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A KerryWatch® Update

Kerry Asks a Moral Question!

“US elections on November 3, 2020 were won by President Donald Trump in all 50 states. . . . The official ballot was electronic watermarked, which the counterfeiters were unaware of. So every vote cast for President Trump was recorded on a quantum server & the fate of each ballot is known. The Military Alliance, which stands behind President Trump, decided to show people how deeply corrupt all government institutions are . . .”  – Kat Anon / Nesara


Kerrywatch - moral question - spacecapn blog

Last year, Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot) expressed deep frustration with how things were proceeding. She had been assured by Juan Savin that Trump had been recognized as Commander-In-Chief, but wondered how long would the present “farce” continue. Kerry’s frustration might have been expected. Even her former partner Bill Ryan (Project Avalon) wrote that he had not expected that it would take so long. 

Kerry continues to wait.  Rather than questioning whether her beliefs were accurate, she thinks Trump is the President and ponders when he will come forward and reveal the “truth.”  It’s a dilemma.  She thinks the Kat Anon quote is hopium, but she must then wrest with the implications.

Trump has in essence been a gov in exile to allow the Biden/Pelosi crazies to do their worst in order to ‘show the people’ how diabolical those people are. Yes on Jan 21 2022 according to Juan O Savin… after 1 year of allowing the foreign takeover of the US gov to proceed, Trump and team legally, according the DOD manual based on the Geneva convention could take back our country by FORCE.  Of course Biden is played by actors and a clone.”

She asserts that people are looking for changes to be revealed. JFK Jr. could make himself known —  particularly if Juan Savin is willing to get a DNA test. The 30,000 secret indictments could be unsealed.  But nothing seems to happen.  No wonder she is frustrated. Still, if you can’t have hopium under these circumstances, when can you indulge?

To Kerry this raises a moral issue. Actors – including Jim Carrey – are playing the role of Biden. Christopher Miller has taken over as head of the military. At what point, then, does Trump bear responsibility? If you can’t tell the difference between the color of the hats, then what had changed?  If you are simply waiting to show the corruption, and there are disasters that happen in the meantime, then Trump’s watch is implicated.

There is, of course, an obvious answer, but it is one that Kerry and those who remain locked into her brand of conspiracy thinking refuse to recognize. Unfortunately, Kerry will continue to grow frustrated that reality does not conform to QAnon fantasy. Or will she simply invent new fantasies?

The answer was provided within a few days of the original post.

Breaking News:

      • JFKjr is the current VP of the United States
      • Snake venom is part of the Covid concoction orchestrated by AI
      • Reptilians!

To take care of the most obvious question, Kerry really said these things.  I did not make this up.  

Nesara / Gesara – Hopium Delusions 

Kerry Cassidy has criticized the Nesara website as offering hopium. They maintain that Trump, Putin, and Xi Jinping have everything under control to defeat globalism and bring peace. They promise it will be soon.

Most of their laundry list on the coming changes are pretty standard fare. They look forward to the day when bank debt will be eliminated, income tax is abolished and the Fed eliminated. They would release over 6000 patents of suppressed healing tech and other innovations – perhaps Randy Cramer could finally develop a healing bed. 

Princess ivanka and the titles of nobility amendmentThey also seek to revive the Titles of Nobility Amendment. This is curious. The 1787 amendment would have stripped citizenship and render people ineligible for office if they “accept, claim, receive or retain, any title of nobility or honour” or accept any “present, pension, office or emolument of any kind” from a foreign power.  This may not appear to be a problem, although it would prevent Ivanka from becoming a real Princess so it seems unlikely to be revived in a Trump takeover.

Ultimately, they believe that establishing peace will release “GINORMOUS sums of money for humanitarian purposes.” It might be hard to argue with that – even President Eisenhower lamented that the money spent on arms and the military industrial complex meant that human needs were not being met.   

Trump certainly made little progress with these points on his administration, which concentrated on ways to make the rich richer. The list seems like another way to make Kerry frustrated. It comes down to “hopium.” If that is a form of delusion I might finally agree with Cassidy on something.


KerryWatch:  Occasionally paying attention to Kerry Cassidy so you don’t have to.



Updated: 4/22

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Firesign theater explains it.

Odds Ends . . .

Odds, ends,. . . The spacecapn blog

Terry the Censor has realized that the simulation is complete. Despite this insight, it’s not possible to underestimate what Kerry Cassidy has contributed to the dissolution of the matrix. She might not have won the award, but that would only be due to her lifetime achievement.

