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This blog began by looking into Mark Richards. After he was convicted for the Pendragon Plot murder, Richards went on to claim that he was a Captain in the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program — having become friends with chocolate loving alien raptors who only want to go antiquing. All in the course of saving the world many times over and being interviewed by Kerry Cassidy.

This blog looks beyond Mark to the world he represents. Cassidy retains a special place and KerryWatch remains an important part of the blog. 


More than a dream
January 15, 2023

More than a Dream

King stated that a person dies when they refuse to stand for justice, for truth, for the things that are right.  By that standard, he lives.  

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Brunson v. Adams: the full story - the spacecapn blog
January 9, 2023

Brunson v. Adams: The Full Story

Brunson v. Adams raised the hope that God might use the case to overturn the 2020 election. Sometimes God is silent for a reason. Despite every Brunson action being denied, misinformation continues to spread. The rest of the story that some want to hide. Updated 4/03/2024

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A kerrywatch feature as kerr cassidy brings breaking news
December 19, 2022

Breaking Story

A breaking story as Kerry Cassidy reports that members of Congress have been arrested and taken to Guantanamo. Unreliable sources indicate that were replaced by clones! A KerryWatch feature.

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The 2022 marky awards honoring achievements in the spirit of captain mark richards
December 19, 2022

The Marky Awards

The Marky Awards for 2022. The coveted awards for achievements in the spirit of Captain Mark Richards. Who won the Comeback of the Year, the Golden Finger, and the Richards Award itself? The best or the worst?

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Take a deep breath department
December 3, 2022

The Take a Deep Breath Department

The Take a Deep Breath Department is open. Misapplied and misunderstood legal matters says more about the nature of belief than anything else, but there are some additional lessons to consider.

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A note for the normies discusses another kerry cassidy fantasy and unreliable sources
November 18, 2022

A Note for the Normies

Kerry Cassidy dismisses Trump’s candidacy announcement as something for the Normies, offering her version obtained from her usually unreliable sources. She has faith that the storm is still coming. The arrests are happening . . . Or not.

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The Archives

Additional Posts From 2012 and 2011. The Blog as it began.