Cat People

Cat People


“While en route to the asteroid Vesta, which is between Mars and Jupiter, for a peace conference with aliens, [Mark’s]  ship encounters an unknown alien cat-like species and experiences a ‘first contact.’ These beings use a singing language, can fly, and were friendly to Mark and his crew.”

Jo Ann Richards, Knights of the Cold War

We were considering various tales of space captains and were struck by the similarities of story lines between Captain Science and Captain Mark Richards. Both met the Cat People. We provided an addition to the Funnies with only a small comment but the subject deserves a few more words. 

Cat people. The adventures of captain mark richardsCat people are a recurring theme. Mark met the cat people while fighting the Trogs on Vesta. In the Captain Science adventure, the cat people are from Phobos. We are not sure where Simon Parkes encountered them, but he has stated that he has done so.  As far as I know, Captain Aura Raines has not met them.


Mark Richards states that there are four races of cat people but they are detached from human affairs.  

The idea of Cat People is certainly not unique and over the years they have been associated with a number of different genres – horror films, erotic thrillers, and comedy. Perhaps there is something about cats and their relationship to humans, an archetype that gives rise to such imagery. However, could it also be that the mysterious nature of cats holds galactic secrets?  Most cats consider themselves superior to humans and once were worshipped so it is possible they know more than they are saying.  Either that or they are psychopaths.


Cat people - similar to the ones mark richards met on vesta

OncomingStorm12th/Tardis Fandom

Captain Mark Richards has said that the Cat People introduced the idea of a cat goddess to Egypt and Mesopotamia. If this is true them it is also possible that modern cats have some alien DNA and are watched by other beings. In any case, it is good practice to be nice to cats, especially the ones who can fly spacecraft.


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