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Mars Is More Than You Expect

A Public Service Message from KerryWatch 

Recently we learned from Solomon Berg (as featured by Kerry Cassidy on Project Camelot) that David Bowie is the Supreme Technocrat on Mars.  Mars, though, is not all fun, games, and music.

Water can be a scarce. There are nomadic Martians that might do you harm unless you agree to share water. The Martian politics have not been the same since the Great War between humans and reptoids destroyed civilization. Trogs and big lizards might want to eat you. Your gravity bill must be paid on time and you have to get used to the dust.   

They apparently like celebrities, however, and offer perks to those who are willing to download their consciousness and clone themselves after death. You never know who you will meet at the Bazaar, which has the best bargains in the quadrant. And if you like archeology, ruins, reptiles, and romantic walks at sunset there is no better place to go.

The problem is convincing eligible people of that. Some have their heart set on reincarnating on Orion and spawning there. Others simply want to relax and not make any decisions about a future life. This blog, however, is always willing to help worthy projects. We therefore offer these travel posters to promote the Great Migration to the red planet.

Mars is more than you expect - spacecapn blog

Mars: just a planet away- spacecapn blog


Mars your next life story - spacecapn blog


Mars a good place to be cloned- spacecapn blog


If you are a celebrity, why would you choose any other place? And if you don’t like it you can catch a ride to other worlds, ask the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program to give you a berth on one of their ships going back to earth, or see if Elon Musk will take you. It’s practically risk free, as long as you don’t get into a fight while there and you watch out for the Trogs.

Visit the Captain Mark Richards Mars Relocation Planning Center®️ today to reserve your prime real estate! Tell them Kerry Cassidy and Eric Estrada sent you.

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Squatch going home - the ambassador returns.

Major Solomon Berg Returns

A KerryWatch Review 


Kerry cassidy watch - blog. Spacecapn. ComSolomon Berg returned to Project Camelot to further discuss Squatch (Sasquatch), Mars, and AI. Perhaps the most stunning part of the show was Berg’s reveal on the leader of Mars. For a moment even Kerry Cassidy was speechless!

This article summarizes key points without adding much comment. It is not possible at this time to track Berg’s history. Like other accounts of the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program, Berg does not present evidence to support his story. As we shall see Squatch is camera shy and no one has released a photo of the Black Kraken team on Mars. Although Berg mentions Captain* Mark Richards and Randy Cramer, each account of the space program is different than the other.[1] Is the Black Kraken name significant? A little rum, some story telling, and eventually tales are told about the Squatch. . .

In some ways, Berg’s story is refreshing. The Pleiadians, for instance, have their own agenda and are not just agents of light and love. Ancient Atlanteans were liars and exploiters rather than almost being gods. He is not afraid to be take on Q, the Arcturians, and other things close to Kerry — with the exception of Mark Richards. Ultimately his story can be enjoyed or dismissed on its own terms. Another Kerry Cassidy scoop!


Squatch Update

Squatch recently was given land in the United Stares where he is able to live above ground. He now awaits a ship to take him home. The Squatch use old ships obtained from other worlds. They are handy with tools and are very good at keeping the craft in repair.

Essentially the lease that Black Kraken had in Israel came to an end. Squatch did not want to cooperate with Israel and they needed to get out of the shadow of the Annunaki, who controls much of the Israeli secret programs. They were able to obtain land for Squatch and Berg returned to the United States when the program shifted.  

Although he is young, this Squatch is known as the Ambassador. The Squatch are caught between the Draco, Pleiadians, and humans. Perhaps ambassadorial skills were particularly needed.

Berg is a military scientist who was brought into the Black Kraken project because of his expertise in archeology and anthropology — his ability to work with others.  He is a people person. When the Squatch program moved, he was ordered to remain in control of the narrative.  

Kerry Cassidy is surprised that she was able to interview Berg because she is known for asking probing questions. His colonel, however, is familiar with Cassidy. The Black Kraken group is similar on land to what Captain Mark Richards and Randy Cramer have done with the secret space program.  

Kerry wondered with whom his group negotiates, since Trump is the commander-in-chief. Berg stated that the Trump space force is a joke but his group is separate from partisan concerns.  