Kerry started with false flags that included an alien invasion and an operation to cover covid tracks. She went on to explain that “on March 7, 2022 (or 15th) our military apparently acted and swore in President TRUMP as COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF.” Apparently the military is waiting to announce this until public opinion makes it possible for them to act.

Kerry, of course, describes a coup d’état and the end of democracy. Coups have often not turned out well, from Suharto killing millions in Indonesia to Pinochet overthrowing democracy in Chile. If the January 6th calls to hang Pence are any indication, Kerry’s vision leads to war crimes.

It is not just a routine false flag that is a issue:

Alien AI and group of alien beings do involve Grey ETs, Reptilians and Draco among others such as spider beings and so on who have an agenda involving Luciferian/Satanism and their real advance team or boots on the ground are known as THE GLOBALISTS & THE CCP.

This might not have been enough absurdity to start our path to oblivion, but Kerry went on to write a cautionary note:

Regarding the Slavic people.  I believe the labs were not simply intent on killing them.  There is reason to believe Slavic people like the Irish may have special genes that REPEL conventional viruses.  Keep in mind they are always interested not so much in killing people with gene therapy/viruses but in reengineering the genome to BUILD A SUPERSOLDIER ARMY… 

The cumulative effect of all of this might mean that Añjali is right about the coming end in 2027.  Perhaps, as Terry suggests, the level has advanced to the point that the simulation is complete. The only thing left to do is to get our affairs in order until the earth wraps things up. 

Firesign theater explains it.

Fortunately we have something that explains it all. Thanks to a post by Curt Collins, we are reminded that Everything You Know Is Wrong. That includes predictions, conspiracy, and what you learned from messages from higher beings!

In 1974, the Firesign Theater produced an album that challenged all that we knew. It turned aliens and the new age upside down. It still does. Captain Mark Richards, Añjali, Kerry Cassidy, Carlos Castenada, Blindfrog Ranch — nothing really changes so it’s all here in one form or the other.


“In case of an alien encounter while in an aircraft, 1) Crawl under your seat & look away, 2) avoid eye contact, and 3) In the absence of eyes, avoid ALL contact.” – The Firesign Theater


Perhaps it influenced Mark. He may have listened to this as a college student (not as a officer), sitting around his room in the family house until its secrets were revealed and Pendragon became real.


“If you were never a special person, you are a special person now.”  The Firesign Theater.


Many people had experiences listening to the Theater before experiencers became popular. Who didn’t turn on the record player and listen to the Theater, late at night, with friends, in a house set in an orange grove in mystical Ojai? Who didn’t have the Firesign Theater change the nature of the universe for them? Perhaps I have said too much. Listen to this and Part Two or purchase a copy through the above link. The wikipedia article might explain some of it should you begin to question your understanding.  

Around the time that the Theater released this album, it was popular to say “Question Authority.” Don’t stop with conventional authority.  Question your experience or other forms of authority. If not, you could end up thinking you are a space captain or that you visited higher beings in a nonexistent tunnel. Don’t let that happen to you.

Odds, ends . . .  Oddness is better than ending in 2027. If you go with oddness keep it balanced with an objective dose of reality.


“If you want to better understand #UFO phenomena, start w/a deep dive into the source of #consciousness & literal vibrational frequency. Talk to experiencers. Explore the woo. Meditate; seek quiet connectedness. You may be surprised what you learn, the dots that suddenly connect.” – Añjali 


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Scary kerry - the space capn blog

Scary Kerry: The Present Crisis Updated

“If Trump is actually Commander-in-Chief, he won’t be sitting idle during this time. Are the troops on site to go into the underground bases and the tunnel system known to be inside Ukraine?  Now that troops from both sides are ‘in place’ what is their real operation?”

In a time of crisis, with both “aliens” and war trending on social media, it was time it check in with Scary Kerry (AKA Sweary Kerry®) on the Project Camelot site to see how she unpacks it.   


Scary kerry - the space capn blog
In Happier Times

“What I am getting is that this entire maneuver by US and Russia to create a “war game” and war scenario where Russia is seen as the “invader” is a ruse to cover the necessary actions these two super powers must take to deal with the ET race or races involved in both Ukraine and Crimea and handle the fall-out from their presence.”

