Randy Cramer and the Fake Invasion

Randy Cramer and the Fake Invasion

Randy CramerRandy cramer and a fake alien invasion (Captain Kaye) asserts that he spent 20 years in the Secret Space Program, including 17 years on Mars and three years as a space pilot. At the end of his duty he returned to the present time frame, just minutes after he left so no one realized he was gone.

His web site claims his story has been endorsed by Michael Salla, Andrew Basagio, and others.[1] Basagio originally cited ten reasons  why he believed Cramer. More recently he changed his mind and states that the story is a hoax. Since Basagio claims to have been on Mars with a young Obama, you have problems if you can’t convince him. Perhaps we will do a more detailed post … Continue reading  He has been featured on the History Channel, Coast Coast, and been interviewed many times, including once as Kerry Cassidy’s guest on Project Camelot. 

In many ways he is well insulated. Unlike Captain Mark Richards, whose story could be examined through his personal history, Cramer can simply state that his former history in the space program was erased in this timeline. He claims that he was given permission to go public. Rather than being arrested to keep him quiet, Cramer’s command structure asked him to speak out because the weakening of our economy and the divisive political infighting are direct threats to national security.  Despite this, his story stands alone, without any corroborating evidence.

The Story of “Captain” Cramer

Cramer maintains that he began training at the age of four as a member of Project Moon Shadow (a project that appears to be his own in invention). Along with 299 others, a device was implanted in his brain to allow communication through electronic telepathy. At the age of 17, he was sent to a base on the moon where he signed his enlistment papers for a 20 year period. He was contracted to the Earth Defense Force and was a member of the USMC s.s. — a covert branch of the Marines that was established by President Eisenhower to deal with extraterrestrial issues.  

The Earth Defense Force was created out of the United Nations and includes members from a number of countries. A parallel organization was formed as a Lunar Operations Command so they would have as little contact with the surface as possible. There are a number of extraterrestrials that also have bases on the far side. Regardless of whether they are otherwise friendly or hostile, it is a neutral territory. 

Cramer was sent from the moon to the Mars Colony Corporation headquarters and the main settlement of Aries Prime. The corporation was set up around 1974 by multinational interests to profit from the venture. Mining operations began in 1975. People with all types of skills, ranging from scientists to farm workers, live in this colony.

He spent all of his time on Mars at a base called Forward Station Zebra. He was a member of the Special Operations Tactical Division and had a codename of “Zen.”

According to Cramer the air can be breathed on Mars.  It was cold, similar to the Antarctic so he wore a face protector.  At sunset the red surface became an amazing purple. Michael Salla writes that the claim that Mars has a breathable atmosphere is supported by a number of NASA images revealing small animals on the surface. Cramer posted images on his website that he states show Martian forests  – in reality they are basaltic dunes.

  1. A base was established on Mars by the Earth Defense Force.
  2. Mars was controlled later by the Mars Colony Corporation.
  3. Our relations with the Martians were formalized with a treaty.


There are two main intelligent species on Mars: Reptilian and Insectoid.He was told these were “native savages and beasts.” However, learned that they were evolved species with their own culture, civilization, and intelligence. The Martians once had advanced technology and space travel but they nearly destroyed themselves by blowing out their atmosphere. Those who chose to remain lived mostly underground and returned to more primitive technology and what was seen as a more natural way of living. This gave time and space for the insectoids to develop.

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At first, the indigenous Martians treated the humans as neighbors, but soon there were frequent skirmishes and a constant testing of boundaries. After 17 years of fighting a peace treaty was signed.

The humans agreed that they would not invade the places that are sacred to the Martians. We would also work with the Martians to fight the Draconians, an invading species of Reptoids that are especially vicious. Eventually the Draconians withdrew.

Cramer’s last battle on Mars occurred when a thousand soldiers went into a tunnel that was sacred to the Reptoids to capture an artifact. This was in direct violation of the treaty. Cramer expressed his concern to his commanding officer but the orders came from “headquarters” and the mission had to be accomplished. 

The men went through underground tunnels and came to a large dome or arena. Suddenly, the doors opened and the Reptoids charged with large bladed weapons. It was like “being in a blender.” Only around 35 men survived. While Cramer was recovering from his wounds, he was offered a pilot position and spent last three years in the SSP on the moon, on the Earth Defense Force’s S.S. Nautilus as a pilot under project Radiant Guardian. One of his missions included the bombing of a Zeta base on Ganymede, which solved the problems with the Zetas.

After completing his 20 years of service he went through a “reverse aging” process so that he could return to Earth in his original timeline of 1987.  His memories of his 20 years of service were suppressed and did not return to him for many years.

Randy cramer med med - space capn blogAs part of the Secret Space Force Cramer states that he had access to a holographic med bed that could regrow limbs within hours. Cramer hoped to bring that technology to earth and sought $75,000 on GoFundMe to help develop it.  The money would have been used to support Cramer rather than any active development, so at least it was somewhat honest.  Apparently the campaign was not successful and GoFundMe removed it after an investigation.  

Cramer remained a Captain in the USMC s.s. and tried to recover his personnel files. They had not given him the promised financial security and other help. After three years, a brigadier general recommended that he go forward without the paperwork.  