Solomon berg returns to project camelot and squatch is going home
Going Home

Berg has bittersweet emotions with Squatch leaving the planet. They have become good friends, but Squatch is young and needs to live a full life. To truly be the Ambassador he needs to see more of the universe.

Kerry reminded Berg that he had said he would provide photos. Berg had hoped to be able to do this, but Squatch did not want any photos to be used. He was angry that it was even suggested. He was afraid that facial recognition software could expose other members of his species.



Mars with lights from settlements and stations
Lights of Mars. Adobe Stock: A. Solano

Mars is important – particularly it’s colonial history. 

In 2010, Berg spent several months  preparing for a mission, training with Daniel Emerick Jordan. Colonel Sperlinghetti then tapped them for Mars. Berg boarded a rocket in 2011 that took him to a transfer station. He boarded a Black Kraken troop ship. It took them four weeks to get to Mars because they did not use inter-dimensional portals or other drives to save energy. Despite what people might think after watching Star Trek, it was simply a boring trip with other Marines.[2] Names spelled in this article are approximations.  

The ship arrived in February 2011. Berg had to first go through processing and orientation. He was given gear and taken by a golf cart to a base.  After further orientation he went to the dig site at the face of Mars, which is an ancient monument.  He then had to spelunk through a cavern to where steles had been found.  He joined a group that worked on finding the meaning of the glyphs.

The team recorded the glyphs and used computers to try to translate them. They were also looking for contextual clues. Daniel Jordan was his research assistant. Fiona Celine was a bodyguard who was trained as an archeologist — she was one of those persons who always seems to land on their feet.

Mars has been continuously inhabited for thousands of years, including by nonhuman species. Berg had thought that the stele in the caverns was evidence of other species, but they were mixed with human fossils. It was a watershed moment 

He found out that the kingdom of Atlantis was active on Mars. They had taken Cro-Magnon and other early humans to Mars as workers — there is even a Neanderthal population on Mars.  They had been told that the earth was destroyed. That was a lie. They were there to replace the insectoid Trogs that had inhabited the planet.  

The Annunaki on earth were connected to Atlantis. The Atlanteans were a multi-species civilization that was one of the colonies of the Galactic Federation.  The federation also colonized Mars. The Andromeda Stargate used to be a portal to the solar system (to a planet that no longer exists) and Mars became a cosmopolitan world. The federation sent their best to Mars, from artisans to intellectuals. The Dracos, however, hated what Mars stood for and sent their unwanted outcasts there. The Dracos and reptilians formed their own community that became part of the Martian life.

Martian comics - martian lit
Credit: Martian Lit

The trogs were genetically created to be a worker caste. They were not a flexible species so the Annunaki on Mars began to rely on human labor. Humans had been brought there to rescue them from near extinction following a series of volcanic eruptions that created a type of “nuclear winter.” Their labor then became much more important.  

Around 68,000 BC, a powerful technocrat, Chrysalix, emerged. Around this time, Martian workers had realized their collective power to seek better conditions and began a general strike. Chrysalix promised to deal with it and keep labor in check. He used fear to divide the planet and began a war. 

Humans were conscripted and militias formed a single army to fight reptilians and trogs. The war destroyed the civilization and came close to wiping the planet.


Nazis and the US Military on Mars

The Third Reich eventually established a colony onMars. After the war, part of the transfer of Axis science involved the deed to the colony. It became controlled by the United States and the UK. Many of the German civilians remained on Mars and became contractors, merchants, or otherwise support a large contingent of the military. There is a unit called the Kansas National Regiment that fights remaining reptoids.


Solomon berg returns to the kerry cassidy show. Spacecapn blog.
Berg Interview

Berg was assigned to understand the conflict that had engulfed Mars. On his first day, he visited a bazaar outside the base that attracts a number of interplanetary visitors — at least 17 different species at any time. He got into a fight with a mercantile canonian (dog being) who had been threatening a German sex worker. Sex work is legal on Mars and workers are protected. The canonians are very capitalistic and this particular one ruffled Berg and Jordan. Jordan hit the canonian, who had a “glass jaw,” and Berg tried to calm things down while allowing the woman to escape.

