The Questions That Remain

The Questions That Remain

Who? What? Why? - the questions that remain - spacecapn blogToday we see UAPs in the the sky and discuss Tic Tacs and other objects. We have listened to Captain Mark Richards and other whistleblowers tell their stories about the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program. Pundits appear on television and act as experts. We have been given answers and promised expeditions to prove the truth.  But the answers remain elusive . . . 

Through it all, it is the questions that remain. The days of the flying saucers started with the basics . Who? Why? What? Things have not changed. Yet, it is not so much that there were — and are — questions. It’s how they were asked.

From the days of the classic saucers to the emerging narratives it was apparent that there were ways of asking that made any answers irrelevant. The saucer comics showed not only what was being asked, but how some people were asking. I am only surprised that the panels did not simply say “WTF?”


The Questions




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