KerryWatch: Sean Morton Wants You to Buy His Book

Sean Morton Wants You to Buy His Books

     — A Kerry Cassidy Interview Reviewed

Kerry cassidy watch - blog. Spacecapn. ComA Project Camelot interview with Sean David Morton (America’s Favorite Fraudster®️)is usually surreal and this was no exception. Much of the interview was Sean trying to sell books. He dropped several bits of his alternative reality, switched thoughts in any number of directions. Kerry had to dissuade him from hexing George Soros — all in all it was typical Sean.  

The interview began with Sean reciting his various credentials. If there are those who have not kept track of Sean over the years, be aware that Sean is prone to fantasy, to put it charitably. His doctorate was purchased.  He did not study with Tibetans or otherwise is as accomplished as he suggests.  And he forgot to mention the SEC found him liable for civil fraud and he was later found guilty for criminal tax fraud.  As others have stated, it did not appear that the prophet saw it coming.

Sean eventually stated that he was found guilty of a crime without victims or financial loss. Sean wanted to help people but they slandered and destroyed him and others. The foreperson on his jury was a campaign manager for Obama and Hillary Clinton. This site has found no information about that.  

Sean mentioned several leading sovereigns citizen proponents, but at least he did not repeat his claims to be a constitutional law scholar. His embrace of sovereign citizen ideas did not work out well. After unsuccessfully raising a number of pseudo-law claims, Sean made a run for it after his conviction but again his foresight failed.

Sean morton wants you to buy his books
Morton wearing a shirt showing his Unified Field Theory equation. Go anywhere in the universe!

In any case, he now describes his Sands of Time book series as the greatest download of information.

In Act two of the series, Interlude, Sean wondered how Germany went from flying primitive biplanes to having craft capable of space flight in only 20 years. We supposedly know they had a space program. The Germans also developed the Nazi Bell that generated “solitons,” which he describes as purple time time waves that affects how things age. But how did they do it? 

According to Sean, Hitler’s mother worked as a maid in Baron Rothschild’s house and there ‘is a good possibility” that Hitler was Rothschild’s son. While David Icke and others have advanced the claim that a Rothschild was Hitler’s grandfather there is no evidence to support this or other variations

Fortunately Morton was given the secret diaries of Baron Fritz Wihelm Von Ritter Spottenheim, who would have otherwise been lost to history.  He found them in a file that warmed people not to publish them.  Evidently Sean was not dissuaded.

Sean was able to learn that the First Reich was the Sumerian and Babylonian money system that set up debt slavery and still controls the world’s financial system. The Second Reich was that of Rome and the Vatican. The ETs had hoped to set up a new Reich by using five women.  

Sean david morton wants you to buy his bookThe sisters began by channeling Dietrich Eckart, Hitler’s mentor, and then began to contact ancient Sumerians. The women lived in Spottenheim’s castle.  Fritz had developed the Nazi Flying discs, but he fell in love with one of the sisters, Sigrun. They thwarted the ETs by tricking the Nazis into starting the war before everything was in place.  

On March 11, 1945, Sigrun sent a message to all ger people that they were going home to Alderberan. Perhaps Sean was influenced by Rocky Horror, or is it actually the other way around? But they all vanished. There are legends that the Vril-Damen women are still around and look “super-hot” so perhaps there is more to their story,

It also means appeared that Fritz had died, but he was taken off planet and reborn. He has a big role to play in the next book, about the Aldebaran or Sumerian war. 

The last book will feature the Time Runner, Ted Humphrey, the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program and Nazis. It tells of the final war with the Alpha Draconian empire, who first settled the earth 65 million years ago. They eventually went underground as an inner-earth civilization of Reptilians.  The prophecies speak about the Archangels Michael — the Pleiadians— and the battles on Mars.  Mark Richards could not have told it better!

At the end, Humphrey leaves the planet forever, along with his sixth dimensional holographic girlfriend. No wonder these books are said to be nonfiction. The events were over by 2010 so it is also fortunate that we have Sean’s own prophecies to keep us current.

Of note is the cover of the Isomer Protocol that shows the secret S-2 facility. Area 51 was shut down in 1993, when the nine saucers there were moved to Kings Peak in the Unitah National forest of Utah. He is of course an expert in that, stemming from the days when he was known as the “99 Dollar Guy” for taking groups into the area.

Antebellum explores more of the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program and how we went to the moon in 1953. Sean explains where our tax money has gone to build all that is necessary for the SSP.

Sean also explored the Vatican in The Dark Prophet: Veil of the Anti-Christ, which he hopes will be made into a movie with Pierce Brosnan.  It is a masterpiece of spy fiction that explains how world events are connected to the Jesuits, the Knights of Malta, and ultimately the Vatican. Every single intelligence agency is directly connected to this.  

Sean Explains Things 

Sean david morton crystal ballThe collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) occurred because it was a front for fentanyl operations. Their assets were ready to be seized for the drugs which are bought by the government.   

Sean goes back to the Vatican, which had triggered 9-11 to try to stop the threat of Islam. The 4th Fatima prophecy was the Rome would be overrun by by Moslem forces.  The Malachi Prophecies went “wonky” –  the entire time line has shifted.  