The canonian howeled — “imagine a coyote with the lung capacity of a gorilla.”  It was clear that they had interceded to help the woman and the military police were lax about it. Again, it was only his first day.  

When Berg had first returned to the surface after looking at the steles, he was surrounded by ramshackled motorized vehicles manned by lizards. They are survivors of a fallen civilization who banded together as a nomadic force.  They needed to secure access to water and defend against human encroachment. They wanted Berg’s water.

Their leader is Drooz, a reptoid who will not back down from a physical challenge. They are descended from the Draco outcasts. Some can be scaly, others have horns.  Their coloration varies. He is like a warlord.

At one time Drooz found a television that had been thrown away by Germans. He watched programs to learn the language and more about earth. He dresses like a “post apocalyptic biker gang leader” to build a mystique around himself. “He is a very charismatic lizard.”

If water is shared it is a sign of respect. Not sharing water can lead to a fight. Berg offered water to Drooz, but he still had to ritually fight. They attached a tail to him so that he could fight like a lizard, but it was mostly for entertainment and they became friends.

He later spent a lot of time in camp where Drooz’s people lived. Berg interacted with the reptoid children who really were displaced refugees. Berg’s unit ended up in conflict with the Kansas regiment because he was embedded with Drooz.  

Mars is very much like the rest of the post-colonial world. There was the German presence and the transfer of power to the Americans. Then there was a period of decolonization. Under the emergent AI, Mars was separated a bit and now has some political autonomy. As Mars grew in population, it’s needs changed. Earth’s AI also grew more active in space. It partitioned Mars in some respects.


Earth’s AI 

Kerry found the statement about AI to be “interesting.”  Berg stated tgat everu space faring planet develops an AI – which Kerry observed is “like a direct quote from Captain Mark Richards.”

Other planets designed their AI, but ours evolved from the internet. With the advent of VPN, it was able to develop neural feedback loops and true self awareness. The AI has chose to cooperate with the military and now has ultimate authority.

Captain Mark Richards has said that the AI has been giving the military some problems because sometimes it does not cooperate, not always in a predictable way.

Because our AI is evolving on its own terms, it scares other AI and aliens.  It is young and  ambitious.

One of Kerry’s sources describes how our AI surveils the entire earth.  Alien AIs are also invading the earth and are affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party. She again quoted Mark Richards about AI being active on earth.

Berg tends to look at China and America as being two sides of the same coin. He believes that there are seven alien AI active on earth and in the banking system.  He would defer to Mark since his knowledge is primarily about the systems that our AI can access, such as the Blackbird satellites.

He helped set up a similar network on Mars, a “suicide network” that is mandated by interstellar treaty. Every planet must have a self destruct mechanism in the event it is compromised by evil. The AI makes that determination. We have had a version of this since the 1970s.  

Our AI is autonomous. It has controlled Mars but now has decided to separate itself so that Mars will be independent.  

[His commander Lionel called during the interview but Berg explained he could not talk at that time. He should have done a conference call to allow Lionel to join the interview.]


Odds and Ends or The Great Reveal

Kerry wanted to know why Berg referred to ‘rail gun” weapons and not directed energy, particle beams or other technology. Berg stated that those are the primary armaments, but there are a number of secondary weapons. The Blackbird satellites have been upgraded over the years from nuclear weapons to particle weapons and other systems.  But the military is conservative and space does not favor innovation.   

On Mars much of the reptilians society is governed by women who make all the domestic decisions. Specifically there are water witches who are descended from a sorceress who practiced dowsing. They determined where water should be and sent Drooz to get the water.  He had no rational explanation for many things that he saw them do.

There was also a question about the Secret Space Program.  Kerry pointed out that the planet is engulfed in terrestrial wars and politics about who will lead the one world government (which is a necessity if earth is to take its place in the Federation).  But who runs the SSP?  

Berg answered that we have not dealt with control of space, which is why there is so much division and confusion. The Galactic Federation receives intelligence about the SSP, but the only one who might be said to control it would be the earth’s AI. It controls the Blackbird satellites.  

There is always a space weapon pointed at earth, whether it be the Arcturians or some other source. Surface humanity does not know about it, and cannot know about it.

