A note for the normies discusses another kerry cassidy fantasy and unreliable sources

A Brief Note For the Normies


Kerry cassidy watch - blog. Spacecapn. ComKerry Cassidy (Project Camelot) was expected  to do something in the wake of the election and Trump’s announcement of his candidacy. She had such high hopes for Trump before the event — anticipating that it would “turn out to be one of the most important days in the history of our Country.” She was left to fall back on the old standby that the storm yet to come:

The “announcement was for the normies because they didn’t know if he was going to run again. Trump took the temperature of the country and decided to continue with the plan and bring the people to the precipice . . . it will be a storm of all storms. The military has always left the decision up to Trump.”  Her faith remains unabated and she remains “content with the crumbs distributed by journalists and spokesman like Juan O Savin and SGanon.”

A note for the normies discusses another kerry cassidy fantasy and unreliable sources

Kerry quotes SG Anon to report that “Trump activated 1 million National Guard and Federalized them. . .  They have been conducting operations both within and outside the borders of the United States as ordered by Trump.”

It is amazing that everyone else seems to have missed this. I looked out the window and no one was taking to the streets or watching the tanks roll in. The National Guard is quiet so perhaps someone should tell them.

A breaking story on the Project Camelot Portal brought earth shattering news. “The Marines have been activated and tasked with beginning the apprehension of traitors in the military. Individuals will be detained military justice administered. This is KEY. We have 2 militaries. One loyal to the CCP/Biden Fake gov and the other loyal to Trump and the Constitution and the Republic.”

This speaks for itself. In a way it is nostalgic, taking us back to the days when Juan Savin, Simon Parkes and others were talking about sealed thousands of sealed indictments that were going to change the political landscape forever. It was a favorite Q fantasy, but it is surprising to see how much people still believe that the arrests are coming in one form or the other. It must be hard to give up that particular hope.

It also shows how little being wrong seems to count.

Yet Kerry cannot stop there. She goes on to claim that the Biden family, Queen Elizabeth, and the Pope are all pedophiles. Pence, however, bears the brunt of it. 

“I knew he was a Pedo the first time I ever saw him come out as Trump’s running mate.How is it that Trump and his team allowed that man to be Vice President?This is the question people are going to want to know.

When did they know? Is someone on that level not VETTED? Did the Trump team really lack remote viewers and psychics to be able to vet the people around Trump? How could they stand to be in the same room with Pence? How could anyone?”

I admit that I have no desire to be in the same room as Mike Pence, albeit for different reasons. Maybe the election results further unhinged those who believed that the great storm had come. Ultimately, though, nonsense is nonsense . . .  A note to Kerry: check your usually unreliable sources.  How many times are people allowed to be wrong before they lose credibility?

With Solomon Berg and Sean Morton behind pay walls — and Captain Mark Richards keeping his silence — KerryWatch does not have that much left to offer. Unless the quality from Kerry improves, the reader can imagine what she says. Kerry will continue along these lines. Juan will be wrong again.  There will be new reports recycling the old ones about things that never happened.

This demonstrates what happens when it stops being fun. Where is Berg and Richards when you need them? Kerry, return to the roots that made you famous. 


KerryWatch:  Occasionally paying attention to Kerry Cassidy so you don’t have to.

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In The Event Of War  

Kerry cassidy watch - blog. Spacecapn. ComIts been a busy week for KerryWatchers with Sean Morton’s prediction of the death of the pope grabbing our attention.  But Kerry contributed an essay speculating on different scenarios in the event of war.  It gets complicated because there are Biden imposters, multiple presidents, multiple Juans, and Kerry’s own take on it all.

If Sean is right, a Draco invasion might render such things moot. But in the meantime, what is a simple person to do?

For an article with the subheading “What I Know,” it is typical that Kerry began by presenting “unvented” speculation that Pelosi went to Taiwan at the invitation of a certain high level Chinese operative who works with a top Chinese General named “Shu” and the offer of a substantial sum of money with the objective to trigger war.”  The offer was supposedly. As it stands, the trip was praised by more Republicans than Democrats and triggered war maneuvers and economic sanctions by the Chinese against Taiwan. “General Shu” is silent.

