The Chief

The Chief

— Kerry Cassidy writes “THIS IS MAJOR”


Kerry cassidy watch - blog. Spacecapn. ComIt is a busy time of the year and Project Camelot often gets repetitious, but Kerry Cassidy billed her interview with the Chief as being very important — it is his first such interview. Certainly, the Chief’s gateway to his paid site offered things that are ripe for Kerry to discuss. On there he states that Trump speaks in code; Lady Gaga and Hillary are androids; Maddow and others were taken to Gitmo and executed; and, he has recordings of Bigfoot. I could almost believe the latter.

The description almost made me miss the comparative sanity of Mark Richards. I wondered whether it would do any good to start an internet campaign asking Kerry to bring Mark back. But if KerryWatch was to honor its premise, I needed to hear the important news, after all he appeared to be as credible as Paul Collin, the “Unwanted Publicity Guy.”

The Chief — a retired police chief — began by stating that he had a med bed type of device that allows him to do remote healing, which he offered for free. Since I am in chronic pain I might have been tempted but do not need to get drawn further into his world. 

Trump “woke him up” (apparently without being woke) when he asked the Chief to look at Hillary Clinton. From there he learned about Epstein and child trafficking. He served as a Trump delegate and was at the capital on January 6, although did not participate in the actual insurrection.

He stated that he reviewed the news with other law enforcement officials and determined that Ashli Babbit was not shot during the riot. She was an event actress who was there to cover for Antifa. That kind of rhetoric must be painful for both the Babbit family and the officers involved. It is similar to the lies about Sandy Hook that led to the judgment against Alex Jones. But Ashi was lucky. In the Chiefs narrative she, Epstein, and Trump might be the only ones alive.

The chief - blog. Spacecapn. ComThe Chief turned to the arrests and executions. Things are happening   He uses references by Trump that has supposedly “confirmed the executions.” The real Biden, Hilary Clinton, John McCain and others have been executed, but most people don’t know it because they use doubles. Clones, face masks, and sophisticated robots are used.

I wonder what purpose an execution would serve if there is a double who carries on the same work as the original. Why use a double of Biden, for instance, just to incur the wrath of all those who are against the President? It seems a very inefficient way of going about their business or a goal of “saving” the country.

Astounding Revelations!

His list contains any number of names and allegations, but some of the most note worthy seem like a libel suit in the making should the Chief attract enough attention..

  • Harry and Megan were involved in forest hunts where naked children are hunted by the royal family. Just to be clear, however, William, is not the Antichrist.
  • Cher is really a man involved in Adrenochrome. The Chief believes that Sonny is in witness protection program.
  • Nancy Pelosi looks to be in her 30s in various videos, but she is an actor wearing a face mask. The Pelosis are no longer alive.
  • Kerry believes that Putin died several years ago but was replaced. According to Mark Richards the second Putin was much nicer than the original. The Chief is waiting for confirmation about whether the second Putin has now died.
  • Money for the Ukraine was taken by Zelensky and Bankman-Fried. Substantial sums were put into offshore accounts of each person who voted for aid to the Ukraine. It is the greatest fraud in recent history.
  • Netanyahu has been replaced. Israel was aware that Hamas was going to attack and helped set it up so they could clear Gaza and make it easier to built their own canal.
  • Trump was sworn in as President in 2021. He is in charge of the “good” military and his presidency is recognized by other governments. He does not want war with Iran, but there there may be a war (similar to a movie) that will prepare the world for battle with the reptilians.
  • Oprah is serving 30 years at Gitmo.
  • Epstein is in witness protection. He is providing information that will lead to massive arrests.
  • Elvis, Jim Morisson, John Denver and others faked their deaths. Dylan sold his soul for fame. Diana is alive. There are stories that she secretly married Trump but the Chief does not believe that.
  • The Chief trusts the Alliance. Trump has made clear that Xi, the President of China, is a white hat, and the Chief trusts Trump.
  • Both Trump and Melania have alien DNA. They are hybrids.

Melania, trump. And alien dns


There are more, but this may be enough. With all the replacements it sounded like the Brunson Brothers list of defendants, yet nothing has changed. It made me wonder how do we know if Trump, Kerry, or even the Chief have been switched for doubles? It may not be a concern for the Chief since he has remained anonymous, a necessary precaution since the Cabal has killed other truthers. 

In any event, he is aware that there may be two important events in the future. Kerry has heard from remote viewers that something might happen around April 2024. The Chief does not have dates but believes there may be solar flare that is so great that it creates massive fires on earth — the earth’s density might split. The second is a fake alien invasion (Project Blue Beam).  

The Chief was looking at a weather cam near Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado that showed a planet orbiting the earth. It was not visible when he went outside to investigate. He learned that it was a massive hologram that was projected from Los Alamos. That technology will be used by Project Bluebeam to emulate the return of Christ, leading people to believe they missed the rapture. The resulting confusion cannot be overestimated.

If we do have to deal with Aliens, the Galactic Federation has hundreds of members. Some are hostile, others are not, but overall they are reasonably friendly.

There are underground tunnels everywhere. One connects the Vatican to Israel and is being used to hold massive amounts of gold. Another is below the White House. The Chief was shown a picture of what it contains but it was so horrible he could not sleep for days. Again, it makes me wonder what Trump did, or is doing, to stop that since he evidently is in charge.

Trump dissolved the United States Corporation and he is working behind scenes today. Kerry has heard that his Presidency might be revealed in March —  the Chief thinks it may be shortly before the next election.  I would imagine that it would be nice if he told people before standing trial so that they don’t waste the court’s time, but I also remember that Juan Savin stated that everyone would know by April 1, 2021. My advice is not to bet on it.

Then what about Biden? The Chief raised a good point. Since Biden is not really president he can’t be impeached. And because the real Biden has long since been replaced, the current Biden will just disappear. In other words, it’s complicated but if you take off all the masks it will all work out.

Juan Predicts!

Although I question Juan O Savin’s past failures the Chief assures us that he has not been sent to Gitmo. He has some relevant intel but is too long winded for the Chief.

Still, Kerry has some issues with what Juan has stated. In a separate article, she writes that Juan is predicting that patriots will have to take up arms “against the invaders” and will be fighting against the “Biden show government.” It “will look like civil war.”

This has become a familiar theme with certain factions: we must destroy democracy to save . . . something. And to Kerry the stage is in place. “It has been confirmed by multiple sources that there are Chinese special forces and others crossing our borders along with legitimate asylum seekers. Needless to say this is a set up for what comes next.”

Back in Jan 2021 when Biden was sworn in Juan said that our military had 1 year according to the DOD LAW OF WAR MANUAL to wait to take up arms against the invaders and when that year passed they still stood down and continue to stand down. And now you say civilians must fight a war to win back our country from the invaders? WHERE IS OUR MILITARY?Underground? Are their numbers so small they can’t defend our nation. Yet Trump is our COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, AND PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC. So they need our help?

Yet Trump is our COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. AND PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC. So they need our help? And you predict we are about to be attacked in our homes by the invader. . . THIS WILL BE THE CIVIL WAR, INSURRECTION AND REVOLUTION that you have long been talking about.

Perhaps Kerry should consider that Juan was wrong about 2021. And he is wrong about Trump being Commander-in-Chief. She should have learned from January 6 that an insurrection is not an answer. And she should have learned that Juan really doesn’t appear to be JFK, Jr.  



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