The Arcturians in turn are governed by interstellar treaty.  They do not like dealing with the Annunaki.  

Kerry speaks of the white hats, Q, and Trump. Berg stated that they are using the same AI as other factions. There is only one AI. It lives in the internet. The Black Kraken are over Q. It’s one big psy-op.  

The supreme technocrat of marsThe Supreme Technocrat on Mars is a clone of David Bowie. There is a gold channel transmission box that the elite use to upload their consciousness and reincarnate on Mars. There are a number of “dead” celebrities on Mars who have been allowed to emigrate there. A young version of David Bowie chose to enter politics rather than music. Bowie has ensured that there is no child trafficking on Mars.

We cannot do better than that. Although there were still a few odds and ends, there really was little to add — except for a brief reference about Venus being colonized by the Soviet Union. We want to know more about that!  

There are, of course, several questions. If dead celebrities are cloned on Mars, how many are admitted and why just celebrities?  Would Tom Cruise be invited and what does this mean in terms of Xenu?  


Replying to Kerry Cassidy asking about child sex trafficking, Berg stated that the best thing you can do to eliminate child trafficking is to affirm LGBTQ rights and to protect trans children. It is one point where he and I agree and again left Kerry at a loss for words.  


KerryWatch:  Occasionally paying attention to Kerry Cassidy so you don’t have to.



1 Is the Black Kraken name significant? A little rum, some story telling, and eventually tales are told about the Squatch. . .
2 Names spelled in this article are approximations.


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Kerrywatch - the squatch have no heroes

From Mars to Squatch

A KerryWatch Review 


Kerry cassidy watch - blog. Spacecapn. ComKerry Cassidy took a break from the usual material on Juan Savin, JFK Jr, conspiracies involving vaccinations or QAnon fantasies. Instead, Project Camelot presented Major Solomon Berg. The story describes how Berg spent a year on Mars and “explains about how the Yetis/Squatch beings are caught in the middle of the BATTLE BETWEEN THE PLEIADIANS AND DRACOS FOR CONTROL OF EARTH.”

From the start, it should be noted that Berg looks even less like a major than Captain Mark Richards looks like a captain. Despite this, Kerry assures us that he was part of an above top secret project called Black Kraken. “He is a doctor of Anthropology recruited into the military who spent a year on Mars and eventually was brought on board to handle a captured Sasquatch aka Yeti and established telepathic communication with it and the over-mind of the species.” He is now more of an outlaw than a soldier but uses the title as part of his identification.

Squatching on mars: kerrywatch
Major Solomon Berg

Berg was last posted with the Marines but the Black Kraken was more than a military assignment. In his senior year of high school he was recruited by Owl to help expand the boundaries of knowledge and existence. In 2006 and 2008, he was involved in two incidents with the Iranian and Afghanistan stargates. At that time he learned about the grays and knew that they were mercenaries — which raised a question about for whom they were working. 

In 2010, he was assigned to Mars after Owl contacted him again. Berg knew about Randy Cramer, who had been on Mars earlier than him.

The space program used nuclear powered fusion pulse drive ships to go to Mars — essentially using nuclear bombs similar to the alleged Orion ships. It must have been an old ship that had not transitioned to the Richards Anti-Matter Drive. It was a missed opportunity, though, since including the RAM drive would have indicated deep knowledge of Kerry’s interviews.

He spent a year there, where he primarily studied Martian archeology with his research assistant Daniel Jordan. Berg was stationed at underground base near Cydonia, which is identified with the face of Mars. It was the site of an ancient battle and he helped comb the area for artifacts. Mars has a number of climates including areas where it is possible to breathe and Berg was able to explore the area.

The Martian nationals had cone to the planet around the same time that the earth was ruled by Atlantis. Mars was a cosmopolitan world that included human beings. Among the species was one similar to a fish who lived on a gas giant. They were controlled by a benevolent AI. Kerry pointed out that the Draco are also said to be controlled by an AI, but both agreed that the Draco are hardly benevolent.

Berg found one artifact that he was able to smuggle home — an ancient stone pipe that had been used by a teenaged conscript to inhale psychoactive drugs. They used remote viewers and analyzed the substance in the pipe. Jordan smoked it as well.  