The predictions of Nostradamus and Edward Cayce were also affected.  The Theosophist Madame Blavatsky had predicted a Death Star to happen in the past year. A supernova would appear near the constellation of Cygnus the Swan. It didn’t happen. For that matter, Sean’s own prediction that Pope Francis would be killed or resign last August 8th did not happen. Wonkiness might be one way of explaining it.

Apparently, Bill Gates and the Chinese might have something to do with it.  

Other banks are in trouble. They are overextended.  Interest is outstripping value. It is the result of the Sumerian-Aldeberon system that enslaves people. Sean pointed out that many religious systems had banned interest-based banks.

It might be noted that Morton thinks if free market had “done its magic,” other banks would have stepped in after SVB collapsed. But he also thinks that without a year of Jubilee, to cancel debts, we will move into “a cycle of discipline.” He did not consider whether discipline might be needed because of the free market.

He believes the federal government has stepped in because they are more than willing to shore up left wing, communistic, fentanyl fronts.  It might be questioned whether the government or any major party has ever embraced socialism, communism, or fentanyl. At bottom, Sean and I have basic disagreements but this is his interview.  Most of what I read from the right these days displays no understanding of what communism means other than something to use to tar other people. 

Sean predicts that between now and 2025 the United States will not look the same. This is the last “good year.” It has to do with Pluto and the cycle of nations.  We are reaching the end of several cycles.

He once urged people to buy cryptocurrency but that will collapse so that governments can take over electronic money.

There are back doors in the financial system. The Bushes used that to strip the Shah of Iran of all his wealth. They now are using PROMIS software, stolen from Inslaw by the Reagan administration. It is designed to track anything.  It became the basis of AI that we have now.

In 2006, Janet Yellin allegedly told him that the debt was larger than the Federal Reserve Notes in circulation. She had no idea how it was to be paid but saw a form of electronic currency.  Now she is treasury secretary and it’s starting to happen.

Kerry added that many of the failing banks were resisting AI and e-currency. She was told that “they” could make banks fail within 24 to 48 hours.  They are attacking Credit Suisse because it would not go along.  I wondered what that had to do with fentanyl.

As an aside, he thinks the Democrats are in power because Bankman Fried used the financial corruption to fund their candidates and the voting system has not been fixed. The Dominion suit against Fox will open them to discovery and expose how Dominion was linked to satellites and the Vatican to rig the election. Even that was not enough to defeat Trump, so the AFL-CIO called in the mafia to dump false ballots that were stamped with Joe Biden’s name.  

No wonder Sean and Kerry get along so well.

After DeSantis won all of Florida including the liberal Dade County — and then as soon as Trump started calling DeSantis names — Morton knew how the elections would come down. Going back to George Soros (of course!), during a Bilderberg meeting he had written an $89 million check to ensure Obama’s election. Hillary actually won the nomination but was told it was not her time.   They also promised that Chelsea would have a career.  

Today, Soros is funding DeSantis because they needed a Trump substitute.  Sean believes the nightmare scenario is if Trump runs as a third party candidate and splits the vote with DeSantis. If that happens the Democrats could nominate “retarded and brain dead” Fetterman and still win. A Trump-DeSantis ticket, however, would be unbeatable. There would be a massive renaissance. Kerry believes DeSantis is controlled by the Illuminati, so they compromised on Lake.

Kerry has been told there may be earth changes interfering with the elections.  Apparently Kerry gets told a lot of things, but they both agree that the system is still rigged through Vatican satellites.

By the time this post is written, everything should be going crazy.  it all has to do with Pluto.  Pluto going retrograde into Capricorn “sucks for the United States.” 

Pluto will moving to Aquarius in 2024. Kerry pointed out that the 2024 elections will be a window, but Sean did not answer her question about how Pluto might affect that. Sean stated that things will get hot with the Russians.  Sean also predicted years ago that China would be the main threat.

Sean states May 1 is important because that is when Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati — apparently not thinking that dates can be used for more than one reason.  

Aquarius rules Al and technology. The tech layoffs cut loose thousands of snowflakes with no real skills.

Sean looked at the future when he wrote the Vajra Chronicles, which the apparently nonexistent Tibetan monks taught him how to do.  A friend has been using ChatGPT to test his story. Sean thinks people will turn against AI. 

The CIA has stated that with the Chat AI it will be easier to control people. The CIA already owns a number of publications like Popular Mechanics.  The magazine mocked him for sending them photos of UFOs. Kerry has information that the CIA is run by one gray alien and the Vatican.  Covid was started because we had been developing genetically specific viruses to use against Japan during World War II. The Chinese wanted to do something similar to develop a virus that would affect everyone but the Chinese.. Presumably that did not work out well and 5g along with hyper-oxygenation used in hospitals spiked Covid. 

Sean noted that Biden’s tattoos have disappeared, using doubles is standard operating procedure. Others have not been able to see them but again the claim is Sean’s standard procedure.


Unless otherwise stated, the views expressed here are Sean’s and have nothing to do with this site.  Do not take anything he says as reality.  As they say, do your own research.

Morton can be entertaining if you ignore the fraud and the false prophecies — he should be glad the ancient means of dealing with erroneous prophets are not in effect. If Sands Of Time were billed along the lines of the Illuminatus Trilogy and parodied conspiracy theories it would be much more fun.  Ultimately I keep thinking about how this applies to him:


Maxwell smart contemplates sean david morton


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