After Cramer agreed to speak publicly, his security clearance was raised to a Blue/Gold-13, which has granted him full access to USMC s.s. intelligence files, and weekly briefings by Brigadier General Julian Smythe. There is of course no record of General Smythe. They might be willing to have Cramer be their only public face since it is supposed to be a secret program after all, but the names he gave cannot be confirmed.

Cramer’s story speaks for itself. There is no documentation to support his story and his claimed military service.  Even looking on its own terms, the story is sketchy and lacks details of basic things, such as decontamination procedures before and after interacting with martians to guard against a War of the Worlds scenario of how the martians met their doom. He has admitted that even his title was unofficial. Some have analyzed his body language to show his story was not true. His former wife states that it is false. 

It is only a story rooted in stolen valor and fantasy. However, it set the stage for some to believe a false alien invasion is coming.

The Invasion  

The invasion: spacecapn. Com
War of the Worlds

Cramer stated that by the end of 2022 there may be a fake alien invasion.  The most recent article about Cramer on Project Camelot was posted on November 16, 2021. Kerry Cassidy wrote 

We are now fast approaching the 3rd year in the 3 year deadline Randy Cramer gave in terms of a timeline the military was looking at for launching their so-called Fake Alien Invasion… on the heels of the whole Covid (Nano/AI) fiasco this might be their last card… That is, the deep state in getting people to wake up to their way of thinking… 

Kerry reposted a 2019 article that she wrote following a speech by Cramer alleging that the Marine command was frustrated with attempts at disclosure and wanted to out the ET presence on Earth. The military have been dealing aliens as both friends and foes for decades and plan to stage a false alien invasion to change the dynamic.  Cramer stated that this would take place within a three year period.

According to the plan, a false invasion would force humans to band together and forget their differences against an invading enemy.  In the process, they believe real disclosure would happen. The Command posits that there would be a three year struggle with as many as one million deaths.  “After that, we would have a new society with free energy, access to space travel and knowledge of the real alien presence fully outed.”

Kerry acknowledge that the scenario has problems but “in all seriousness this is what is being proposed by our military (the real SPACE COMMAND) and secret space program officers (at least the portion Cramer represents).”

This article makes one wonder what space command is being discussed.  Cramer posits an international force that supports the Mars corporation and bombs alien bases. Basagio states that Mars is claimed by the United States. Mark Richards discusses space battles near Orion and battles, both near and far, involving a complicated set of alien and human alliances between different species and countries. It’s hard to imagine where Prince Nagadraconis fits into competing versions of the of the Not-So-Secret Space Program.

Kerry went on to discuss how there may be real battles with aliens under the cover of a fake invasion. 

There are several alien races who as many know, have been invading, kidnapping humans and taking them as slaves and more for eons. The problem the military has is that the collateral damage and access to the Earth by various races is increasing and they want to control the narrative surrounding disclosure.  

By controlling the narrative the military could be seen as heroes rather than those who covered up the truth for so long.

Simon Parkes states that it is “now supposedly the “good guys” on the Trump/Navy side of the spectrum who are now considering [the fake invasion] alternative to usher in the space age and wake up humanity whereas it used to be a focus of the dark side.”[2] Again, this part of the article was first written in 2019 when Trump was in power. At that time Kerry believed There is no doubt in my mind that we are not living in a democracy but rather a military government with Trump as the figure-head set up to take the flak. They conducted a coup in the … Continue reading

Real or Fake?

Kerry wondered which aliens would take part in a fake invasion when there is a real one now occurring. She cited Mark Richards to warn that coming battles may be against AI. The end result might be

Marshall law [sic] and curfews would be put in place along with multiple shortages and war-like operations launched not unlike WWII which is what one can imagine, a lot of the top military brass might like to see revisited.

In hindsight there is a certain irony to this as Kerry ended up with Juan Savin in promoting ideas that the military recognized Trump as the rightful president and Red October would cleanse the cabal and the Democratic pedophiles. Ultimately, we did not need a fake invasion to almost lose the threads of democracy.  We only needed the spread of fake propaganda — the Big Lie and the Grand Delusion aimed at keeping Trump in power.

The military refused to play along and the insurrection failed, but it may have been a closer call than many of us knew at the time. The election would have been subverted if Trump had gotten his way.  Kerry’s article was right to the extent that we still do not know what lies ahead. However, she and others like her were the ones who tried to play the last card.


1 Basagio originally cited ten reasons  why he believed Cramer. More recently he changed his mind and states that the story is a hoax. Since Basagio claims to have been on Mars with a young Obama, you have problems if you can’t convince him. Perhaps we will do a more detailed post about him.
2 Again, this part of the article was first written in 2019 when Trump was in power. At that time Kerry believed

There is no doubt in my mind that we are not living in a democracy but rather a military government with Trump as the figure-head set up to take the flak. They conducted a coup in the form of hacking back the election from the Hillary/Bush cabal who were hacking it to begin with. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess. 

Perhaps even Kerry could not have foreseen the defeat of Trump and the rise of QAnon. Trump went from a figurehead to the leader of those who were resisting the deep state — someone she later described as being one of her favorite people.



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