Solomon Berg and the Lotus Crystal


Solomon Berg and the Lotus Crystal

Kerry’s Illustrious Guest Returns


Kerry cassidy watch - blog. Spacecapn. ComDuring our hiatus Kerry Cassidy brought back Major Solomon Berg, an “illustrious guest” who ranks high in the annals of Project Camelot. During the time that we were gone there were congressional hearings, Trump indictments, more loses by the Brunson Brothers . . . But nothing deserves attention more than the return of Major Berg.

Solomon has been interviewed twice by Kerry Cassidy. The first interview introduced us to Squatch, who we learned has no heroes. The second interview included the revelation that David Bowie is the Supreme Technocrat of Mars. With all the clues discussed in the articles linking Berg to being a Knowledge Fight fan, I was not sure whether there would be a third interview. But Kerry did not disappoint. The latest show brings news of the Lotus Crystal of Mars and demonic portals.[1] The first two interviews are important to understand all the references.

Solomon berg on project camelotBerg last reported that the Ambassador Squatch was waiting to return to his home planet, but his superiors believed he had become too close to Squatch and were not pleased with the extent of his disclosure. Berg was considered to be problematic. He was effectively placed on a type of sabbatical.  

Berg is in touch with all squatches telepathically through the overmind. It is easier for him to contact those who are on earth than those on other planets. However he no longer requires physical proximity to the Ambassador. This is true among Squatch society so they do not put the same emphasis on physical contact that we do.

After visiting New Guinea, where Berg had once studied and became an honorary member of a tribe, he went to Brazil. President Lula da Silva chose him to train the new Brazilian secret space program in procedures involving alien contact. It might be noted that Kerry does not support Lula but that was not discussed.

While there, he became aware of Malchenex, a bounty hunter, contract killer and Annunaki operative who had worked for the Bolsonaro government and slaughtered indigenous activists. Malchenex officially worked for logging corporations but unofficially for Bolsonaro. Malchenix may be a direct descendent of Chrysalix and had become persona non grata on Mars for his role in an attempted coup against Bowie. The Dracos subsequently hired him to take out Squatch.[2] As usual, spellings are approximated. 

The Black Kraken recalled Berg after his work in Brazil finished. Berg took a Soyuz capsule from Russia — which sends a primitive means of transport for a Kraken mission — to the space station. He again met with the Ambassador in person, along with his assistant Daniel Jordan and his bodyguard Fiona Celine. The Squatches wanted Berg to help them hide the Ambassador on Mars.

Malchenex had a scout ship, which was fluid and organic, operated by AI. Some of the weapons on his ship are small CERN reactors. He had a crew of Trogs. The Squatches knew they were being tracked and needed to mislead the bounty hunter. The Ambassador and 12 others, along Berg, went to Mars on a Squatch ship which they had cloaked. The ship was operated by a crack team of commandos that rescue other Squatch when they are in trouble. It seemed as if the Squatch had capabilities beyond what were discussed in the other interviews. After landing they left the ship and only had what they could carry. Berg reached out to his old friend Druuz, the leader of the Martian reptoids.  

Squatch had not met Druuz so he had to go through the same ritual that Berg had first done. Squatch put on the artificial tail and then engaged in a type of combat. Afterwards he shared water with Druuz and was adopted into the Martian tribe.

The Martian reptilians are descended from lower caste and shunned Dracos. They are somewhat diverse. Some are orange, others are brown or green. Some are horned, others are scaly. Some are spiked. They are smaller than Draconians and warm blooded. Berg stated he is not an expert in the Martians but he “knows my lizards.”

Mars has much less fighting and is less militarized than it was when Berg lived there.

Berg was on Mars for several months. It’s hard to keep track of time there because the days are not the same.

While there, Druuz went on a water quest. Refugees had told Druuz about the demons he took pity on them. About Reptilian 20 warriors accompanied Berg, Jordan, and the Squatch. They raided a labyrinth in the holy city of Zaxxon and stole the Lotus Crystal. They used it to stop an interdimensional incursion by demonic beings, a from a layer of hell accessible by a portal inside Mars.

Solomon berg and the lotus crystal of mars

The group used a Trog device — in essence a Trog itself — to reach the center of Mars.[3] Trogs are declining. Their Queens need constant hydration and without this there has been something similar colony collapse that we have seen with bees. They had pass through a number of dimensional levels or thresholds. Without doing that they could not have perceived the Lotus Crystal of Mars. It’s not a crystal in the physical sense. You have it lure it, to sing to it, to tell stories, to feed it. It is a spiritual construct. He is not sure whether it was a spiritual or physical experience but all who were there experienced it. They all have a collective memory.

