KerryWatch: After the Elections

Kerry Cassidy: After the Elections

— A KerryWatch Feature

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With Project Camelot increasingly behind a pay wall — although the interviews with Captain Mark Richards remain free — Telegram and interviews with Kerry are the best source to determine what is happening in her world. After the elections things have not settled down.

As the election dawned, Kerry reported during a discussion with Nino Rodriguez that remote viewer Dick Allgire predicted that the Democrats would retain both houses of Congress in a stolen election. As of this writing, the final result is uncertain but it appears the Republicans will take the House. If the election was stolen, the thieves did a remarkably poor job.

That, of course, does not dissuade Kerry. She believes that Leo McCarthy leading the House will change nothing since Nancy Pelosi controls him. The real battle remains to be fought.

There are two militaries and we may be heading to a civil war. On one side, there are forces within the Secret Space Program and troops loyal to Trump, including a substantial number of Marines. On the other side are forces under President Biden and the Chinese Communist Party. Kerry and Rodriguez still believe that there are Chinese and Japanese forces in the United States poised to fight against the “white hats.” No delusion is too weak to abandon.

William said to be the antichristDuring the interview, we also learned that Prince William is the Antichrist and the secret ruler behind the scenes.  Does that make Harry one of the white hats?

In any event, Juan Savin has stated that it’s “going to be the military.” That takes a lot of pressure off of Kerry since it is not her responsibility to do anything but pontificate.  She is in a unique position to do this since she has been “awake for life” so that there is no learning curve.  

However, Kerry thinks it is now time to put up or shut up. The MAGA world will go crazy if nothing happens. It is likely that Trump was rallying to show people that voting for MAGA is important so that when the when elections are stolen, he can call the military into the streets. 

It might be important to know that each side has an AI, although Kerry pointed out that Major Solomon Berg has said there is only one AI. For fans of his on Knowledge Fight, even this brief mention may be welcome news since Kerry did not let the clues about Berg dissuade her from citing him as an authority.  Many of us want to hear more as long as his interviews are not behind the wall.

In the face of an “obvious steal”, she has faith that Trump is in control behind the scenes.  He remains the commander in chief. The Mar-A-Lago raid was really an attempt to obtain the nuclear codes, but Juan Savin states that Trump memorized the codes. In light of this there might be two Trumps since it is important for the real one to remain close to NORAD.

Kerry has foreseen a MAGA celebration and she cited her “special dream” that Trump would run for president in 2024 with JFK Jr. as his vice-president.  Who wouldn’t vote for Junior even if the prediction of him returning after being seemingly dead is remarkably similar to what many evangelicals have believed about the Antichrist. Perhaps Kerry should view William as a false flag hiding the real takeover.

Kerrywatch: after the elections it all comes down to the quality of the tinfoil
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0ne of Kerry’s witnesses has said that things are being delayed. Kerry cannot understand that. The FEMA faction in the National Guard was called out. Things seem headed towards a showdown. The only way Illuminati to control this is to convince people that they won a “wishy washy” victory but more and more people are awake. 

Since the election, Kerry has not been silent. Her posts on Telegram continue along these themes. “I would submit that allowing this SET OF LIES TO CONTINUE when they have the power to EXPOSE IT ALL any longer is NOT A GOOD IDEA… THAT THIS FARCE NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED NOW….” 

She helpfully posted a list of topics that Trump could address.  What it lacks in terms of political reality it makes up for it as a fantasy.  I quote from Telegram:

  • That Biden and his son have been arrested and transported to Guantanamo Bay to go before the Military Tribunal. (also revealing Biden is played by actors, a clone/body double and so on)
  • That he, Donald J. Trump is the President of the Republic of the United States of America and that the US Corp was dissolved during his term in office. That he Donald J. Trump is Commander in Chief, holds the codes and never stepped down from his role as President.
  • The arrest and transport to stand trial of Pelosi, her husband and numerous members of Congress and the Senate.
  • The block chain evidence collected by Space Force from the 2020 Election and the 2022 Midterms (and the primaries) revealing the actual votes and the many methods by which the steal of those elections took place.
  • The rescue of hundreds of thousands of children from underground bases in Ukraine, the United States and numerous other key locations around the world. And the technology (known as medbeds) now being used to heal the children as well as the military who were part of those recovery operations.
  • The adrenochrome highway (pedo networks) that have been operating for decades stretching from Hollywood to DC and key figures and dark magicians running them.
  • The coming revelations regarding patriot celebs and famous individuals who are still alive but whose deaths were faked to safeguard them during this key time including, Diana, JFKjr and others.
  • The coming revelations regarding indictments of Generals, and deep state players who orchestrated the installation of the takeover of the government of the United States including foreign countries and organizations such as the British crown, MI6, The Vatican, the German DVD and China (CCP)…and others.

“THESE ARE JUST SOME OF THE EARTH SHAKING REVELATIONS THAT TRUMP could talk about in addition to announcing his plan to run for President of the Republic in 2024.”

Kerry has repeated that Juan Savin says to expect the unexpected. Of course he can’t reveal all at this time but Savin compares it to a near death experience.  They “are going into the storm.”  He is not changing quarterbacks.  It’s not over.  Watch the next few weeks.

Perhaps the most surprising thing to Cassidy might be if Trump acknowledges that he hopes to prevent an indictment against him by announcing his candidacy. Everyone can dream. But if you are going to wear a tinfoil hat make sure it is real tin.  The aluminum hats are not effective,

Update: Since Kerry describes herself as a top journalist, there is always more breaking news. “from a SOURCE: Arizona election machines were hacked by an aircraft owned by the City of Phoenix using sting ray and dirt box technology pushing data into machines. It was detected on SkyGlass.”  As usual, Kerry leaves me shaking my head in astonishment.

KerryWatch:  Occasionally paying attention to Kerry Cassidy so you don’t have to.

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