Taiwan protests pelosi - spacecapn blog
Taiwan Protest

Kerry argued that both sides need war, citing a “key Project Camelot whistleblower, Captain Mark Richards.”  “China needs war to stimulate their economy and eliminate 500 million of their population (covid didn’t work well enough).”  

She goes on to dig deep into her the Grand Delusion to explain why both parties want war:

“At the moment the Dems who are taken over by the CCP and dark side Illuminati/Soros/Rothschild/off planet Draco/Rep/AI agenda… allowed the CCP to successfully invade our country by way of stealing the election in 2020 with the help of MI6, the Vatican and the CCP and various other players and installing their puppet/clone Biden (who has died) and is also played by doubles and some say Jim Carrey.”

War and no - in the event of war - kerry cassidy reaches new depthsThis statement might set a record for the number of conspiracies packed into a paragraph. Yet, if the Chinese were already part of a grand alliance with all these factions, why would General Shu need to offer Pelosi a large sum of money to trigger a war?  And should we worry if all the fake Bidens appear at the same time due to a scheduling error?

“The Republicans need war to bring back Trump and reveal that he was chosen by the military as Commander-in-Chief back in March of 2021 (as the rightful President and to overturn the stolen election). When the DNI/Radcliffe and the Generals finally came to the conclusion that the election had been stolen by foreign invaders they had to act to protect the security of the United States. They did so by recognizing Trump was the legitimate winner of the 2020 election and in a ceremony conducted on March 11th swore Trump in as Commander-in-Chief.”

As even Sean Morton wondered, if Trump is sworn in as Commander-In-Chief, then running again for president raises a number of constitutional problems. It gets complicated.  

“At that point [the military] decided NOT to tell the people.  Trump and his team had known about the plans of the CCP/Vatican/and various players including MI6/Germany/Italy and others ever since Trump won in 2016 when the Navy put together a team to hack back the election being stolen at that time by Hillary and her cohorts.”

Instead of having a single president, “we have in essence had 2 Presidents for the past year and a half.”  Trump has been running a Government in Exile to ensure a continuity in Government. Accordingly, “It is said that any time the Biden administration sends someone overseas to talk to other governments Trump sends . . . members of his shadow government to reverse anything” that needs to be done. This would get complicated very quickly, particularly in foreign relations.  


“They don’t want civil war but don’t bother to educate the people about the dual presidency…something all the foreign leaders must know well.WHY IS DUMBING DOWN AMERICANS supposed to prevent civil war?”


Kerry states that the military’s purpose is to prevent civil war. “With the installation of the CCP backed Biden regime, the U.S. would be a sitting duck for complete boots on the ground takeover by China once we are weakened by fighting from within.”  She does not stop to wonder that if no one is talking about the “dual presidency,” perhaps it is because it does not exist. The dumbing down begins with those who think Jim Carrey is playing the role of Biden. 

That leaves the issue of who runs in the next election in place of the pretend Biden. Kerry maintains that “Kamala won’t work because the Republicans have a legal case that will reveal she was not born in this country making her ineligible to be President.” At least before the midterms, that would leave Pelosi, who “‘a mind controlled tool of the Deep State and CCP.”


Banksy - spacecapn blog
Image: Banksy

After the midterms, a Republican could take over who would appoint Trump as Vice- President and then resign.  

“If the U.S. is forced to go to war with China to protect the major  semiconductor/chip maker TAIWAN…. Then the above is fully in play and all bets are off as to the suspending of the midterms and Trump will still, in theory, need to be revealed as Commander in Chief along with the gov-in-exile.  However, in a less smooth transition not involving the succession outlined above with regard to the Midterms resulting in a Republican Speaker of the House. In which case a certain amount of unrest and even civil war could erupt within the U.S.”

Should the military declare Trump to be president, that might be an understatement. It’s called a military coup. Instead of a president we would end up with a figure closer to one Trump’s role models.  


“THOSE WHO STILL FOLLOW BIDEN AND HIS GROUP ARE TRAITORS… given that in SOME CASES they have NO IDEA… Of course there are some who know full well and they are COMMUNISTS.. ALIGNED WITH THE CCP..NWO Schwab puppets


Kerry relies on what others have advanced, but the theories she offers are not a matter of reason. It is not possible to argue whether the military has already recognized Trump as commander-in-chief or whether JFK Jr. would be appointed as his vice-president. The fantasies are not even that well constructed, but at this level Q is a matter of religion. Still, I wonder if Kerry really knows what a communist is — red scares been one of the most consistently used methods of political control. When was the last time communists had power in this country?