Kerry believes that disclosure would reveal the threat posed by alien interventions through portals. These portals are now at issue. She thinks the Crimea contains nine pyramids and military vehicles disappear there, as if they were in the Bermuda Triangle. There is also a mountain in the Ukraine that is a center of dark magic and a reptilian command post. Supposedly, it is likely that Ukraine has called on Russia and the United States for help in dealing with this incursion.

Captain Mark Richards, one of Kerry’s “top witnesses”, has stated that war was used as a cover operation for dealing with invading species during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Those battling aliens also used fires in Northern California as a cover. The possibility of war, then, is the typical Kerry Cassidy false flag operation.

“It’s called the secret space program and we have been working with the Russians on this even before Kennedy said lets go to space with the Russians

You still think the Russians are our enemy? What about the ETs?  Friends or enemies or both?  As above so below.

You think the aliens are smart enough to go inter dimensional and they don’t communicate with us???  They abduct millions worldwide and you think there’s nothing to worry about?

They make deals with all our governments over disclosure and you still think you can trust them?  How corrupt are our governments??? People are finding out… how corrupt are the ETs that make deals with them??

Grow up people…. If ET was your friend why aren’t they fighting on our side against the tyranny??”

Although Sweary Kerry became popular on the Knowledgea Fight podcast, she might be aptly called Scary Kerry. She is grounded in fear.  Yet if evil aliens have abducted millions and are in league with the new world order, why can’t they deal with Kerry? If the best that they can up with is an ineffective scalar attack, then perhaps we have little to worry about.

The days when aliens only wanted World Peace seem nostalgic. Even Añjali, who presents a new age image of love and light, brings fear that humans have either lost the vote in the alien Council or the earth will deal with us on its own in 2027.

Instead of the contactees, Cassidy returns to Reagan when he wondered if an alien threat would bring the world together. Indeed, if Putin is our friend and we fight the aliens together, then we do not have to worry about the geopolitical implications of the Ukraine or how the outcome of a war might affect either side. Political ramifications are simplified in the face of an alien invasion.

It may not be so simple even for those who take Kerry seriously. According to Captain Mark there are many alien alliances, with many interests at stake — the divisions seem familiar but do the aliens even matter? Prince Nagadraconis and the raptors might want to eat us, but they also seem to be satisfied with chocolate. And if the Draco are on the run, who is threatening who?  

Somehow, though, neither Kerry’s analysis nor Mark Richards scares me. There are more immediate events in the news every day. But it gets even more complicated because another article by Kerry seems to minimize alien involvement in favor of the standard cabal:

“Your mission should you decide to accept it… is to see beneath the Putin ‘troop withdrawal’, cyber attack on Ukraine and arrival of American troops (1000?) into what is really going on.”

. . . . 

“Putin is the friend of the Patriots in America under Trump because we have similar interests which are centered on keeping the globalists out of our countries and resisting their attempts to dominate us.”

. . . .

“And the business of the globalists is the Luciferan/Satanic pedo/blood/adrenochrome dependent regimes who want to rule over the world and the thorn in their plan is the Russia/U.S. under Trump and the Patriots alliance.”

Perhaps it is the alien Luciferians who are the troublemakers, with help from the dark magicians. It is apparently not Trump, despite how his only concern seems to be advancing his private interests and keeping out of prison. It is not the insurrectionists, despite how they seek to topple the constitution in order to save a sense of their privilege and power. It is not even that Putin seemed like he had something that he could use against Trump. Q runs deep and need not be consistent.

Kerry offers a call to expose the “vampiric races” and to engage in a battle to remove the globalists from the planets. Her views do not leave much room for discussion or debate. As she wrote about Captain Mark Richards, “those who are in denial about the existence of visiting alien races, chemtrails, ufos, and state-sponsored terrorism also known as false flags, have little imagination.”  If rationality is a handicap, what more can be said?

Scary Kerry indeed if the battle lines are drawn.  

Update from Scary Kerry, as the invasion of the Ukraine is launched, Kerry announced “war games” and states that was “in an agreed upon exercise.”  

“I still think Trump and Putin have decided to work.together to clean out the dumbs and pedos and criminals in Ukraine…. “

“Recently, Juan O Savin even called Putin’s moves “brilliant”….that should tell you something.”

Kerry believes that the invasion confirms that she is right about the aliens and that this is a “planned exercise to bring Biden to the brink of being exposed because he is NOT Commander-in-Chief.”  The war will also “distract people away from the prosecutions for the whole Covid debacle” and to cover the Covid tracks. 