“You do not want to get caught by a Mars wraith.”

They dropped the crystal into the portal to seal it off and ran without looking back. By sealing the portal they prevented further encroachment.

They could again focus on Squatch. It is not explained why the Squatch now decided to leave the protection they found at Mars. The Martian government could have been alert for Malchenex.  In any event they reboarded the Squatch ship, but to reach maximum drive they had to decloak. Malchenex detected them and gave chase. He fired on the Squatch. The Squatch were able to use a laser weapon to destroy Malchenex‘s ship.

A Draco Man’O War appeared. It is an immense war ship but the squatches were able to enter the vortex in the nick of time. They are now safe in the Andromeda Galaxy. The squatches remain nomadic. Berg believes the squatches have problems because dominant people fear progress and whenever marginalized people make progress there is a backlash against them. The squatch have been the victim of this.

Berg remained on Mars until he was able to sneak aboard a German freighter cargo ship. I wondered if David Bowie could have helped him secure better accommodations in light of his service, but perhaps Berg had passport problems. In any event, he was able to get back to where he commandeered a Soyuz and landed in the Canadian wilderness. Daniel Jordan and Fiona Celine (a feline type of being!) stayed on Mars.

Part of the problem was that the Black Kraken was decommissioned in his absence.  His colleagues were arrested and Berg was a wanted man.  Perhaps he should have stuck with the Squatch or sought protection from David Bowie, but Kerry did not ask why he came back to earth.

He was also suffering from a slow acting reptilian poison. Berg had been bitten in the Amazon or after his return — he believes Malchenex is responsible. He was able to reach a Squatch healer, the Wizard of Washington, but the Wizard could not help him other than to monitor other treatment. Berg received a transfusion from a Squatch and used various methods to help fight the poison.

The medicine he took had hallucinogenic effects. One of the drugs he used had a side effect being able to talk to the dead, which can be distracting. He still does not whether the treatment will be entirely successful. If the poison holds and rebounds this could be their last interview.

The Kraken are still being held. He suspects that his superior, Lionel Sperlinghetti, is dead. Berg is “the last member of Black Kraken still in the wild.” It seems similar to what happened when the Knights Templar were outlawed but the Black Kraken had significant interplanetary resources.  

He was able to be part of a health convention of naturalists under a false name but he is sure the Secret Space Program will come for him and lock him up. At this point Berg wants them to come and end the chase.

Berg stated that through the transfusions he might have tried to make himself more than human. He now just wants to be human.

Malchenex is dead but the organization continues. However they are not active on earth. Kerry disputed that since she has information that the Annunaki are particularly involved in Israel. Berg sees more chaos than any secret plan. There is an AI but it is not dictating things. He does not know the AI’s full capability.

Mark Richards has identified six invading AI hostile to earth. The AIs are trying to hack earth, our society and culture. Mark spoke of spider beings that invaded during the Vietnam war. Berg states they were also at Rendlesham, which Kerry discusses because she was almost killed investigating it when someone drove toward her in the wrong lane..

Berg will try to stay in contact up to his inevitable capture. His ultimate message is to stop watching the skies and try to take care of each other. We should seek bipartisanship on universal health care and LGBTQ rights rather than UAP investigations. The stars will always be there.

Curious people ask questions. Uncurious people make assertions.  There has to be a measure of humility.

Kerry is an optimist who hopes Berg will be able to return. Perhaps Squatch could send a rescue ship or the Ambassador could otherwise intervene and there will be further adventures in the Adromeda galaxy. Or he could wait things out with the New Guinea tribe or seek asylum in Brazil. Still, I think Berg has found a way to end the interviews.


On October 3, 2023, Kerry reported that Solomon Berg died from “a fast acting form related to the BIOWEAPON called Covid19.  He was a wonderfull man and a very lovely soul.  HE WILL BE MISSED. “

He will missed as a Knowledge Fight favorite.  Apparently neither Dan Jordan or Celine could save him.   Fortunately, Andrew and Barry, the two people responsible for the saga were interviewed so the the rest of the story is now made clear. It is an entertaining episode that deals with the intersection between parody and (what I might call) alternative reality   


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1 The first two interviews are important to understand all the references.
2 As usual, spellings are approximated.
3 Trogs are declining. Their Queens need constant hydration and without this there has been something similar colony collapse that we have seen with bees.