There is one simple test, however, of the “two presidents” delusion. Trump recently declared, “I’m always being persecuted. If I agreed to stay silent … the persecution of Donald Trump would stop immediately.”  He has not been silent about his resentment in losing the election or his advancement of baseless claims. Given his ego, it’s impossible to believe that he could be silent if he was the actual commander of the United States forces. Trump could hardly turn down the opportunity to boast that he had been sworn into office. He has increasingly espoused Q, but has not gone as far as this. He remains a complainer rather than a commander. That alone should put the issue to rest.


KerryWatch:  Occasionally paying attention to Kerry Cassidy so you don’t have to.


Updated: 8/8/22

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Hopium and Other Delusions: A KerryWatch Update

Kerry Asks a Moral Question!

“US elections on November 3, 2020 were won by President Donald Trump in all 50 states. . . . The official ballot was electronic watermarked, which the counterfeiters were unaware of. So every vote cast for President Trump was recorded on a quantum server & the fate of each ballot is known. The Military Alliance, which stands behind President Trump, decided to show people how deeply corrupt all government institutions are . . .”  – Kat Anon / Nesara


Kerrywatch - hopium and moral question - spacecapn blog

Last year, Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot) fell victim to hopium and expressed deep frustration with how things were proceeding. She had been assured by Juan Savin that Trump had been recognized as Commander-In-Chief, but wondered how long would the present “farce” continue. Kerry’s frustration might have been expected. Even her former partner Bill Ryan (Project Avalon) wrote that he had not expected that it would take so long. 

Kerry continues to wait.  Rather than questioning whether her beliefs were accurate, she thinks Trump is the President and ponders when he will come forward and reveal the “truth.”  It’s a dilemma.  Interestingly enough, she thinks the Kat Anon quote is hopium, but she must then wrest with the implications.

Trump has in essence been a gov in exile to allow the Biden/Pelosi crazies to do their worst in order to ‘show the people’ how diabolical those people are. Yes on Jan 21 2022 according to Juan O Savin… after 1 year of allowing the foreign takeover of the US gov to proceed, Trump and team legally, according the DOD manual based on the Geneva convention could take back our country by FORCE.  Of course Biden is played by actors and a clone.”

She asserts that people are looking for changes to be revealed. JFK Jr. could make himself known —  particularly if Juan Savin is willing to get a DNA test. The 30,000 secret indictments could be unsealed.  But nothing seems to happen.  No wonder she is frustrated. Still, if you can’t have hopium under these circumstances, when can you indulge?

To Kerry this raises a moral issue. Actors – including Jim Carrey – are playing the role of Biden. Christopher Miller has taken over as head of the military. At what point, then, does Trump bear responsibility? If you can’t tell the difference between the color of the hats, then what had changed?  If you are simply waiting to show the corruption, and there are disasters that happen in the meantime, then Trump’s watch is implicated.

There is, of course, an obvious answer, but it is one that Kerry and those who remain locked into her brand of conspiracy thinking refuse to recognize. Unfortunately, Kerry will continue to grow frustrated that reality does not conform to QAnon fantasy. Or will she simply invent new fantasies?

The answer was provided within a few days of the original post.

Breaking News:

      • JFKjr is the current VP of the United States
      • Snake venom is part of the Covid concoction orchestrated by AI
      • Reptilians!

To take care of the most obvious question, Kerry really said these things.  I did not make this up.  

Nesara / Gesara – Hopium Delusions 

Kerry Cassidy has criticized the Nesara website as offering hopium. They maintain that Trump, Putin, and Xi Jinping have everything under control to defeat globalism and bring peace. They promise it will be soon.

Most of their laundry list on the coming changes are pretty standard fare. They look forward to the day when bank debt will be eliminated, income tax is abolished and the Fed eliminated. They would release over 6000 patents of suppressed healing tech and other innovations – perhaps Randy Cramer could finally develop a healing bed. 