“The trouble is that many humans remain in the fight or flight mode and do not analyze world happenings wrapping in the role of alien/and alien AI factions.“  – Scary Kerry.


Contrary to Kerry’s headline about war games, war is never a game. Trump is not the commander. And Juan Savin is not JFK Jr. or anything but a QAnon conspiracy monger who is consistently wrong.  

That should tell you something about Kerry’s imagination and where the world stands today.


(Updated 2/24.)

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They live - the space capn blog

They Live

Memes of mark richards -adventures of captain mark richards - they live


“ABOUT THE VAX AND TRUMP……The reality is that JFKjr/Juan and Trump are a tag team.  Trump wears the real mask hiding who he really is… playing a part to garner the vote and acting like he backs the vaccine while Juan is staunchly speaking out against vaccines and telling the Patriots what’s really happening in parables while being physically masked.”  Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot Blog.

Although Donald Trump spoke in favor of the covid vaccines, Kerry Cassidy reconciled her faith in Trump by referring to the classic horror movie They Live. In the film, aliens have begun taking over the world, including the most important political and economic positions. They appear to be normal human beings, but they can be seen for what they are if a person wears special dark glasses.
They live - the space capn blog
Kerry believes that if you see the world through her special glasses you can understand that Trump “has to falsely back the vax and take other positions in order to appear palatable to the portion of the Republican party that believes in old science of the ‘virus’ and the ‘vaccine’ . . . They needed to see the proof all around them and see the paradigm fall around their knees exposed for what it was… a blood drinking Nazi cult of death.”

According to Cassidy, Trump should be credited because he “has often crossed the line into the truth camp while speaking about hyrdroxycloroquine and calling out the absurdity of the masks.” But even the secret space program has been taken over by the reptilians.   Therefore, we must “return to the days of revolution when we fight the British and the Germans but this time the real dark magicians at the high reaches of those countries… the Illuminati as they are sometimes called.Those who have given their souls to Lucifer or Satan… or the Reptilian god Baal (all the same).” We must see what is “behind the masks.”

“Latest news is Biden and cohorts plan to try to lock down STATES BORDERS… in a further move to divide and conquer.  Hold the line in the face of this enemy.”
From the Will They Stop At Nothing file (12/21)

Seeing behind the masks might be an art form. Mark Richards once warned Kerry that Trump was controlled by aliens who communicated through Melania. If I believed in the Captain’s tales or the alien agenda, it might be one of the few points where I could agree with him.

Maga masks - spacecapn blog
Graphic by Mitch O’Connell

It should be noted that They Live had a far different message than Kerry’s.  The film maker John Carpenter explained the movie’s central idea. “All of the aliens are members of the upper class, the rich, and they’re slowly exploiting the middle class, and everybody’s becoming poorer.”  It was a critique of Reaganomics and neoliberalism. Indeed, Carpenter called it a documentary.

In the years since They Live was made, it has remained relevant, but not in the way that Cassidy envisions. The economic policy that Reagan advocated was based on supply-side theories and eliminating and restrictions on the free-market economy. Reaganomics pushed for lower taxes for the wealthy and less business regulation by the government. The idea was that showering the rich with even more money in the pockets of the wealthy, and more unrestrained power given to corporations, the wealth would somehow trickle down into the middle, the working class and the poor.

George Bush called it “voodoo economics.”  I called it “credit card economics.” It turned us into a debtor nation and made the rich richer.

Donald Trump embraced the same policies. Tax breaks were given to the rich while the income gap expanded. It goes along with the messages in Carpenter’s film telling people to “marry and reproduce,” “consume,” “no imagination,” and “money is your God,” on billboards and magazines. In the movie, some humans worked against their own interests by siding with the aliens. It is that kind of world that Trump personifies and Cassidy ultimately follows.

They live sunglasses - spacecapn blog
Kerry believes that she is imaginative enough to see behind the masks.  Perhaps it takes imagination when those that feed her world view — Juan Savin, Simon Parkes, Sean Morton, and other “reliable sources” — are consistently wrong. Through it all,Trump has been able to convince his followers to give him money, allow him to take over their party, and believe that he is something other than what he is. What does that make Kerry?



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Space capn year in review

Another Year in Review 


Space capn - another year in review
Wombo – The Investigation App of the Year

It was a momentous year for this site since we moved from Google, rewrote and added several new articles before launching our blog.  But now it’s time to take the traditional look back and highlight the best of 2021. Read below to find out who won the coveted Mark Richards award.

