KerryWatch: If Trump is President


KerryWatch: If Trump is President.

Then Why Do We Still Have Problems.


Kerrywatch. Kerry cassidy - blog. Spacecapn. ComThese are perilous times. Gaza is exploding after the attack on Israel.  War continues in the Ukraine. The House of Representatives is led by a radical who will not acknowledge basic facts. Inflation has slowed but still is a factor.

In the midst of this, Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot) explains that Trump is President, JFK Jr. Is Vice President, and the White Hats have a plan! But we may need Kerry’s help to sort it out and rise up.

Kerry has long been dismayed by Trump remaining hidden while Biden appears to be in charge. Indeed, it raises a moral question since the country is supposedly deteriorating and people are suffering the consequences.  But when times get hard it is that much more important to Know the truth. “You might not like the truth but you damn well better endeavor to know it.” I could say the same to her, but Project Camelot is her show so we will move on.

The alternative truth about trump and jfk jr.

Kerry believes that it is first important to understand that Juan O Savin is JFK Jr. in disguise.   Many have reported that Juan is actually Wayne Willott, a QAnon conspiracy theorist and co-founder of the America First coalition. Kerry, of course, disputes that. 

I am re-releasing this info with some expanded explanation because in part I am bored with listening to Juan/ John take people down a winding path to distract them from the REAL TRUTH and carefully drop hints as to what is REALLY HAPPENING and because ANY SELF-RESPECTING BAD GUY OR ILLUMINATI/ NWO knows this truth FULL WELL and has known it FOR YEARS while the AMERICAN PEOPLE REMAIN IN THE DARK, pawns in a game they do not understand.

Kerry knows Juan and Wayne. They have different color eyes. Willott is a former FBI agent who works with Juan as his body guard or double. There are actually two Juans who wear the same disguise. Kerry uses the “two Juan” theory to try to account for everything.

Juan o savin or wayne willott - the two juan theory

Kerry claims “unequivocal verification”of who Juan/JFK Jr. is from Juan”nand ‘several people in the know around him and have had this info for approximately 3 years.” As the picture makes clear, even in disguise Juan wears a white hat so that we know we can trust him.

It must be frustrating to know this and not have it be recognized. Kerry describes it as “boring to be in a world where most people DON’T KNOW THE TRUTH.”  

Kerry explains how easy it is to know.

JUAN IS JFK JR hiding in plain sight. Juan=John (in spanish) O= Jackie O and SAVIN is from SAVIN HILL LIBRARY where JFK is honored in Savin Hill Massachusetts…



While I hate to bore Kerry, I will wait for the DNA tests. Thus far Juan has been wrong about virtually everything. . . . From stating that everyone would know Trump was elected within a short period after the elections to his support of the Brunsons. Perhaps I just lack the kind of faith that Kerry displays, but I see no reason to believe just because Wayne uses another name offering “clues.”

I think that a JFK Jr. / RFK Jr. ticket would be more interesting than anything involving Trump. Call it the All Kennedy or the Juniors Campaign and I’ll pay attention.  Make it so.

In any event, Kerry states,

I am bothering to show this evidence because I think people deserve to know the truth.  I believe they CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH.  Knowing that JUAN IS JFK JR.  That he is still alive and that he and Trump are running an OPERATION that involves a good portion of our military we call THE WHITE HATS.

The White Hats want to show the people how bad things will get. They oppose the New World Order and have secret underground bases, but their operations do not include telling the public that Trump is the Commander-in-Chief and JFK Jr. Is the real vice-president.   

Kerry had to take matters into her own hands.

Which is why, as an independent investigative journalist I decided to tell the truth that they don’t bother to tell you because clearly most Americans are so far out of the loop on all of this and so they can make NO sense of the events they see unfolding around them.

She is there so we will rise up and demand to know why there was an attack on Maui, let alone the Chinese swarming the Southern border. “So WHO IS FINANCING AND RUNNING THE COVERUP YOU MIGHT ASK. Is it the FAKE BIDEN REGIME?  IS IT THE WHITE HATS?  IS IT SOME OTHER NEFARIOUS GROUP?”

Before getting to those questions, I just want to know why the military permits Trump to be indicted and why Juan does not have secret service protection. Perhaps Juan should stop being disguised and hold a press conference with Wayne. RFK Jr. could at least be there to offer family support.


KerryWatch:  Occasionally paying attention to Kerry Cassidy so you don’t have to.

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