Princess ivanka and the titles of nobility amendmentThey also seek to revive the Titles of Nobility Amendment. This is curious. The 1787 amendment would have stripped citizenship and render people ineligible for office if they “accept, claim, receive or retain, any title of nobility or honour” or accept any “present, pension, office or emolument of any kind” from a foreign power.  This may not appear to be a problem, although it would prevent Ivanka from becoming a real Princess so it seems unlikely to be revived in a Trump takeover.

Ultimately, they believe that establishing peace will release “GINORMOUS sums of money for humanitarian purposes.” It might be hard to argue with that – even President Eisenhower lamented that the money spent on arms and the military industrial complex meant that human needs were not being met.   

Trump certainly made little progress with these points on his administration, which concentrated on ways to make the rich richer. The list seems like another way to make Kerry frustrated. It comes down to “hopium.” If that is a form of delusion I might finally agree with Cassidy on something.


KerryWatch:  Occasionally paying attention to Kerry Cassidy so you don’t have to.



Updated: 4/22

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A hard day - añjali has problems with her expedition and jfk jr does not return

A Hard Day

A bad day for believers
QAnon Waiting in Dallas

It was a hard day for the fringe.  First, John Kennedy Jr. did not show up in Dallas after a QAnon faction predicted that he would appear and join Trump to become Vice-President (until he became the ruler in his own right). Then, Añjali postponed her planned expedition to lead a group into a Mojave tunnel to meet the alien Council, providing scientific proof of their existence so humanity could transcend into a higher density. Neither result was surprising.

The Return of Kennedy Jr.

Even Juan Savin (Wayne Willott) – Kerry Cassidy’s leading candidate for the Kennedy role – did not come to Dallas. Cassidy believes that there are two Juan Savins, including JFK Jr., but if neither came, is there anyone to appear in his stead?

Since the Rolling Stones were playing in town that night, some people suggested that they perform Symphony for the Devil in honor of the event. Ironically, if Kennedy had appeared it would have been similar to the predictions of evangelical Christians concerning the Antichrist, a strange position for those who often proclaim themselves to be patriots who have faith in both God and Country. The Antichrist is said to reveal himself after seemingly returning from the dead to lead a troubled world and rebel against God. Under the QAnon belief, we would have all joined the band to play 666 (apologies to Larry Norman).  For those who have faith, Q is the mark of the beast.

In any case, the fixation with JFK Jr. is one of the more interesting developments. He was supposed to reappear before the last election.  That failure apparently did not discourage those who came to Dallas   B

Still, why should Qanon have all the good fantasies?  There is absolutely no reason why Kennedy would run with Trump.  What if he returned and followed the family tradition as a liberal Democrat or announced that had become a socialist?  



Añjali announcement.


Añjali broke into public view when she announced that she would meet with the alien Council before the end of the year  She claimed that three years before she had met aliens in a desert tunnel. Now she was going to lead a team to return to the tunnel and document the reality of the higher alien beings, to help humanity transcend. Her only credentials were her former role as an intelligence officer. Other than that, she only had her story  and people’s willingness to believe.

Some interviewers such as Jimmy Church had cast the time frame as a make or break event. Añjali affirmed that it would happen as scheduled. After blocking many of her critics, she started a Twitter poll about who should accompany her team. In the interests of transparency, it should be noted that this blog was not in the running for the Mojave meeting – although we visit the desert whenever there is a chance.  

From that point it should have simple — show us the aliens. She had no other proof. She never identified any team member. She did not establish the type of scientific tests that would establish the validity of her beings.  She apparently took no steps to arrange for the tunnel or an expedition. She simply made an announcement, based in part upon experiences were confirmed or recovered after hypnosis sessions with Barbara Lamb, during which Añjali realized more of her destiny, going back to another world of Orion. There is no reason to trust any of this.[1] Lamb has achieved notoriety for a number of things, including introducing claimed alien hybrids at a UFO conference. As Jack Brewer explains in the UFO Trail, hypnotic regression is not a valid way to discover one’s personal history or establish the truth of an event, which is one reason why it … Continue reading


Añjali realizes she has an “elevated consciousness”, and had a past life on the planet Orion. She chose to be deployed on Earth to be a mouthpiece for the higher beings. Her job on Earth is “to help prepare humanity for contact and for movement into a higher density.” – Charlie Wiser, Time Line from The Three Dollar Kit


She should not enjoy any presumption of credibility unless she brings back actual evidence – a photographic record of her encounter, alien DNA, scientific witnesses and data, or ultimately an alien itself. She did not need to make an announcement to do that, and it only got in the way of anything real she might have wanted. Yet, her story sparked interest because she promised so much.