Although much of the news seemed to be taken up with whatever Lue is up to, the recent bill to study UAPs, or the efforts to raise John Kennedy Jr. and bring him to Dallas, there were other interesting developments that deserve recognition. Our own list included some who are particularly important to this site, in reverse order:

5.  The Rise and Fall of Añjali

If it had not been for Añjali, the Kennedy story might have won honors for the Best Nonevent of the Year. Añjali had a style of her own, beginning with her press conference to announce an expedition to a tunnel in the Mojave to meet alien beings by the end of 2021. This catapulted her to fame as she appeared on several podcasts and captured the hearts of those who long for the days when space aliens wanted world peace and to help humanity transcend to higher levels.

Añjali press conference - another year in reviewThe story had a dramatic undertone since Añjali made clear that the “save the humans” faction on the galactic Council had lost the majority and if we did not transcend soon we were destined for the planet Orion. If you questioned her too hard she was likely to block you —apparently the higher beings were sensitive to criticism.

In the spirit of democracy, Añjali added a UFOTwitter representative to the team that she was going to take to the desert. She began a poll to determine who was going. The late Stanton Freeman had to decline his spot in the poll for obvious reasons.

Then things got even more interesting. People began to track down Wayne, who built the desert tunnel. Some tried to contact him and reportedly were told that he knew nothing about an expedition. Another person made up evidence about their investigation to try to get Añjali to admit her story was made up. Añjali maintained that people had gotten the wrong Wayne. If my conclusion about him is correct, I am disappointed that his land is not truly in the Mojave.   

In any event, Wayne thwarted the higher beings and brought their credibility into question by refusing permission for an expedition into his tunnel. Although Añjali “liked” my Twitter suggestion to meet with the aliens at Giant Rock or the Integraton, the beings apparently were insistent that it was all or nothing. It turned out to be nothing as Añjali canceled her plans to meet with the Council and announced that the end of the world is scheduled for 2027.

I suspect that Añjali will continue to speak for the aliens as a quasi-spiritual leader. Perhaps she should team up with David Wilcox and take the Ascension – Transcendence show on the road. But there are issues to resolve. After the aliens assured us that the time had come for the Great Reveal in the tunnel, it’s apparent that they don’t know more than anyone else.

To be fair, the Council was not the only one to suffer a setback. The competing Federation’s plans to initiate first contact were postponed because humanity was not yet ready — it’s hard to disagree with that. The sheer scope of Añjali’s flameout, however, makes her nonevent stand out as she even ended up losing the newcomer award. The mass migration to Orion in 2027 might qualify for a future nonevent but there may be other things to think about by then.

4.  The Prophecies of Sean David Morton 

Sean Morton was a shoo-in for the Comeback of the Year. Morton has had his share of problems. Although he has called himself “America’s Prophet” he has demonstrated a singular inability to realize the outcome of his actions. Through it all, however, he persevered.  

In 2003, Sean sued the UFO Watchdog for libel after they exposed his many lies — he lost and was ordered to pay attorney’s fees. Morton was also surprised when the Securities and Exchange Commission brought a civil case against him for fraud. In 2013, the judge ordered him to pay $11.5 million. In 2016, he was found guilty in criminal court for 51 counts of IRS fraud. Morton failed to appear for sentencing and went on the lam but was eventually taken into custody.  He was sentenced to six years in prison with a $480,322 restitution fine.

Morton was released in January 2021 but soon returned to prison. He was finally released on August 27, 2021. 

Sean - another year in review - adventures of captain mark richardsIn an interview with Kerry Cassidy following his release, Morton stated that he had received a prophecy that he would face prison and profound hardship. He would then emerge and give light to the world while marshaling the forces of good — acquiring fabulous wealth in the process. He predicted that a collision of two supernovas on June 1, 2022, will usher in a period of financial collapse and that eventually humanity would have to fight against the AI.  

If nothing else Sean has been resilient. He was a guide at Area 51. When that was no longer as profitable he became a prophet. Somewhere along the way he acquired the title of “doctor.” Immediately before his arrest he was lecturing to sovereign citizens as a self-proclaimed Constitutional Law scholar. It did not take long for Sean to emerge from prison and resume where he left off, seemingly without skipping a beat. 

