A Note About the SpaceCapn Blog


A Note About The SpaceCapn Blog


We went on a hiatus as we traveled through parts of the Yukon, Alaska, and Banff/Jasper. In a week, we will be in Southern Africa for a month. There are stories and updates that we had planned — and are planning — but this will have to wait. These are unusual trips for us and take priority.

Spirit island, jasper national park. Alberta.
Spirit Island. ©️ Spacecapn Blog

I sometimes am reminded of an unsuccessful timeshare sales person who told us that in the end we won’t think about all the days we could have worked but the places we visited and the people we met.  The same is true about a blog, at least one such as this which focuses on the margins.

The articles can wait. My predictions are still the same. UFO disclosure will not come and if it did no one would believe it. The Brunson Brothers will lose every case they file. Kerry Cassidy will continue to believe Trump is president and the military recognizes him as Commander-In-Chief.  The Secret Space Program will remain a well publicized not-so-secret topic of discussion among certain people. The predictions of Juan Savin will never materialize. Mark Richards . . . isn’t going anywhere although there have been changes we will need to catch up with as time permits.


Breaking headline whike we were in haines
While we were in Haines.


I agree with Solomon Berg who seemingly ended his run on Project Camelot by stating the stars will always be with us but we need to build a consensus for human rights and equality. I’m not sure if this blog helps with that, other than to affirm these values and to have some fun.  

There is a time to look around and at what we see on earth and what it can show us about our past and present. On our next trip we will be seeing rock art and endangered species. We need to respect both and protect both. That is more important than the latest UFOTwitter — although has it become UFOx or UAPx?