People put themselves into the role of believers or debunkers but there was hardly anything to debunk and less to believe.  It is then that the real drama began.

Some in UFO Twitter decided to look at her story deeper and concluded they had found Wayne, who owns the land where the contact was to take place. It was not difficult to find a likely individual, but that did not mean that it was right. Ryan Gordon reportedly had pictures of Añjali taken by Wayne, who knew nothing about an alien tunnel. A drone over property near the Mojave allegedly did not find a tunnel that might lead to an alien base. It turned out that some of the photos posted by Ryan (Orion Adventures) to disprove Añjali’s story had been taken from the AllTrails site and had nothing to do with the events at issue. Other information about his interactions with Wayne were similarly doubtful.

Añjali responded that they had got the wrong Wayne. She stated that no one could have pictures because none were taken. Twitter was left in a “he said she said” situation and no one looked good. If anything, the attacks by some the critics made her look sympathetic.[2] Ryan issued an apology of sorts that did not come to terms with the way he fabricated evidence, while blaming Añjali for misleading researchers. While that may be true to some degree, he actively misrepresented things and seemed to trying to bluff her with false statements. Charlie Wiser … Continue reading

In any case, her Wayne is said have cancer and wanted privacy, without the drama that the announcement had created. He refused permission for her to use his land and return to the tunnel where contact with the alien beings had first occurred. The meeting with the aliens was canceled or postponed.   

Given the likelihood of contact at a base in a tunnel, it is little wonder that it was postponed, but if she was genuinely being guided by higher powers should Wayne stand in the way to prevent transcendence?  

Solving a Problem

Añjali states that she will meet with her team to seek a solution. This blog helpfully suggested that she hold her meeting with the Council at Giant Rock, the scene of George van Tassel’s flying saucer conventions. The Venusians are said to be familiar with the property and no one lives there. The logistics should not be hard, but in the alternative she could rent the nearby Integraton for the day.  

Van Tassel had built the Integraton at the direction of aliens to give immortality —rejuvenation, antigravity, and time travel. It was never completed and equipment disappeared after his death. It is now used for “sound baths” since the building has remarkable acoustics. It is also in the Mojave. What better place to meet the Council? Problem solved. This site will even pay the rental cost if her team and the aliens commit to being there, as long as I can come along. 

The integraton pictured in 2018


Añjali has stated that the aliens have been communicating with others. Perhaps we could all camp at Giant Rock or meet at the Integraton.

Her story has been interlaced with her spiritual message of transcendence to a higher density. She states there are aliens coming who want to end humanity’s existence and those who do not transcend will not make it. Language has been holding us back so we have to find other ways of communicating. I probably am stuck in lower densities since I never have been a good mediator, but it seems to me that there is not much there apart from new age rhetoric.

Although Añjali’s history includes psychedelic and psychic experiences, she has insisted that her contact was real. It then comes down to the aliens – the proof of higher beings. Until that happens there is little more to be said apart from the drama on Twitter or Reddit.

Magical Thinking

Both events share a common theme of magical thinking and show how easy it is to mistake wishes for reality. The idea often comes down to the importance of belief. If you want it hard enough and proclaim it to be true, it might happen. The announcement is more important than the reality. If things don’t work out, there is always Plan B. Even some of the critics are not immune from that.

Both events also ignored a fundamental rule – never set dates.  

How many times have people predicted the return of Christ, UFO disclosure, astounding Roswell slides, a kill shot such as that advanced by Ed Dames, the restoration of Trump, or other world shattering events, only to see the day come and go? Sometimes the event is reinterpreted, sometimes it is simply ignored as proponents move on to other things.  It is often left to the follower to resolve the confusion.  

In the ancient world such failure had serious consequences since you were identified as a false prophet. Today we rely on people’s forgetfulness and the promise of the next story.

