dark magicians. It is apparently not Trump, despite how his only concern seems to be advancing his private interests and keeping out of prison. It is not the insurrectionists, despite how they seek to topple the constitution in order to save a sense of their privilege and power. It is not even that Putin seemed like he had something that he could use against Trump. Q runs deep and need not be consistent.

Kerry offers a call to expose the “vampiric races” and to engage in a battle to remove the globalists from the planets. Her views do not leave much room for discussion or debate. As she wrote about Captain Mark Richards, “those who are in denial about the existence of visiting alien races, chemtrails, ufos, and state-sponsored terrorism also known as false flags, have little imagination.”  If rationality is a handicap, what more can be said?

Scary Kerry indeed if the battle lines are drawn.  

Update from Scary Kerry, as the invasion of the Ukraine is launched, Kerry announced “war games” and states that was “in an agreed upon exercise.”  

“I still think Trump and Putin have decided to work.together to clean out the dumbs and pedos and criminals in Ukraine…. “

“Recently, Juan O Savin even called Putin’s moves “brilliant”….that should tell you something.”

Kerry believes that the invasion confirms that she is right about the aliens and that this is a “planned exercise to bring Biden to the brink of being exposed because he is NOT Commander-in-Chief.”  The war will also “distract people away from the prosecutions for the whole Covid debacle” and to cover the Covid tracks. 


“The trouble is that many humans remain in the fight or flight mode and do not analyze world happenings wrapping in the role of alien/and alien AI factions.“  – Kerry Cassidy 


Contrary to Kerry’s headline about war games, war is never a game. Trump is not the commander. And Juan Savin is not JFK Jr. or anything but a QAnon conspiracy monger who is consistently wrong.  

That should tell you something about Kerry’s imagination and where the world stands today.


(Updated 2/24.)

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The not-so-secret secret space program wants you

Oki Joins the Secret Space Program

Spacecapn - joining the secret space program
The pundits have spoken. Richard Dolan has written about the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program at length. Captain Mark Richards, Randy Cramer, Andrew Basagio and others have asserted that they were part of it. Although he naturally denied it, even Obama is said to have been a member. Kerry Cassidy and numerous podcasts have discussed it. It has become an ingrained part of UFO lore and appears to be a growing business. 


Ufo pilots - spacecapn blog - adventures of captain mark richards

Perhaps you have read these heroic stories and want to fly to the stars and battle the Draco. This may be difficult to do, but there is no reason to let technicalities hold you back. If you can’t make it there in person, you can always create your own story and tell others about your adventures.  

Oki, a Canadian videographer, has long documented strange tales, including stories of gay frogs and the Paul Bennowitz matter, on his YouTube Channel.  He became interested in tales of the 
Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program — including those of our own Mark Richards — and decided to explore it in person by infiltrating James Rink’s Super Soldier Talk

It might be noted that supersoldiers are not necessarily members of the SSP.  They may be genetically altered or enhanced to fight terrestrial battles or serve as assassins. Some supersoldiers may be werewolves or other creatures. Others emerge as assassins only in a dream state.  The two groups, though, have much in common and often are part of the same conferences.

Readers of this site may have seen links to Rink’s interview with Jo Ann Richards, where she disclosed that Mark served on the highest levels of the Republican National Committee.  More recently, listeners can learn of slave labor in the SSP,  hear a report about retrieving tech from the Draco, or enjoy tales from a fleet commander of the Galactic Federation Starship Garion. Documentation is not required to be a featured experiencer on his site. It is enough to be able to recall “past life and future life memories.”

The secret space program wants youRink states he served off-planet for over 330 years. Apparently many projects use re-aging or time compression to allow service over extended periods. It is undoubtedly how Randy Cramer was able to serve on Mars for 20 years and be able to return to this time frame only seconds after he left. 

The SSP lore, however, varies depending on the source and need not be consistent.  For most it is the experience that counts rather than how their narrative fits into a coherent SSP content  

Oki cited the story of Germans who split with Hitler and used alien technology to create bases in space, where some military abductees (MILABS) were forced to join as either officers or slaves.

Other narratives focus on being recruited into the program to serve on Mars or battle aliens using advanced weaponry.  Mark, for instance, was almost born into the program as part of his family lineage and flew a biological spaceship (Minerva) and other advanced craft while working in alliances with Raptors and other alien races.

Oki developed his own story but needed more to get on the show as a whistleblower.  To call attention to him, he went to Rink for hypnotic memory regression as part of the MILAB recovery network. Soon after he met Rink at an SSP conference and was interviewed there about his experience with Kevin Spacey’s clone and fighting vampires.

Oki is of course best at telling his own story. His compatriot NightDocs released a follow up video, How I Became Space Jesus, describing the experience at the SSP conference and what happened after Oki’s video was released.  They went to the conference so you don’t have to go. Trust us — there are some events that are better not to attend.

Undoubtedly Oki could have build a second career on his experiences in the SSP.  Others have done it.  But he notes that most of the people who appear on Rink’s show are not the elite superstars of the supersoldier or the SSP world. They may tape an interview and never be seen again unless you seek them out.   

Rink was upset with Oki’s video. YouTube restricted it to adults and demonetized it.  Perhaps Corey Goode, David Wilcock and other grifters should be demonetized instead. 

Discover what happens when Knowledge Fight and QAnon Anonymous examine the Secret Space Program.  The show covers Gary McKinnon, our own Captain Mark Richards, David Wilcock, and links with QAnon — all told with their usual humor.


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