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The SpaceCapn Blog, posts beginning in 2011 — including Captain Mark Richards, Kerry Cassidy, Añjali, disclosure, and the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program.

Juan o savin is wrong - spacecapn

Juan Savin

Juan Savin sad that it woukd be obvious by now that Trump is president. Wrong again. Some on the right think he is an agent of some kind. I just think he has found a way to make a living and is running with it. Meanwhile Kerry Cassidy takes him at his word.
Spacecapn blog - psychic

Psychic Focus

“Mark Richards was confronted on his blatant honesty . . . he basically voiced some expletives and told them he wouldn’t be hushed or lie.  He felt the people had a right to know what he knew, and didn’t hold back.  He couldn’t be controlled, and as a consequence he was framed for a murder” – Psychic Focus Lynn
Spacecapn - the cassidy rabbit hole

Awake and Aware

How Awake and Aware do you have to be in order For Kerry Cassidy to feature you at her conference. If Simon Parkes is to be the standard, apparently not much since we can’t recall when he has been right. But it probably helps if you identify your mother as being a 9 foot tall green alien.
Vivenus - venus revisited and other contact

Venus Revisited and Other Contact

Val Thor was an emissary from Venus who has at least 20 books ascribed to him. Mark Richards met members of Thor’s group and it is a perfectly nice planet in other dimensions. Vivenus from Venus played her guitar abd ran for President. But now Travis Walton is back in the news. And Añjali promises contact. Space has gotten bigger.
Behold a pale horse - spacecapn blog

Conspiracy Culture

Conspiracy culture continues to grow and right win politics is being associated with UFO fans. But what do people who are interested in beings from the stars and space see in Trump? It is a mystery.
Cat people

Cat People

While en route to the asteroid Vestanfor a peace conference with aliens, Mark’s ship encountered an unknown alien cat-like species. . . These beings use a singing language, can fly, and were friendly to Mark.” Jo Ann Richards. Cat people are always popular and Mark was not the first to meet them.