The Marky Awards

The 2022 marky awards honoring achievements in the spirit of captain mark richards

The Marky Awards

With the year coming to an end, it’s time for the Markies, the tributes for outstanding achievements in the tradition of Captain Mark Richards. As usual, the Marky Awards attracted a lot of competition for the coveted honors. It is certain that everyone will agree that the winners are all well deserved!

The End of Evidence Award 

The end of evidence - the marky awards
Credit: Exopolitics

Jack Brewer often reminds us that everything begins and ends with the standards of evidence. In law, the least restrictive standard is that there be “some” evidence. Apart from legal requirements, some evidence may not be enough to convince anyone but it can be the beginning point of discussion. At least it gives rise to discussion.  When evidence ends, the only limit is imagination and it’s hard to argue with someone’s frequencies.

In early 2022, Tony Rodrigues released a book, Ceres Colony Cavalier, which detailed recovered memories of being a slave to an Illuminati family from Seattle. At the age of ten he agreed to let aliens borrow his consciousness and was used in different ways on earth. He was part of the drug trade in Peru and a victim of child sex exploitation back in Seattle, where Satanists used him at political fundraisers. Eventually he was sold to the military and taken to a colony on Ceres where he worked for many years. During a shorter stint on Mars he fought native insectoids.  After 20 years he was returned to earth, just seconds after he left.

Rodrigues cites as evidence the quality of his memories, including that he later recognized streets in Seattle and could travel in the city without any map or navigation. Having studied the area beforehand, there may be other explanations. Recovered memories are one of the least accurate methods for discovering truth and on an evidentiary scale the stories rank low.  But it did not stop there. While we may return to Rodrigues’s story in future articles, this this award owes much to Michael Salla.

In November, Salla announced that there is “corroborating eyewitness testimony” confirming the Rodrigues story. Courtney Brown of the FarSight Institute had “four world class remote viewers” investigate key incidents from the book and agreed that account was true. Salla also pointed to the “startling possibility” that this was part of a sting operation conducted by the Galactic Federation against the Illuminati to expose the problem of slavery on Earth and in space.

We wonder why the Federation did not do more than try to expose the problem.  Of course President David Bowie outlawed sexual exploitation on Mars and Val Thor has fought the Draco there so perhaps things have changed after Rodrigues returned to earth.  But our concern is with the evidence.  What is there to say when the report of remote viewers are cited as corroboration?  It is the end of evidence.  As was said in the old days, past that point thar be dragons.  The joint award to Rodrigues, Brown, and Salla is well deserved.

The Comeback of the Year Award

Comeback of the year — 2012 markies
Image created with Wombo Art

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the players. Añjali was in the running after her expedition to meet aliens in a tunnel ended before it began. She had stated that if the expedition failed she would have to reevaluate everything she believed. this property owners told her that there was no tunnel and no aliens. However, this year she spiritually evolved  and the expedition was no longer important. She began her comeback as the messenger of the higher alien beings.

The winner, however is Val Thor who returned after years of silence to make sure that we knew we are not alone. For some reason, Val is said to have made Elena Danaan his contact and invited her to his house on Venus. Of course this again raised the question of which Val Thor are we talking about.

Was this the Val of Frank Stranges or Phil Schneider? Did Val really adopt the politics of a Silvery Q and help bring weapons to the resistance on Mars? Did he manage to survive crushing atmospheric pressure on Venus or was Mark Richards right to say that Venus was a great planet in dozens of dimensions other than our own?

For these awards, we can put aside these questions and recognize that Val has inspired generations. It was a comeback long overdue. But as to the politics underlying Danaan, say it ain’t so, Val

The Golden Finger Award

Corey goode — the golden finger marky award
Credit: Cosmic Justice

Corey Goode has long claimed to be an “insider’s insider” and a Secret Space Program whistleblower.  He has spoken about ascension and other quasi-spiritual matters, but as we have observed, this does not mean there are not real world issues.  As we have observed, threat of lawsuits to respond to critics or settle disputes is a common tool among those who are in contact with higher beings or aliens — and when there are tens of millions of dollars (or more) at issue there may be more than a threat. Goode has found this to be an important tool.

Goode has stated that he is an “empath.” When he was 6 years old he joined the Secret Space Program and had the usual 20-year contract in which he met friendly Blue Avians who help with planetary ascension. At the end of the contract he returned to the point in time that he left — similar to the Rodrigues story discussed above.

