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The world of Captain Mark Richards and friends – including Kerry Cassidy, Añjali, and the not-so-secret Secret Space Program. Notes and news with a little bewilderment.


Mark Richards became known for his claims of being a Captain in the Secret Space Force, having become friends with chocolate loving alien raptors. This blog does not endorse these claims and is not affiliated with the “Captain.” The use of the title is for identification only and does not legitimize stolen valor. 


“Documenting Captain Mark Richards. True crime with an alien twist.”



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Spacecapn blog - psychic
July 17, 2021

Psychic Focus

A Psychic Focus “I get that Mark Richards was confronted on his blatant honesty, and when that meeting occurred, he basically voiced some expletives and told them he wouldn’t be hushed or lie.  He felt the people had a right to know what he knew, and didn’t hold back.  He couldn’t be controlled, and as a consequence he was framed for a murder as both a punishment and a warning to others, while trying to pose the question of credibility
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A quick stop at. Venus
July 7, 2021

Venus Revisited and Other Contact

Venus Revisited and Other Contact  “When I asked him where he was from, he replied, ‘I am from the Planet that is called Venus.’I asked him how many visitors from Venus were presently on Earth and he said, ‘There are presently seventy seven of us walking among you in the United States. We are constantly coming and going.'” Frank Stranges, Stranger at the Pentagon I recently posted more information on the Quick Stop At Venus  page relating to the USS Eldridge
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Behold a pale horse - spacecapn blog
June 28, 2021

Conspiracy Culture

Conspiracy Culture   “What we need to do as science educators, journalists and historians is to educate the public — not necessarily on the specifics of each and every case but on the rules of evidence, the burden of proof and how experts come to an understanding of what something is or what it could be. That’s a difficult task. It’s a lot easier to say, “Could be aliens,” or “Maybe not aliens,” than to say, “There are a range of possibilities. Some
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Cat people
June 23, 2021

Cat People

Cat People   “While en route to the asteroid Vesta, which is between Mars and Jupiter, for a peace conference with aliens, [Mark’s]  ship encounters an unknown alien cat-like species and experiences a ‘first contact.’ These beings use a singing language, can fly, and were friendly to Mark and his crew.” Jo Ann Richards, Knights of the Cold War We were considering various tales of space captains and were struck by the similarities of story lines between Captain Science and
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