Spacecapn blog - the unauthorized adventures of captain mark richardsThe World of Captain Mark Richards, Kerry Cassidy, and Friends

After he was convicted for the Pendragon Plot murder, Mark Richards went on to claim that he was a Captain in the Not-So-Secret Secret Space Program — having become friends with chocolate loving alien raptors who only want to go antiquing. All in the course of saving the world many times over and being called a “national treasure” by Kerry Cassidy. This blog starts with Mark but explores the many symbolic friends.




Kerry doubles down on two juans
October 31, 2021

Kerry Cassidy Doubles Down

Kerry Cassidy doubled down at Juan Savin’s Double Down event in Vegas. First, she confirmed that there are two Juans. Then at least two trusted sources told her that the United States had been invaded. It does not take much to realize that doubling down on a losing hand is not a good bet.

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Kerry cassidy. . . Again
September 5, 2021

Kerry Cassidy Again

Kerry Cassidy again shows on Project Camelot that she is determined to prove that there is no conspiracy too far fetched for her to pass up. Her ability to recycle old conspiracies or create new ones is perhaps not that unusual in QAnon, but does anybody surpass her in the way she makes pronouncements?

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The galactic federation - asher
September 1, 2021

Galactic Federation or Galactic Conspiracy

Both Sean Morton and Añjali are tied to apocalyptic visions but their ways of going about it are different. Dean goes straight to prophecies of doom and the need for humanity to fight against the constraints of the Galactic Federation. Añjali wants to give a light and love vibe but either the Galactic Council will wrap things up or the earth itself will end things in 2027. The good cop – bad cop routine?

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Kerry and sean benefitting
August 30, 2021

Morton Freed – Kerry Cassidy Explains Things

Sean Morton has been freed from federal prison just in time for him to fulfill a prophecy that he will save the world while accumulating fabulous wealth. Mark Richards could have saved the world but he is still in state prison. Kerry Cassidy is left to play the Fool card.

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Val thor from venus according to frank stranges
August 20, 2021

Frank Stranges

Frank Stranges wrote about the dangers of communism. Then he met Val Thor, who brought a message of peace and urged President Eisenhower to stop the arms race. What influenced Stranges to write about Venusians in a utopian way or to believe that they had never sinned and fallen from Grace?

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If mark is right, trump controlled by space aliens
August 12, 2021

Kerry Cassidy Wonders

So if DT has actually been the LEGIT PRESIDENT SINCE MARCH 2021… sworn in by the MILITARY… how MUCH LONGER IS THIS FARCE GOING TO CONTINUE?” – Kerry Cassidy. That is one big “if” that is just slipped into her narrative.

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Katie griggs music video
August 6, 2021

Pastel QAnon and Guru Jagat

Kerry Cassidy is not always associated with those who call themselves “gurus” but she and Guru Jagat (Katie Griggs) shared a common interest in conspiracy and right wing agendas. Griggs typified “Pastel QAnon,” putting a new age face on old age ideas.

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Inclusion - gorightly book
August 3, 2021


Adam Gorightly covers a number of topics in his book, Saucers, Spooks and Kooks, but neither Mark Richards or Kerry Cassidy is mentioned. I had to wonder if they felt left out, particularly since the Dulce story first brought Mark much of his initial attention. There are reasons for Adam’s decision.

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