Goode worked David Wilcock to produce a show on Gaia TV.  When their relationship with Gaia broke down, Gaia brought on a competing show about the Blue Avians. Goode brought suit against Gaia, who filed a counterclaim alleging that he and Wilcock and had defamed them as Luciferian Satan worshippers.

The world of UFO conspiracy theorists has been torn apart by dueling lawsuits, pitting a prominent UFO influencer against a conspiracy-minded streaming video company valued at more than $200 million over who has the right to discuss their experiences with a benevolent species of blue alien.  — The Daily Beast, May 16, 2021

The suit led to Goode’s deposition, which may turn into the most interesting part of the dispute. Goode prefers to describe his work as intellectual property rather than fiction, but acknowledged that he had never been in space in his physical body — he travelled there in his dreams or astrally. As Corey stated, it is as real as Star Wars or Star Trek.

  • Presenting fiction as being true is good public relations.
  • “The Anshar” — inner earth beings — are his own creation so anyone who experiences them and writes about it is violating his intellectual property. It is a meditative tool that is not physically real but is part of his higher self. Another persons experience of Anshar would be delusional.  It would amount to fan fiction.
  • “20 and back™” is his own creation, a dream or delusion. Although Goode was not the first to describe it, it is his story. He is not sure of the reality any experience but he built upon it as his intellectual property. He made up stories about the secret space program.
  • People have told him that his stories helped them changed their lives or heal from physical ailments. People believe false things all the time.
  • He has seen the “Blue Avians™” in meditation. It is a trademarked part of an esoteric religious belief. They serve as his avatar.
  • “Darkfleet” is his own creation. He embellishes his story..
  • The disclosure community is a billion dollar industry.

The dark forces are trying to take him down. Goode had a multi-million dollar operation. He earned over $750,000 for his first ascension course. At the same time, Wilcock was making 4-5 million on his courses. Ascension pays well, just as it does not come cheaply. Goode is proud of his lucrative intellectual property. If the Blue Avians or Anshar appear to him they must like ensuring the value of Goode’s property.  As the saying goes: love, light, and litigation.

Cementing the finger award is Corey’s intention to hunt Sasquatch with mercenaries, which puts him at odds with our Mark Richards prizewinner. As has been observed, since the Q insurrection did not work out there was always Squatch.

After the deposition was made public, Corey prepared a response video. He remained committed to defending his intellectual property and will continue to defend his trademarks. He cited Kerry Cassidy among the villains. Corey also promised more information in the Secret Space Program and operations against med beds.
I have no opinion about the merits of the case or who has the right to the story, but wonder how many will care who wins. For most of us, it’s time to get out the popcorn and watch it all come down.

Given the gold he has received and the finger that he has pointed at his fans, he is a unanimous choice for this award — although the assist from Wilcock gives David some recognition as well.

Artist of the Year

Artist of the year marky award.
Credit: Su Walker Gallery

Amid all the infighting over content creation and intellectual property, there comes a time to step back and consider the Artist of the Year award, a lifetime achievement award. Art should show a different way. The P’nti star nation would not want to see their friends threaten lawsuits. And certainly it is better to draw Bigfoot rather than hunt them. So we honor Su Walker.

Walker’s work can be seen at the Official First Contact website and on Twitter — among other places. The official first contact has fared no better than Añjali’s expedition but that discussion can be saved for another time. Certainly if the Mark Richards story can be seen as performance art and David Huggins can show the sexy side of abduction, then Walker’s P’nti and Sasquatch art is part of a long tradition that deserves some uncritical appreciation.

The Mark Richards Award

Marky - the mark richards award for the overall achievement is major solomon berg
Credit: Project Camelot

This is the most coveted award that reflects the spirit of the Captain himself. The winner is no surprise: Major Solomon Berg. Solomon single-handedly revitalized Project Camelot with his interviews documenting adventures with Squatch and on Mars.

Berg is responsible for showing us that the Squatch has no heroes, a phrase that Corey Goode should have taken to heart. However, his ultimate reveal about the president of Mars gave him the most important tribute of leaving Kerry Cassidy speechless.

There is nothing we can add to what we have already written about his interviews. This award is given by universal acclaim, but no winner of a Marky has done it alone. We are confident that Berg would be the first to acknowledge the role that Colonel Lionel Sperlinghetti played in approving the interviews, the invaluable work of his assistant Daniel Emerick Jordan, and the support of the Ambassador, Squatch.

We take great pleasure in presenting this year’s Golden Marky Trophy to Major Solomon Berg!

The golden marky trophy reflecting the tradition of mark richards
The Golden Marky Trophy