(Updated 11-8)



1 Lamb has achieved notoriety for a number of things, including introducing claimed alien hybrids at a UFO conference. As Jack Brewer explains in the UFO Trail, hypnotic regression is not a valid way to discover one’s personal history or establish the truth of an event, which is one reason why it is not admissible as legal evidence.
2 Ryan issued an apology of sorts that did not come to terms with the way he fabricated evidence, while blaming Añjali for misleading researchers. While that may be true to some degree, he actively misrepresented things and seemed to trying to bluff her with false statements. Charlie Wiser was kind enough to post a good summary of it all.



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Kerry cassidy. . . Again

Kerry Cassidy Again

A KerryWatch Report

Kerry cassidy watch - blog. Spacecapn. ComKerry Cassidy again shows on Project Camelot that she is determined to prove that there is no conspiracy too far fetched for her to pass up. Her ability to recycle old conspiracies or create new ones is perhaps not that unusual in QAnon, but does anybody surpass her in the way she makes pronouncements?

First, Cassidy reposts a false report (dated September 2) that there is  “Chinese Training at Camp Grayling – FEMA Camp Michigan.”  According to the report, the Chinese military crossed our northern border and are currently in Michigan at the behest of the United Nations. They allegedly are occupying Camp Grayling —  the camp supposedly was used during the Jade Helm training exercises to rehearse putting down an American insurrection against a foreign takeover of our government.  Kerry states “THIS IS NOT GOOD. . .  .”

Kerry cassidy. . . Again
Image: Southern Poverty Law Center

I could agree with her if she if was writing that false information was not good, but I doubt this was her meaning. In 2015, the “Jade Helm” military exercises in Texas and other nearby states was seen as plot to bring in Chinese troops to establish martial law.  Alex Jones stated that HELM referred to Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.

Although obviously that did not happen, nothing can keep a good conspiracy down.  Once established, the reports will continue to circulate.  There is nobody better than Kerry at recirculating such claims.

As to Camp Grayling, the only Chinese troops seen there have been Taiwanese who were part of training exercises last August. The camp is reported to be very quiet this past week, although it might have been hard to get Labor Day reservations at the camp’s RV park. Somehow, it is doubtful that the RVers were Chinese communists in disguise.

Kerry cassidy weather weapon

Not to be outdone, Kerry also goes on to promote her own ideas about the latest moves to prevent a Trump restoration.

KEEP IN MIND… that HURRICANE IDA is a WEATHER WAR WEAPON RELEASED BY THE DEEP STATE CABAL to demonstrate that if the ELECTION RESULTS get released to the public they will unleash their fury… Hurricane Ida was their WARNING TO THE TRUMP TEAM.  A 911 FALSE FLAG WOULD BE THEIR NEXT MOVE…in theory.  

Kerry states that a Catholic visionary received a premonition that there will be a false flag on September 12.

Caveat:  I personally have not had any vision regarding the date 9.11 so far however it is clear that THE ELECTION RESULTS ARE IN and must be given to the PEOPLE… if Biden and team do not step down then (in theory) the Trump team will release the results.  THIS IS THE DEFINING MOMENT.  Which side will back down?  Where to we go from here?  And if Biden steps down and Trump is back in will they release the results anyway?  And how does any of this really prevent violence or civil war if the PEOPLE choose otherwise?

Will the cabal stop at nothing to somehow stop the Trump restoration? Since Cassidy has posited that the Miami condo collapse was a shot across the bow aimed at Trump, the hurricane would be at least the second warning given to the Trump Team. It seems certain, however, that a weather weapon does not account for Ida. Humanity as a whole has created global climate changes that have led to increasingly severe results.

The only conspiracy is by those who attempt to deny what is apparent to all.

Trump did his best to contribute to this crisis — if there is a cabal it is one that includes the wealth, power, and blindness that the Trump administration epitomized. Make no mistake about it, his presidency promoted the New World Order.

Kerry’s warnings about violence and civil war should be taken more seriously since they echo at least some QAnon thought, with the potential for new violence.  The normalization of conspiracy is a hallmark for insurrection. Given the refusal to recognize the election results and the impasse that Republican senators have created, Kerry’s question asking “where do we go from here” seems valid, although not in the way that she intended.  

Kerry Cassidy again . . . She believes that those who cannot accept her visions lack imagination. Too much imagination can be even more of a problem.

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