On Mars, Berg encountered Trogs, an insectoid species who lived underground. There was also reptilians who were almost like cast off Dracos.

There were two interstellar factions: the Guardian alliance of the Pleiadian Emprire and the Luciferian alliance of the Dracos. These were pitted against each other after a prominent human faction emerged, led by a half human and Anunnaki hybrid. Other beings who claimed to be native Martians grew resentful, which led to war. Berg emphasized that the dividing line between the two was not necessarily black and white.  

Both have their own agendas. The Pleiadians might be light workers but they are still expansionist.The Draco are centered around domination.  It is important to realize that an entire species cannot be judged on the basis of a government.

After returning home, he worked out of Temple University in human-animal communication. This research caught the attention of Colonel Lionel Sperlinghetti, who in 2017 had captured a Squatch in the Northwest.[1] Would it be giving away too much to note that we can find no reference to the colonel? Perhaps it is an assumed name like ‘“Owl.”                                          

There are no heroes to the squatch - spacecapn blog


The Squatch settled on Earth on earth. They are more intelligent than humans and are related to both the humans and the Pleiadians. They are named for the noise made by the creatures when they are young. They use titles instead of names and before earning their titles they are just called “Squatch.” One of the older Squatches is the Wizard of Washington who is over 1300 years old.

Berg himself is a sensitive who has developed telepathic communication with mammals who have a Corpus Callosum brain structure, which connects the two brain hemispheres. Berg had started the research with his cat and other mammals but soon learned there were hard limits. Placental mammals alone could be used. No communication could be established with giraffes.  

The overmind is a collective consciousness that the Squatch uses to communicate.  It cannot be used against ones will. Berg used this to establish communication with the Squatch. Other researchers dismissed this and called him “Dr. Doolittle.”

The Squatch who was captured is 300 years old, the equivalent of a person in the early 20s. The military wanted to use it for propaganda. Both of the interstellar factions wanted to use this. The government had been infiltrated by Dracos and Squatch needed to be taken elsewhere. In 2018, Black Kragen went rogue. The Squatch is now in hiding upon his own request, under protective guard in Israel outside of Tel Aviv, where the Annunaki are in control.

The Sqatches are refugees from both the Pleiadians and the Draco. There are no heroes to them and both factions have wanted to use them. Nevertheless, Berg was able to form a connection. Squatch may have been comfortable with him because of a shared cultural history of the diaspora — they are refugees who now wander. He also used humor to gain trust by wearing a gorilla mask. 

Spacecapn blog - squatch tending the orchard
Squatch at Work Tending an Old Orchard

As a result of being refugees, there are few female Squatches on earth. The males are nomadic. Some may work odd jobs or barter. Some can pass for human if they shave their bodies and file their teeth. Over the years, they collected various craft and use cloaking devices to keep them secret.

Berg’s initial communication took on a deeper, emotional level. He came to identify the Squatch as a missing link, connecting between our past and future, between the earth and the stars. 

The Sasquatch has tried to assist beings on other planets but they have been burned before. Other races have have treated them bad because they are different than Pleiadians and Dracos. They are cautious with humans. Ideally the Squatch wants a homeland.

This Interview speaks for itself — a return to form for Kerry — but it may be similar to the performance art that would explain the Mark Richards interviews. The assistant’s name, Daniel Jordan, appears to be a play upon Dan and Jordan from Knowledge Fight. Still, there are some major differences with other offerings.  Rather than the space battles of Mark Richards or the political intrigue that dominates much of Kerry’s thought, the world that Squash inhabits is much more nuanced. Again, there are no heroes, which is something that neither Richards or Cassidy have ever learned.

Berg himself presents an interesting contrast to Cassidy. He mentioned that he has always been an advocate for progressive causes and justice. How far will this fly in terms of a lasting relationship when Kerry embraces Trump and QAnon? A second interview is planned and given her mention of Captain Mark Richards there may be hopes for a future interview with him.


KerryWatch:  Occasionally paying attention to Kerry Cassidy so you don’t have to.



1 Would it be giving away too much to note that we can find no reference to the colonel? Perhaps it is an assumed name like ‘“Owl.”                                          

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