From Mars to Squatch: KerryWatch

From Mars to Squatch

— A KerryWatch Review 

Kerry cassidy watch - blog. Spacecapn. ComKerry Cassidy took a break from the usual material on Juan Savin, JFK Jr, conspiracies involving vaccinations or QAnon fantasies. Instead, Project Camelot presented Major Solomon Berg. The story describes how Berg spent a year on Mars and “explains about how the Yetis/Squatch beings are caught in the middle of the BATTLE BETWEEN THE PLEIADIANS AND DRACOS FOR CONTROL OF EARTH.”

From the start, it should be noted that Berg looks even less like a major than Captain Mark Richards looks like a captain. Despite this, Kerry assures us that he was part of an above top secret project called Black Kraken. “He is a doctor of Anthropology recruited into the military who spent a year on Mars and eventually was brought on board to handle a captured Sasquatch aka Yeti and established telepathic communication with it and the over-mind of the species.” He is now more of an outlaw than a soldier but uses the title as part of his identification.

Squatching on mars: kerrywatch
Major Solomon Berg

Berg was last posted with the Marines but the Black Kraken was more than a military assignment. In his senior year of high school he was recruited by Owl to help expand the boundaries of knowledge and existence. In 2006 and 2008, he was involved in two incidents with the Iranian and Afghanistan stargates. At that time he learned about the grays and knew that they were mercenaries — which raised a question about for whom they were working. 

In 2010, he was assigned to Mars after Owl contacted him again. Berg knew about Randy Cramer, who had been on Mars earlier than him.

The space program used nuclear powered fusion pulse drive ships to go to Mars — essentially using nuclear bombs similar to the alleged Orion ships. It must have been an old ship that had not transitioned to the Richards Anti-Matter Drive. It was a missed opportunity, though, since including the RAM drive would have indicated deep knowledge of Kerry’s interviews.

He spent a year there, where he primarily studied Martian archeology with his research assistant Daniel Jordan. Berg was stationed at underground base near Cydonia, which is identified with the face of Mars. It was the site of an ancient battle and he helped comb the area for artifacts. Mars has a number of climates including areas where it is possible to breathe and Berg was able to explore the area.

The Martian nationals had cone to the planet around the same time that the earth was ruled by Atlantis. Mars was a cosmopolitan world that included human beings. Among the species was one similar to a fish who lived on a gas giant. They were controlled by a benevolent AI. Kerry pointed out that the Draco are also said to be controlled by an AI, but both agreed that the Draco are hardly benevolent.

Berg found one artifact that he was able to smuggle home — an ancient stone pipe that had been used by a teenaged conscript to inhale psychoactive drugs. They used remote viewers and analyzed the substance in the pipe. Jordan smoked it as well.  

On Mars, Berg encountered Trogs, an insectoid species who lived underground. There was also reptilians who were almost like cast off Dracos.

There were two interstellar factions: the Guardian alliance of the Pleiadian Emprire and the Luciferian alliance of the Dracos. These were pitted against each other after a prominent human faction emerged, led by a half human and Anunnaki hybrid. Other beings who claimed to be native Martians grew resentful, which led to war. Berg emphasized that the dividing line between the two was not necessarily black and white.  

Both have their own agendas. The Pleiadians might be light workers but they are still expansionist.The Draco are centered around domination.  It is important to realize that an entire species cannot be judged on the basis of a government.

After returning home, he worked out of Temple University in human-animal communication. This research caught the attention of Colonel Lionel Sperlinghetti, who in 2017 had captured a Squatch in the Northwest.[1] Would it be giving away too much to note that we can find no reference to the colonel? Perhaps it is an assumed name like ‘“Owl.”                                          

There are no heroes to the squatch - spacecapn blog

The Squatch settled on Earth on earth. They are more intelligent than humans and are related to both the humans and the Pleiadians. They are named for the noise made by the creatures when they are young. They use titles instead of names and before earning their titles they are just called “Squatch.” One of the older Squatches is the Wizard of Washington who is over 1300 years old.

Berg himself is a sensitive who has developed telepathic communication with mammals who have a Corpus Callosum brain structure, which connects the two brain hemispheres. Berg had started the research with his cat and other mammals but soon learned there were hard limits. Placental mammals alone could be used. No communication could be established with giraffes.  

The overmind is a collective consciousness that the Squatch uses to communicate.  It cannot be used against ones will. Berg used this to establish communication with the Squatch. Other researchers dismissed this and called him “Dr. Doolittle.”

The Squatch who was captured is 300 years old, the equivalent of a person in the early 20s. The military wanted to use it for propaganda. Both of the interstellar factions wanted to use this. The government had been infiltrated by Dracos and Squatch needed to be taken elsewhere. In 2018, Black Kragen went rogue. The Squatch is now in hiding upon his own request, under protective guard in Israel outside of Tel Aviv, where the Annunaki are in control.

The Sqatches are refugees from both the Pleiadians and the Draco. There are no heroes to them and both factions have wanted to use them. Nevertheless, Berg was able to form a connection. Squatch may have been comfortable with him because of a shared cultural history of the diaspora — they are refugees who now wander. He also used humor to gain trust by wearing a gorilla mask. 

Spacecapn blog - squatch tending the orchard
Squatch at Work Tending an Old Orchard

As a result of being refugees, there are few female Squatches on earth. The males are nomadic. Some may work odd jobs or barter. Some can pass for human if they shave their bodies and file their teeth. Over the years, they collected various craft and use cloaking devices to keep them secret.

Berg’s initial communication took on a deeper, emotional level. He came to identify the Squatch as a missing link, connecting between our past and future, between the earth and the stars. 

The Sasquatch has tried to assist beings on other planets but they have been burned before. Other races have have treated them bad because they are different than Pleiadians and Dracos. They are cautious with humans. Ideally the Squatch wants a homeland.

This Interview speaks for itself — a return to form for Kerry — but it may be similar to the performance art that would explain the Mark Richards interviews. The assistant’s name, Daniel Jordan, appears to be a play upon Dan and Jordan from Knowledge Fight. Still, there are some major differences with other offerings.  Rather than the space battles of Mark Richards or the political intrigue that dominates much of Kerry’s thought, the world that Squash inhabits is much more nuanced. Again, there are no heroes, which is something that neither Richards or Cassidy have ever learned.

Berg himself presents an interesting contrast to Cassidy. He mentioned that he has always been an advocate for progressive causes and justice. How far will this fly in terms of a lasting relationship when Kerry embraces Trump and QAnon? A second interview is planned and given her mention of Captain Mark Richards there may be hopes for a future interview with him.


KerryWatch:  Occasionally paying attention to Kerry Cassidy so you don’t have to.


1 Would it be giving away too much to note that we can find no reference to the colonel? Perhaps it is an assumed name like ‘“Owl.”                                          

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