Presumably he could pay off his fines when he comes into his fabulous wealth but that remains to be seen. We are not even certain he will pay back people like Kerry who lost money in his schemes. For now his return is yet another comeback by America’s Favorite Fraudster.™

3.  The Death of Guru Jagat and the Rise of Pastel QAnon

When Katie Griggs (Guru Jagat) died in August 2021, she had been in the vanguard of a movement that combined new age yoga and self help with the politics of QAnon. She was friends with Kerry Cassidy and spoke about reptilians in language that might have been taken from David Icke. That kind of thinking has been dubbed Pastel QAnon  — a mixture of anti-vaxx, self care, and conspiracy thinking — and its importance has not diminished in the wake of Griggs’s death.  She won a posthumous Golden Trump Award over a concerted effort by Richard Dolan and Cassidy herself.

As the pandemic spread, Griggs said that “the reason why we’re being told to stay home, that we’re actually in some kind of alien war.”  Within a cultish practice it can be difficult to challenge such statements. It is important to note, however, that there are other voices that relate their practices to larger concerns for peace, the environment, and justice. That may ultimately be a more important development.

2. Disclosure Remains on Hold

Disclosure - another year in reviewDisclosure is a perennial favorite and it never fails to disappoint. This year a bookie lowered the odds of alien contact from 200/1 to 20/1.  But sometimes you need a scorecard to keep track of the players. It was also the year that Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project warned against Lue Elizando and false disclosure. As we have written, if disclosure does not happen on your terms, it isn’t disclosure.

The Day Before Disclosure Award always is interesting. Danny Sheehan deserves an honorable mention for his efforts to reinvent himself within the UFO community after the Christic Institute’s lawsuit to expose the CIA and Iran-Contra spectacularly fell apart. At last report he was serving as Lue’s counsel. Richard Dolan already claimed a lifetime achievement honor so he was not eligible. This year, then, by acclaim the winner is Leslie Kean with the number two spot on our list.

Kean’s embrace of UFOs in the New York Times and other media helped reclaim UFOS as something to be studied.  It did not matter that her resume included mistaking a fly for alien craft, accepting the dubious Rendlesham story and championing the paranormal. There is a direct line from the media explosion to Congress establishing yet another office to investigate the issue. Disclosure is now the topic of the day,

The field is still open for next year.  If you are disappointed that Añjali did not lead an expedition you can pay Greer at minimum $2500 for his expedition to get the latest disclosure updates and learn how to contact ET civilizations. Such things suggest that disclosure is right around the corner . . . if not next year, then the year after that.  

1.  The Cabal is Defeated

The year is not even over and we came upon this stunning news from Michael Salla which wins the Yearly News of the Solar System Award.  

We had to update this page to add a new award.  I am not certain who is a member of the Cabal and if it is different than the Bilderbergs. No comment is necessary as this is a clear winner.  

Rejoice!  Someone should organize a parade.


Another year in review - the cabal loses



The Captain Mark Richards Award

Mark richards 1977This award is based upon our favorite life prisoner, the Story of Captain Mark Richards and the Kerry Cassidy Interviews with him. As such it may be unfair to recognize Kerry Cassidy, but no one tries harder than her. In the past year, she called Mark a “National Treasure,” cited his warnings about AI, and bemoaned that Mark was not given compassionate release because he would then bring amazing disclosure. Mark is not eligible for compassionate release but it did not deter her from complaining.

Since Mark is one of her most important whistleblowers, Kerry’s constant efforts to enlighten us should also be noted. This year, reliable sources told her that the Chinese communists had crossed the northern border to occupy a camp in Michigan. Similarly, her sources told us the southern borders were under attack. Juan O Savin was her favorite choice for being JFK Jr, and despite Juan’s consistent failures she remained loyal to him. She eventually confirmed that there are two Juans, just as she had suspected, so we should not get confused if one of them does not play out.

This site wondered if Mark Richards would emerge as a voice of reason, as Kerry went ever deeper into QAnon and its related branches. Before Kerry declared that the Trumps were her favorite people, Mark had warned that Donald was controlled by aliens and Melania was their communication device. Perhaps Kerry has gone too far for even Mark to fully accept – we learned that Mark is not a Trump supporter and affirms that JFK Jr. is no longer alive. Still, Kerry continued to respect him — it is the kind of loyalty that deserves to be rewarded with the present honor. 

Kerry ended the year by stating that the vaccinations will create trans-humans and that we should prepare for an android invasion. Who can compete with that?


01/02/22 update

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