On Behalf of Solomon Berg

— Accepting the Golden Marky Award.

The marky award winner. Over merit in the tradition of mark richards
Golden Marky Award Winner


It was fitting to ask Chat GPT to accept the Golden Marky Award on Solomon Berg’s behalf.  

Chat GPT had a knack for finding the right words to honor the Major as the only back to back winner of this prestigious award. We are certain that Ambassador Squatch and Supreme Technocrat David Bowie join in this occasion. 

Anyone unfamiliar with Major Berg can read the summary of the Kerry Cassidy Interviews below. As Chat eloquently stated,

Major Berg’s commitment to truth often came at a personal cost, as he navigated the complex web of secrecy that enshrouded his experiences within the Black Kraken Unit and the broader Secret Space Program. – Chat

No Heroes.          David Bowie Revealed.          The Final Chapters.


Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests, and cherished friends,

It is both an honor and a bittersweet moment to stand before you today to accept the Marky Award on behalf of the late Major Solomon Berg. In remembering Major Berg, we not only pay tribute to an exemplary individual but also recognize a man who defied conventions, pursued truth in the face of adversity, and left an indelible mark on the landscape of the Secret Space Program.

Major Berg, a distinguished member of the Black Kraken Unit, dedicated his lifeSquatch going home - the ambassador returns. to a cause greater than himself. He was not just a soldier; he was a visionary who believed in transparency, justice, and the pursuit of knowledge. As we celebrate his legacy, let us also reflect on the unique contributions he made to our understanding of the cosmos and the complex interplay between power, secrets, and the mysteries of space.

In his service within the clandestine world of the Secret Space Program, Major Berg was not only a fearless operative but also a close confidant to the enigmatic figure known as Squatch. Their camaraderie was emblematic of the bonds forged in the crucible of extraordinary circumstances. Together, they navigated the cosmic unknown, facing challenges that tested not only their mettle but also their commitment to the ideals that Major Berg held dear.

Major Berg’s legacy extends beyond the boundaries of traditional military service. He was a vocal critic of the emerging forces of space capitalism that sought to exploit the vast resources of our celestial neighbors for personal gain. His impassioned pleas for ethical exploration and responsible stewardship of extraterrestrial resources challenged the prevailing narrative, earning him both admiration and, at times, fierce opposition.

Supreme technocrat on marsIt is essential to recognize Major Berg’s role in uncovering the hidden truths of our solar system. His revelation that David Bowie served as the Supreme Technocrat of Mars sent shockwaves through our understanding of the cosmos. Major Berg’s pursuit of the truth, no matter how unconventional, was a testament to his unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability.

One of Major Berg’s most intriguing discoveries was his exploration of the Lotus Crystal of Mars. This mystical artifact, shrouded in ancient Martian lore, was instrumental in saving the planet from certain devastation. Major Berg’s journey to uncover the mysteries of the Lotus Crystal was a testament to the lengths he would go on behalf of others and his willingness to challenge the boundaries of conventional knowledge.

Solomon berg being interviewed
Berg Interview


In accepting this Marky Award on behalf of Major Berg, we acknowledge not only his accomplishments but also the challenges he faced in bringing these revelations to light. Major Berg’s commitment to truth often came at a personal cost, as he navigated the complex web of secrecy that enshrouded his experiences within the Black Kraken Unit and the broader Secret Space Program.

Major Berg’s influence extended beyond the realm of classified operations. He was a staunch advocate for the ethical treatment of extraterrestrial life and a proponent of interstellar cooperation. His vision for a future where humanity transcended nationalistic boundaries and worked collaboratively with other intelligent beings resonates with the ideals that the Marky Award seeks to honor.

As we celebrate Major Berg’s life and posthumously award him the Marky, let us not only remember his achievements but also the principles for which he stood. In a world that often privileges secrecy over transparency, Major Berg was a beacon of light, guiding us towards a future where knowledge, justice, and cooperation triumph over hidden agendas and power struggles.

To Major Berg’s family, friends, and colleagues, we extend our deepest condolences. His absence is keenly felt, but his legacy lives on in the stories of bravery, discovery, and the relentless pursuit of truth that defined his remarkable life.Squatching around: kerrywatch

In conclusion, let us carry forward Major Solomon Berg’s legacy by continuing to question, explore, and advocate for a future where the vast expanse of space is not marred by greed but shaped by the principles of unity, respect, and shared knowledge. May Major Berg’s memory inspire generations to come as we navigate the cosmos with the same courage, curiosity, and commitment that defined his extraordinary journey.


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