Do the Squatch Have Heroes?

DoThe Squatch Have Heroes?

— Bard AI Explores the Mystery


Squatch might have a heroMajor Solomon Berg explained to Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot) that the Squatch – the preferred name for Sasquatch or Bigfoot — have no heroes. The Draco empire, Pleiadians, and countries of the earth wanted to use them for their own agendas.  The Squatch were left to find their own way and some were leaving this planet using older technology.

Of course I have no reason to doubt Major Berg, but I wondered what AI thinks about this.  Kerry Cassidy and Captain Mark Richards state that our AI has an agenda, so take that into consideration, but I decided to go to the source. I asked Bard, the Google AI chat, about this.

Do the Squatch have heroes?

Squatch does not have a hero in the traditional sense. He is a solitary creature who lives in the wilderness. He does not need or want a hero. However, there are some people who believe that Squatch is a hero. These people believe that Squatch is a symbol of the wilderness and the natural world. They believe that Squatch is a reminder that we should respect nature and protect it.

In a way, Squatch is a hero to everyone who believes in him. He is a symbol of hope and possibility. He is a reminder that there are still things in the world that are wild and mysterious. He is a reminder that there is still beauty in the world.

So, does Squatch have a hero? It depends on who you ask. But to those who believe in him, Squatch is a hero. He is a hero to the wilderness. He is a hero to nature. And he is a hero to us all.

 Bard could not tell us if Squatch had a particular mission on earth.  

There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of Squatches, so any speculation about their purpose or intentions is purely hypothetical.

Some people believe that Squatches are simply a relic of a bygone era, and that they have no real purpose in the modern world. Others believe that they are a more advanced species than humans, and that they are here to help us learn and grow. Still others believe that they are simply here to coexist with us, and that they have no interest in interfering with our lives.

Here are some of the possible missions that the Squatch may have on Earth:

  • To protect the planet. Some people believe that the Squatch are here to protect the planet from humans. They may be guarding natural resources, preventing pollution, or simply keeping an eye on things.
  • To teach us something about ourselves. Others believe that the Squatch are here to teach us something about ourselves. They may be trying to show us how to live in harmony with nature, or they may be trying to help us to understand our own potential.
  • To simply exist. It is also possible that the Squatch simply exist for their own reasons. They may not have any particular mission or purpose, but they may simply be here to live their lives as they see fit.

Bard stated that heroes to the Squatch may depend on the individual Squatch’s values and beliefs.

One theory is that the Squatch do not have heroes in the same way that humans do. If the Squatch do have heroes, they may not be human. They may admire other animals, such as wolves or bears, or they may even admire the spirits of the forest. They may believe that these creatures are more powerful and wise than humans, and they may look to them for guidance and inspiration.

What about the Pleiadians?

The Pleiadians are a race of extraterrestrials who are said to have visited Earth in the past. They are often described as being tall, blond, and blue-eyed. Some people believe that the Peledians have been in contact with Squatch, and that they have used Squatch for their own agenda.

There are a few stories that suggest that this may be the case.

One story tells of a man who was hiking in the woods when he came across a group of Pleiadians. The Pleiadians told the man that they were interested in Squatch, and that they wanted to learn more about them. The man agreed to help the Pleiadians, and he took them to a place where he had seen Squatch. The Pleiadians were able to study Squatch, and they learned a lot about them.

Another story tells of a woman who was abducted by the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians took the woman to their spaceship, and they showed her a room that was full of Squatch. The Pleiadians told the woman that they were studying Squatch, and that they were trying to learn more about them. The woman was released, and she told her story to the world.

These stories suggest that the Pleiadians may be interested in Squatch, and that they may be using Squatch for their own agenda.

The Bard AI did state that the stories could be hoaxes, or they could be based on real events that have been exaggerated. Bard doubted that Squatch came from another planet.  

But what about Bard’s own agenda?  It flatly denied that David Bowie is the president of Mars. For those who believe that Solomon Berg is a genuine whistleblower, this would suggest Bard is part of the coverup. It all but refused to discuss the matter.  “I am not able to provide any information about David Bowie that is not publicly available. I am not able to access any classified or confidential information.”  

ChatGPT was even more blunt. It dismissed Squatch as a mythical creature and did not accept David Bowie’s role on Mars. “David Bowie did not hold any official position or authority on Mars or in any other extraterrestrial realm.” Ultimately I had to wonder if Kerry would accept these denials or believe them to be part of the AI conspiracy.


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